History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/io/hxge/hxge_ndd.c
Revision Date Author Comments
1667122dc3c9d4356089cb2f8f9b2e9f2d7fa604 20-Sep-2008 Michael Speer <Michael.Speer@Sun.COM> 6749641 post_lock is accessed after freed during driver unloading
6750030 hxge lint errors with SunStudio 12
a512c5d1f2908d965887ad5494954ba2cf904bd2 12-Sep-2008 Qiyan Sun - Sun Microsystems - San Diego United States <Qiyan.Sun@Sun.COM> 6732841 Rx and Tx ring sizes need to be increased
6728453 hxge rdc_bytes in kstat is wrong
6718692 hxge: needs to implement the set/get properties interfaces provided by brussels
6741695 Driver workaround for "RcrQlen value may not be consistent with the RCR memory state" for jumbo frm
6709673 hxge driver needs to implement polling for link status update
6744961 hxge: sparc driver PEU register accesses are 64-bit instead of 32-bit
6747009 Blades panicking immediately if configured jumbo frame using ndd command
903a11ebdc8df157c4700150f41f1f262f4a8ae8 31-Jul-2008 rh87107 <none@none> 6698108 Sun Studio 12 finds many lint errors in ON source.
3dec9fcdd56adf1b4a563137b4915c8f2d83b881 03-Apr-2008 qs148142 <none@none> PSARC/2008/063 Hydra Support for Solaris
6656720 Initial hxge driver