History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/sun4v/os/fillsysinfo.c
Revision Date Author Comments
de710d24d2fae4468e64da999e1d952a247f142c 01-Nov-2014 Josef 'Jeff' Sipek <josef.sipek@nexenta.com> 5255 uts shouldn't open-code ISP2
Reviewed by: Marcel Telka <marcel@telka.sk>
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@omniti.com>
Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
5633e4f8e97f7c73a0a130a449ccfd2c034561ce 26-Jun-2010 Jan Setje-Eilers <Jan.Setje-Eilers@Sun.COM> 6958695 io subtree init blocked by pcieb instance collisions
6959396 panic in e_ddi_borrow_instance() after upgrade across pcieb rename
6963656 ddi-mp needs to be more supportable
94c894bb831b66894f8e0b0bdcf8a9a450530820 09-Apr-2010 Vikram Hegde <Vikram.Hegde@Sun.COM> 6874797 Solaris needs to support I/O subtree reparenting
d2365b013d4199b49b3a1438d57aea23423e02ad 19-Feb-2010 Pavel Tatashin <Pavel.Tatashin@Sun.COM> 6892591 per-MMU context id domains for sun4v
0a9b4b43b38c9b7673e8233a30d5b4bb9b75fe83 12-Aug-2009 Bijan Mottahedeh <bijan.mottahedeh@sun.com> 6867999 Seeing "WARNING: mmu-#ra-bits property not found in MD and DR disabled" during every reboot
6868039 Panics on install of build Nevada 120 on sun4v systems
9d0d62ad2e60e8f742a2e723d06e88352ee6a1f3 07-Aug-2009 Jason Beloro <Jason.Beloro@Sun.COM> 6858457 Remove Solaris support for UltraSPARC-AT10 processor
9853d9e82e7a067a2b88dae2fd257207e6be5f94 17-Jul-2009 Jason Beloro <Jason.Beloro@Sun.COM> FWARC 2008/540 Memory DR Domain Service
FWARC 2009/300 CPU MD node property for real address bits
6720954 add memory dr feature to ldoms
6742779 fsflush_do_pages() may incorrectly skip constituent file large pages
2c5124a1a74b6e8fcb1cf8eb9a8d46b5a583086f 11-Apr-2009 Prashanth Sreenivasa <Prashanth.Sreenivasa@Sun.COM> 6755069 Weak Consistency support for single threaded apps on UltraSPARC-AT10
125be069be21bcb7b94bd4525c19eb424bc56276 14-Feb-2009 Jason Beloro <Jason.Beloro@Sun.COM> FWARC 2008/592 MMU_EXT API group name and number change
6729256 kernel routines such as bcopy, bzero need to be optimized for UltraSPARC-AT10.
6757032 Use TLB search order register API
6771318 Some packets get dropped from the performance counter ringbuffer
6781121 CPC: Rock PCBE does not correctly handle overflow profiling. 64-bit extension is incorrect.
6791429 SUNW,UltraSPARC-AT10 should not be using ASI_NQUAD_LD since it is redefined as ASI_STICK_CMPR
2f0fcb93196badcdd803715656c809058d9f3114 27-Sep-2008 Jason Beloro <Jason.Beloro@Sun.COM> PSARC/2007/003 Solaris Support for the Rock Processor
6368478 Solaris needs to support the Rock processor
6440653 stores to sun4v error queue head registers are missing a membar #Sync
6639717 FLUSH instruction used more than necessary in sun4v
06fb6a368cb1af862cff62b9a1fd89171e9ac63a 16-Jun-2008 dv142724 <none@none> 6658818 The macro PCF_INDEX is incorrect
