History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/sys/usb/hcd/uhci/uhci.h
Revision Date Author Comments
0f1b305ee9e700c825d9e9ad1ea1e4311d212eb2 15-Jan-2009 Seth Goldberg <Seth.Goldberg@Sun.COM> 6759202 ata: S3 suspend to ram hangs in pci_save_config_regs()
6759210 uhci: suspend to ram on Toshiba Tecra S1 hangs in uhci_cpr_suspend()
6759217 uppc: state of legacy pic must be saved / restored to support suspend to ram
6761267 pci interrupt routing entries not restored after wakeup from S3 sleep
6759220 ipw2100: needs DDI_SUSPEND / DDI_RESUME support, for suspend to ram
6761274 acpi-crs property not freed after wakeup from s3 suspend to ram
6766845 Tecra S1: ata0 "timeout: abort request" errors for PATA HDD after S3 resume
Contributed by Juergen Keil <jk@tools.de>.
d29f5a711240f866521445b1656d114da090335e 05-Sep-2008 zhigang lu - Sun Microsystems - Beijing China <Zhigang.Lu@Sun.COM> 6726636 lint cleanup for USB
932cf989e70cd9d0418891b72e973f56f41c28b1 14-Apr-2008 sl147100 <none@none> 6681221 Solaris hangs during early boot when EHCI-2 is enabled from BIOS
02acac7efe6ec478257d1337c4ad7f8445e29ac2 05-Jun-2006 sl147100 <none@none> 6400758 uhci dma_mem_alloc failure when free memory is low should be fixed
6400763 ohci dma_mem_alloc failure when free memory is low should be fixed
7c478bd95313f5f23a4c958a745db2134aa03244 14-Jun-2005 stevel@tonic-gate <none@none> OpenSolaris Launch