History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/io/scsi/adapters/pmcs/pmcs_attach.c
Revision Date Author Comments
b46556d07aa5469d61a8b3e3067bb7c3c26f0a7c 19-Jan-2019 Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com> 10708 pmcs: NULL pointer errors
Reviewed by: Sebastian Wiedenroth <sebastian.wiedenroth@skylime.net>
Reviewed by: Gergő Doma <domag02@gmail.com>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
3be32c0f0acac4f6258b029f1a27a16a7ec65bb0 21-May-2010 Jesse Butler <jesse.butler@oracle.com> 6952363 pmcs_flush_nonio_cmds() flushes entire HBA rather than single target
6948108 lcc hot plug causes hang on expansion chassis configuration
6943143 assertion failed: 'phyp->dead'after cable pull/plug on RCC0
6945660 device probe causes hang in expansion chassis configuration
6946033 pmcs_pwork() and pmcs_lock_phy() ordering needs to be fixed
6945627 page fault after pulling cable between T4 and Riverwalk2
6951517 pcms may send IOMB with invalid device handle
6951959 pmcs_abort() contains dead code
1b94a41b6ff7cb545cabcda970647c0361ed118a 13-May-2010 Chris Horne <Chris.Horne@Sun.COM> 6946938 SCSAv3: sometimes phymaps observations fail to activate
6950461 SCSAv3: should be able to modunload the pmcs driver
6951142 scsi_ifsetcap should always update dma_attr_granular when tran_setup_pkt is defined
6951267 fix for 6948076 can still double-allocate a preassigned instance number
6951616 sunmdi.c should avoid unnecessary use of ct_dip
978d7443a924cda8208d6a10e72be89383bc7bec 26-Apr-2010 Srikanth Suravajhala <srikanth.suravajhala@oracle.com> 6940745 work structures without a pmcs_cmd_t need to be cleaned up after hot reset
6945802 potential null dereference in pmcs_create_one_phy_stats()
60aabb4ce92352f01733c518d6b6bb69e60b9113 22-Apr-2010 Chris Horne <Chris.Horne@Sun.COM> 6675356 multiple invocations of 'modunload -i 0' needed for maximum memory reduction
6944220 SCSAv3: tgtmap bus_config needs to coordinate attach/hotplug window
1f81b46471e38fdeb9ab74c25510b2f903f8af12 09-Apr-2010 David Hollister <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> 6938956 firmware upgrade occasionally fails the first time
6941402 receptacle-pm should be a string array
6941407 better synchronization between the driver debug log and firmware event log
6941862 Increase default log buffer size
32b54db7d7ecdb10cc3178edf2c480c6dc5c5559 05-Apr-2010 Jesse Butler <Jesse.Butler@Sun.COM> 6889153 Dubious check in pmcs_unattach
6936793 VTS diskmediatest causes system panic in pmcs_lock_phy
6855987 pmcs: need to revisit cv_timed_wait() and cv_wait() use
6937422 deadlock panic during storage poweron
35dae2328064ca9e149cf5d3a7ba1688ed4629b6 05-Apr-2010 Srikanth Suravajhala <srikanth.suravajhala@oracle.com> 6895299 No SAS_phy_stat kstat counters are created after moving cable from one SIM to another
658280b6253b61dbb155f43d0e3cbcffa85ccb90 01-Apr-2010 David Hollister <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> 6916341 FW87_ND: panic pmcs:pmcs_validate_vpd+33a
6935831 sorting work structures by serial number would be nice
6936826 pmcs: add "receptacle-label" and "receptacle-pm" properties to HBA node for FMA
6936827 pmcs: add "target-port-depth" property to represent depth of device in fabric
6938625 Intermittent retryable OPEN REJECT timeouts Thebe / RW2 / Muskie 2T
c280a92b706bf16eee2a24cc328c9b78d71cb38c 04-Mar-2010 David Hollister <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> 6930117 LCC Hotplug can cause lost targets and a system hang
6930123 I/O starvation to some target devices seen under heavy IO workload
6930671 assertion failed: phyp->ref_count != 0
6930672 Deadlock: cycle in blocking chain when cable pulling
6930951 MPI config table format has changed
d78a6b7e13de1e122f6c7e0d539522698d83ec22 02-Mar-2010 Jesse Butler <Jesse.Butler@Sun.COM> 6929808 pmcs_check_forward_progress() is a bit reset-happy
9719310a57482091af0a7f0ee31b5e2eec35f154 18-Feb-2010 David Hollister <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> 6925580 No easy way to extract firmware event logs
a25672a1f5bcd6aa4bbce28adab51d84ae202323 18-Feb-2010 David Hollister <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> 6926075 hotplug operations on LCC cause lost of expanders
6925344 driver should validate SAS address before reporting into target map
5c45adf04db8ffdcb5dd969bb5203ff9b17677db 18-Feb-2010 Jesse Butler <Jesse.Butler@Sun.COM> 6898573 Watch dog support for PMCS
6922946 potential null dereference in pmcs_smp_release()
6922947 potential null dereference in pmcs_remove_phy_from_iport()
6923443 Inserted disk not shown in BUI but is listed as part of pool from 'zpool status'
9aed162131f1840d0bc1cd0275f4d7144f3690f0 31-Jan-2010 David Hollister <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> 6915456 pmcs should implement tgtmap activate/deactivate callbacks