6666035 Lock contention for pcf_buckets impacting ISM creation times
6666045 The data structures pcc_info_t and hw_page_map_t need to be cached aligned.
d5e8e65e99a4ed37bbb4a0deff5a670d982f91c1 19-Feb-2008 davemq <none@none> 6658093 dev_q_entries needs to be a power of 2
575a742678105d588b7c8e1653b57a7e3d78440b 14-Jan-2008 pt157919 <none@none> 6182418 mutex_vector_enter has scaling issues on 25k
6292850 kernel code for multistrand CPUs should avoid spin loops (mutex_vector_enter)
6535018 mutex performance sub-optimal on some platforms
f5db74375a7e31f401382a764734b0ee8fa62c38 18-Sep-2007 ae112802 <none@none> 6577555 get_l2_cache_info() should not return L1 cache info
7dacfc4494f6d14358974ef2830b5cd8c66a84de 17-Sep-2007 paulsan <none@none> 6597746 Don't create srd_cache, region_cache and scd_cache on systems that don't use shared context
6597751 SFMMU_HASH_UNLOCK() call is missing in hat_unlock_region()
6600745 shared context code needs to be cleaned up
6603269 assertion failed: sfhme->hme_tte.ll != 0, file: ../../sfmmu/vm/hat_sfmmu.c, line: 11613
59ac0c1669407488b67ae9e273667a340dccc611 26-Jul-2007 davemq <none@none> 6501667 ncp/n2cp drivers should not assume a static number of crypto units
6558981 Allow Errata 175 workaround to be fully enabled/disabled
6519970 Niagara crypto providers should recognize maramba specific device compatibility properties
PSARC 2007/306 Victoria Falls IO FMA
6539545 Support new VF PIU errors
6556056 DE should consume ereport.io.n2.pec.lwc
PSARC 2007/117 Maramba 1u/2u Platform Support
6531673 ON support for vf processor
6491129 psrinfo -pv doesn't report correct chip info on sun4v
6530592 Topo maps for maramba
6551884 Add nxge driver support for Maramba platforms
6560113 nxge driver should send message to console & /var/adm/messages when onboard port0 or 1 is disabled
6569931 Enhance sun4v trapstat to support at least 256 CPUs
FWARC 2007/237 Victoria Falls Perf Regs HV API
6562095 Maramba system panics with send_mondo_set timeout while booting
6437543 sun4v NCPU update to 256
ad8d2eb8adfa2632089d91a93dd415cd4db6a39d 17-Jul-2007 zx151605 <none@none> 6473224 ncpunode unused in sun4v kernel
05d3dc4b6755c54754109ffbe7e792f4e5b7c7c9 24-Jun-2007 paulsan <none@none> PSARC 2006/266 Shared Context Support
PSARC 2006/267 Shared Region HME Block support
6388600 do_virtual_coloring checks should be expunged from sfmmu
6449192 Integrate support for MMU Shared Contexts
6449195 Integrate support for Shared Region HME Blocks
aaa10e6791d1614700651df2821f84d490c094bf 11-May-2007 ha137994 <none@none> 6473237 trapstat fails to release cpu_lock and tstat_lock in failure paths
6475905 hat_pagesuspend() hangs trying to relocate 4M page from contig_mem_slab_arena
fb2f18f820d90b001aea4fb27dd654bc1263c440 18-Jan-2007 esaxe <none@none> 6461311 multi-level CMT scheduling optimizations
6509639 cpu0 is not in the right chip_t if its chipid is not zero

rename : usr/src/uts/common/os/chip.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/os/chip.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/sys/chip.h => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/sys/chip.h
b0fc0e77220f1fa4c933fd58a4e1dedcd650b0f1 23-Oct-2006 govinda <none@none> 6402328 Add multi-pil and unlimited softint support for SPARC
f273041ff6419d6156c10c02bb1a527bfcfdc457 20-Oct-2006 jm22469 <none@none> FWARC 2006/545 max-vcpu and mondo-latency MD properties
6469894 xcall timeouts should be derived from the machine description
