History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/io/scsi/adapters/scsi_vhci/fops/tape.c
Revision Date Author Comments
0c45178b5714d692c44817c2235320c3f2b030ab 08-Apr-2009 wl202157@icefox <none@none> 6783286 STMS: Host loses access to data on >1TB volumes when there's an external failover on asymm arrays
55e592a20765db6f52a590785ae2390c3b12fda9 25-Mar-2009 Randall Ralphs <Randall.Ralphs@Sun.COM> PSARC/2009/114 mdi_is_dev_supported
6818075 Need an way to find out if a device would be supported under mdi without trial and error
9a70fc3be3b1e966bf78825cdb8d509963a6f0a1 06-Aug-2008 Mark J. Nelson <Mark.J.Nelson@Sun.COM> 6733918 Teamware has retired, please welcome your new manager, Mercurial
4758439 some files use "current date" sccs keywords
6560843 asm sources should not rely on .file "%M%" for naming STT_FILE symbols
6560958 Solaris:: perl modules should not use SCCS keywords in version information
6729074 webrev doesn't deal well with remote ssh hg parents
0205780bc43902d17f94f07ceacb0cd8d5eab20f 23-Jun-2008 rralphs <none@none> 6459247 scsi_vhci does not return correct value for dma-max property
6475502 device specific load-balance setting not displayed by mpathadm
6621014 Support multipathing to tape devices
6646241 Error in MTFSR using MTIOCLTOP to space 5000000010 blocks
6683730 st is not warlock clean
6684754 scsi_vhci pgr out getting 4B 90 FCP_DL field not sufficient to complete the transfer
6693116 st when reading to EOD where there is no filemark at EOD system asserts as blkno > lgclblkno
6693591 Recovery of write command is issuing Read Position with invalid bit set
6695072 st uscsi write of zero bytes hits assert nblks != 0
6695099 st uscsi read/write that gets error returned asserts new_lastop != ST_OP_NIL
6695128 st_recov_cb does not handle TRAN_ERR status.
6698800 Driver does not recover jammed load command
6704414 read errors encountered during fault test