History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/sys/debug.h
Revision Date Author Comments
8329232e00f1048795bae53acb230316243aadb5 12-Aug-2017 Gordon Ross <gwr@nexenta.com> 9874 Add fksmbcl development tool
Reviewed by: Evan Layton <evan.layton@nexenta.com>
Reviewed by: Matt Barden <matt.barden@nexenta.com>
Approved by: Joshua M. Clulow <josh@sysmgr.org>
4a04e8db7f069cc2eb910470e630778f35ef3c44 03-Dec-2017 Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com> 8905 loader: add skein/edonr support
Reviewed by: Andy Fiddaman <omnios@citrus-it.co.uk>
Reviewed by: Ken Mays <kmays2000@gmail.com>
Reviewed by: C Fraire <cfraire@me.com>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
f9a980108feff422ad1ee1bc0bb6f1613fa680d3 08-Aug-2017 Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com> 8608 debug.h: CTASSERT will trigger variable unused errors
Reviewed by: Yuri Pankov <yuripv@gmx.com>
Reviewed by: Igor Kozhukhov <igor@dilos.org>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
1271e4b10dfaaed576c08a812f466f6e81370e5e 07-Jul-2017 Prakash Surya <prakash.surya@delphix.com> 8585 improve batching done in zil_commit()
Reviewed by: Brad Lewis <brad.lewis@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Matt Ahrens <mahrens@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: George Wilson <george.wilson@delphix.com>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
45818ee124adeaaf947698996b4f4c722afc6d1f 22-Aug-2015 Matthew Ahrens <mahrens@delphix.com> 4185 add new cryptographic checksums to ZFS: SHA-512, Skein, Edon-R
Reviewed by: George Wilson <george.wilson@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Prakash Surya <prakash.surya@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Saso Kiselkov <saso.kiselkov@nexenta.com>
Reviewed by: Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net>
Approved by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
ba3594ba9b5dd4c846c472a8d657edcb7c8109ac 03-Aug-2014 Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org> 5066 remove support for non-ANSI compilation
5068 Remove SCCSID() macro from <macros.h>
Reviewed by: Keith Wesolowski <keith.wesolowski@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Josef 'Jeff' Sipek <jeffpc@josefsipek.net>
Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
fb09f5aad449c97fe309678f3f604982b563a96f 07-Sep-2012 Madhav Suresh <madhav.suresh@delphix.com> 3006 VERIFY[S,U,P] and ASSERT[S,U,P] frequently check if first argument is zero
Reviewed by Matt Ahrens <matthew.ahrens@delphix.com>
Reviewed by George Wilson <george.wilson@delphix.com>
Approved by Eric Schrock <eric.schrock@delphix.com>
b420f3adeb349714478d1a7813d2c0e069d41555 01-Aug-2012 Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net> backout 3006: causes 3046 (panics after mounting root)
9fa718d2f477620f14e3f2948dd03e3470add804 31-Jul-2012 Madhav Suresh <madhav.suresh@delphix.com> 3006 VERIFY[S,U,P] and ASSERT[S,U,P] frequently check if first argument is zero
Reviewed by: Matt Ahrens <matthew.ahrens@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: George Wilson <george.wilson@delphix.com>
Approved by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
56f33205c9ed776c3c909e07d52e94610a675740 13-Jan-2010 Jonathan Adams <Jonathan.Adams@Sun.COM> 4517853 debug.h should include macros to assert implication and equivalence
6915090 struct memlist should have ml_ member prefixes
35a5a3587fd94b666239c157d3722745250ccbd7 23-Nov-2009 Jonathan Adams <Jonathan.Adams@Sun.COM> 6881015 ZFS write activity prevents other threads from running in a timely manner
6899867 mstate_thread_onproc_time() doesn't account for runnable time correctly
PSARC/2009/615 System Duty Cycle Scheduling Class and ZFS IO Observability
deb8317b8f5925e3f6dd7cb6ed0cdd035f546a5a 04-Dec-2008 Mark J Musante <Mark.Musante@Sun.COM> 6674216 "zfs share" doesn't work, but "zfs set sharenfs=on" does
6621164 $SRC/cmd/zfs/zfs_main.c seems to have a syntax error in the translation note
6635482 i18n problems in libzfs_dataset.c and zfs_main.c
6595194 "zfs get" VALUE column is as wide as NAME
6722991 vdev_disk.c: error checking for ddi_pathname_to_dev_t() must test for NODEV
6396518 ASSERT strings shouldn't be pre-processed
ae35285a4e0fe9ad6a7ffd73227903966dab4c59 13-Dec-2005 meem <none@none> 4843552 the definition of MONITOR should be removed from debug.h
6356825 queue_t locking comments are totally dated
6358745 SUNW_network_rcm.so`net_notify_event looks imposing but does nothing
6359875 gcc and cmd/streams still don't get along
6360063 <sys/strft.h> should not be exposed via <sys/stream.h>
fa9e4066f08beec538e775443c5be79dd423fcab 31-Oct-2005 ahrens <none@none> PSARC 2002/240 ZFS
6338653 Integrate ZFS
5096886 Write caching disks need mechanism to flush cache to physical media
7c478bd95313f5f23a4c958a745db2134aa03244 14-Jun-2005 stevel@tonic-gate <none@none> OpenSolaris Launch