d1a9c4c143aaef0b57cf9531ab060cc86dddaf09 24-Aug-2006 jm22469 <none@none> 6460407 Problem starting svc:/platform/sun4v/drd after CD1 install
6461649 vldc driver sets incorrect default MTU for streaming mode channel
6460349 extraneous console message during ldoms boot
6460383 incorrect logic in md_get_handle and md_descrip_update
6462649 vc_reg_handler fails to initialize ds_backup_handle
4bac220845f606f60663ed6f3a2b88caa00ae87e 10-Aug-2006 narayan <none@none> 6419154 libpcp pcp_init routine should accept service names
6428416 CPUs greater than NCPU are stopped too early in boot
6436930 qcn drv needs to handle EWOULDBLOCK returned by hv_cnputchar
6437727 vDisk should support EFI labels
6437738 vDisk should support devid
6441930 fillsysinfo should cap max sun4v queue size to kernel limits
6441933 The broken MD detection code should be improved
6445825 domaining_enabled variable does not tell the whole story
6449959 vDisk DKIOCSETWCE/DKIOCGETWCE ioctls are not correctly implemented
6451118 Elevate libpcp from a platform lib to a sun4v lib
6451490 ldc_chkq incorrectly returns queue empty when data is available on streaming mode channel
6456875 VIO drivers should use LDC shared memory for better performance
6456880 LDC link layer fails to clear interrupt state properly
6456928 drd service is not enabled if installed through an upgrade
6457162 vswitch needs to cope with dropped pkts when talking to obp
6457166 vswitch calculating bounded range of descriptors incorrectly
077f2dab07dda71c691d93b8e183876d7eb912a8 25-Jul-2006 zx143588 <none@none> 6278422 Need to support new ontario platform SPARC-Enterprise-T2000 for fujitsu re-branding
6446309 Need to support new Erie platform SPARC-Enterprise-T1000 for fujitsu re-branding
fedab560fb18c85777c255ea9f445ffaf6830d30 29-Jun-2006 ae112802 <none@none> 6261101 VAC alias handling code should be compiled out for sun4v
1e2e7a75ddb1eedcefa449ce98fd5862749b72ee 20-Jun-2006 huah <none@none> 6373298 Integrate support for MMU context ID domains
1ae0874509b6811fdde1dfd46f0d93fd09867a3f 16-May-2006 heppo <none@none> FWARC 2005/633 Project Q Logial Domaining Umbrella
FWARC 2005/739 sun4v channels
FWARC 2006/055 Domain Services
FWARC 2006/072 sun4v virtual devices machine description data
FWARC 2006/074 sun4v interrupt cookies
FWARC 2006/075 Channel devices, Virtual Disk client and server bindings
FWARC 2006/076 Virtual Network Client and switch Bindings
FWARC 2006/081 Virtual Logical Domain Channel (vldc) Bindings
FWARC 2006/086 LDOM variables
FWARC 2006/105 LDOM support for NCP
FWARC 2006/110 Domain Services MD node and other misc properties
FWARC 2006/117 Virtual Console Concentrator Bindings
FWARC 2006/135 sun4v channel console packets
FWARC 2006/140 sun4v channels transport protocol
FWARC 2006/141 FMA Domain Services
FWARC 2006/174 NCS HV Update
FWARC 2006/184 sun4v channels shared memory
FWARC 2006/195 Virtual IO Communication Protocol
PSARC 2006/152 Logical Domain Channels Transport API
6272074 Need interface to determine execution unit sharing.
6354556 Add machine description kernel framework support
6391870 LDoms v1.0 Solaris Changes
fa9e4066f08beec538e775443c5be79dd423fcab 31-Oct-2005 ahrens <none@none> PSARC 2002/240 ZFS
6338653 Integrate ZFS
5096886 Write caching disks need mechanism to flush cache to physical media
f166393f4d30d59a005967d6c6d2869ef830b75d 08-Sep-2005 esolom <none@none> 6272055 gcc and cmd/nscd don't get along
6310582 gcc and sparc sysinfo don't get along
7c478bd95313f5f23a4c958a745db2134aa03244 14-Jun-2005 stevel@tonic-gate <none@none> OpenSolaris Launch