6915736 Page Fault Panic in pmcs due to null pointer dereference
6916722 Pathinfo state is unknown during cable pulls.
6917501 panic[cpu0]/thread=ffffff00f6537c60: Deadlock: cycle in blocking chain
6917792 assertion failed: iport, file:.../pmcs_subr.c, line: 7763
601c90f161ff0319c1b4a2c3362b466043a65d8d 18-Dec-2009 Srikanth, Ramana <Ramana.Srikanth@Sun.COM> 6903492 targets not restored after hotplug & i/o stalls
6905635 I/O stalls after pulling cascaded SIM card in upstream RW2
6910190 livelock between SMP lock and PHY lock during discovery and recovery
6903501 It would be nice to be able to tail the debug log
6906017 pmcs -t should show count of per-target active scsi packets
6871650 pmcs call to scsi_hba_tgtmap_set_begin needs to occur at the begining of pmcs_discover
6907092 command timeout and disk error occur when pmcs driver using 128aios per process
6745c559e4b531cf336a91f4653445c32ee46693 07-Dec-2009 Jesse Butler <Jesse.Butler@Sun.COM> 6904522 assertion failed: pptr->subsidiary, pmcs_subr.c, line: 2112
6905979 assertion failed: iport, pmcs_subr.c line: 2087
6906560 pmcs needs to ensure SMP requests are serialized per-iport
6904582 pmcs use of __DATE__ and __TIME__ causes wsdiff false positives
837c1ac4e72b7d86278cca88b1075af557f7d161 03-Dec-2009 Stephen Hanson <Stephen.Hanson@Sun.COM> 6783915 numerous drivers using devacc_attr_access without specifying DDI_DEVICE_ATTR_V1
6765185 ddi_dma_mem_alloc should ignore devacc_attr_access
6886100 DDI_FLAGERR_ACC accesses on x86 should use i_ddi_prot_io_get8() calls as on sparc
6886098 ddi_fm_acc_err_get()/ddi_fm_dma_err_get() copy data when they don't need to
6901678 crossbow changes broke dma handle checking in bge driver
6901000 lint warning in mtst_cpu.c
145e0143b4896d03ce53b1af6787afa1a7e73959 18-Nov-2009 dh142964 <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> 6897712 The phy counter iport->nphy shows incorrect number for an 8 phy port.
6897719 panic: Deadlock: cycle in blocking chain during expander reset test
6897251 Device state recovery is only possible when target is configured
6899829 pmcs_watchdog panic observed when running IO workload
1b115575fbf0d7a1e3876e6886eaeffbeb8d2e61 16-Nov-2009 John Danielson <John.Danielson@Sun.COM> 6848196 unconfig takes longer than config
6899004 Reduce resource usage of dam address maps
6899010 Invoke deactivation callback when cancelling non-stabilized reports
c3bc407cfbd238a18e4728ad5f36f39cecdb062f 12-Nov-2009 dh142964 <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> 6895343 pmcs logging enhancements - part 1/2
b18a19c275d2531444fcd2f66664cbe3c6897f6a 10-Oct-2009 Jesse Butler <Jesse.Butler@Sun.COM> 6888439 cable pull under heavy IOPS results panics in pmcs_SAS_done()
6889343 panic in pmcs_phy_destructor, mutex_destroy: not owner
47b47c8ce30ead58d3d8a10f770a28fd1ca95047 01-Oct-2009 dh142964 <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> 6726110 pmcs driver (driver for thebe) (fix build race)
4c06356b0f0fffb4fc1b6eccc8e5d8e2254a84d6 30-Sep-2009 dh142964 <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> PSARC 2008/672 thebe SAS/SATA driver
PSARC 2008/755 ddi_ssoft_state(9F) and ddi_isoft_state(9F)
PSARC 2008/764 Cfgadm SCSI-Plugin MPxIO Support
PSARC 2009/125 scsi_device property interfaces
6726110 pmcs driver (driver for thebe)
6726867 SCSAv3