History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/i86pc/cpu/genuineintel/gintel_main.c
Revision Date Author Comments
7417cfdecea1902cef03c0d61a72df97d945925d 14-Jul-2010 Kuriakose Kuruvilla <kuriakose.kuruvilla@oracle.com> 6812663 Running out of bits in x86_feature
c84b7bbef5ecc2a27799422588073deefd9db715 19-May-2010 Adrian Frost <Adrian.Frost@Sun.COM> 6811760 X4250, X4150 fma faults cpu after uncorrected error reported on bank 0 in snv_109
f0b62587229842fad8c5df20795bf9bca17327bd 23-Nov-2009 Yanmin Sun <Yanmin.Sun@Sun.COM> 6893457 CMS_API_VERSION needs to be bumped
6900835 fix nhmex KAs "Suggested Action..." to be more precise
074bb90d80fdbeb2d04a8450a55ecbc96de28785 04-Nov-2009 Tom Pothier <Tom.Pothier@Sun.COM> PSARC/2009/490 x86 Generic FMA Topology Enumerator
6785310 Implement SMBIOS contained elements/handles
6841286 Need x86 generic FMA topo enumerator
6853537 x86gentopo needs OEM-Specific SMBIOS structures
6865771 Topology relationships should be derived from contained handles & elements of SMBIOS
6865814 Chip enumerator should derive serials & labels using libsmbios, if SMBIOS is FM aware
6865845 /dev/fm should export the Initial APICID, SMBIOS based ID/instance to the chip enumerator
6866456 Generic Topology FMRI ereport
491f61a1e1c1fc54a47bbcf53dbbbe1293b93b27 21-Oct-2009 Yanmin Sun <Yanmin.Sun@Sun.COM> PSARC 2009/543 FMA for Nehalem_EX
6814342 FMA for Intel Nehalem EX
6874673 ereport.cpu.intel.l1tlb produces wrong fault
f899e5733f35e45012ad40c8325b2622dcc2b673 25-Sep-2009 Vuong Nguyen <Vuong.Nguyen@Sun.COM> 6734814 Intel address translation Phase II
35366b936dd27e7a780ce1c1fccdf6e3c3defe69 16-Sep-2009 Adrian Frost <Adrian.Frost@Sun.COM> 6852259 Add FMA support for new members of Nehalem family
ee9ef9e5478646701c1f0cc347324b1c7bad1efa 04-Mar-2009 Adrian Frost <Adrian.Frost@Sun.COM> 6804867 fma driver support for Intel Core i7
728f047ccdb8a96a1aecc448cb87706241a08c94 27-Aug-2008 Adrian Frost <Adrian.Frost@Sun.COM> 6738081 Intel Machine check plugin should use cmi handle instead of accessing CPU stucture
6738577 generic machine check mdb module should be in step with kernel
6741384 intel_nhm topology incorrect address with mirror memory
6741385 Machine check misc2 register renamed to ctl2
e3d60c9bd991a9826cbfa63b10595d44e123b9c4 18-Aug-2008 Adrian Frost <Adrian.Frost@Sun.COM> PSARC 2008/527 FMA for Intel integrated memory controller and Nehalem CPUs
6706543 FMA for Intel Nehalem
6726376 generic machine check retires wrong virtual cpu
6695950 dimm fmri string contains garbage characters in x4450
5f28a8273cda869edd1af63f0b8cca5b7af42541 04-Apr-2008 af <none@none> PSARC/2008/233 Intel 5400 chipset Memory Controller Hub
6656577 FMA for Intel 5400 memory controller
6672458 intel_nb5000 exposes incorrect DIMM size property
6684515 intel_nb5000 driver does not correctly detect last 4 dimms when greater than 4 dimms on channel
b4b06f8a8863a655a0e6e5d80d818708abfa16ab 01-Feb-2008 af <none@none> 6656449 Intel cpu poisoned data handling
20c794b39650d115e17a15983b6b82e46238cf45 14-Oct-2007 gavinm <none@none> PSARC 2007/591 Generic x86 Machine Check Architecture
PSARC 2007/594 Intel CPU and 5000/7300 Series Chipset FMA
6443855 x86 modinfo slots being wasted during cpu module path search
6475380 cmi_load() should unload unused CPU module
6520280 MCA status bits not properly being cleared for intel processors
6558878 topo_node_hash returns out of range hash
6567218 FMA for Intel processors and 5000/7300 series memory controller
6567634 generic x86 MCA support needs to be improved
6607616 prepare FMA/x86 for xVM
6607626 eversholt Makefile.com lacks a default target
6607637 Add number of cpus and cores per chip to cpu_info kstat
6607643 x86 on_trap handler jumps from frying pan into the fire
6616180 topo should translate slashes in authority fields

rename : usr/src/uts/i86pc/cpu/amd_opteron/ao_mc.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/i86pc/cpu/amd_opteron/ao_mc.c
rename : usr/src/uts/i86xpv/generic_cpu/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/i86xpv/generic_cpu/Makefile