History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/intel/emlxs_fw/
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291a2b48b9adcd7b3666c34e80ba6411929afe7f 13-Feb-2009 Sukumar Swaminathan <Sukumar.Swaminathan@Sun.COM> 6681685 emlxs driver can separate firmware modules from driver modules
6686400 emlxs driver can take the firmware dump and keep it in kernel memory
6719325 tape recovery exceeding 2 minute timeout for I/O
6739924 emlxs driver needs to improve the management of polled commads
6755227 emlxs driver must implement quiesce() entry point
6751827 Firmware dump and debug messages should be made available through mdb dcmd
6792993 Integrate COMSTAR support enhancements with 2.40f emlxs driver
6792994 Integrate NPIV support enhancements with 2.40f emlxs driver
6792995 Integrate Emulex HBA Diagnostics capability with 2.40f emlxs driver
6792997 Integrate Emulex SLI API support for firmware interface in 2.40f emlxs driver
6792998 Integrate enhancements to DHCHAP Authentication in 2.40f emlxs driver