History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/io/ib/clients/rdsv3/ib_stats.c
Revision Date Author Comments
5e12ddada2833f3aa285210603ce9aaeb8be35cc 16-Aug-2010 Eiji Ota <Eiji.Ota@Sun.COM> 6974271 IB statistics are not displayed
6965740 rdsv3_ib_tasklet_fn does not drain the CQ
6969584 Caught signals ignored when process is blocked in rdsv3 socket
a530e0a9c7875fde3c123c906ca193a70dfacc4f 27-Jul-2010 agiri <Giri.Adari@Sun.COM> 6959079 Need to improve how statistics are gathered in RDSv3
16e76cdd6e3cfaac7d91c3b0644ee1bc6cf52347 02-Jul-2010 agiri <Giri.Adari@Sun.COM> 6964984 CDDL wrongly placed in files ported from OFED
c0dd49bdd68c0d758a67d56f07826f3b45cfc664 21-Apr-2010 Eiji Ota <Eiji.Ota@Sun.COM> PSARC/2010/043 Reliable Datagram Service v3
6850013 RDS driver upgrade to version 3
6902396 su_recv does not call pollwakeup() for zero-len datagrams when protocol uses uio recv