History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/io/scsi/adapters/pmcs/pmcs.conf
Revision Date Author Comments
9719310a57482091af0a7f0ee31b5e2eec35f154 18-Feb-2010 David Hollister <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> 6925580 No easy way to extract firmware event logs
4b4564630e2553df86b078f1fce1624dade2b2cb 03-Dec-2009 David Hollister <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> 6902289 pmcs is not always setting pkt_resid when needed
4c06356b0f0fffb4fc1b6eccc8e5d8e2254a84d6 30-Sep-2009 dh142964 <David.Hollister@Sun.COM> PSARC 2008/672 thebe SAS/SATA driver
PSARC 2008/755 ddi_ssoft_state(9F) and ddi_isoft_state(9F)
PSARC 2008/764 Cfgadm SCSI-Plugin MPxIO Support
PSARC 2009/125 scsi_device property interfaces
6726110 pmcs driver (driver for thebe)
6726867 SCSAv3