History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/inet/ip.h
Revision Date Author Comments
42c5ef032d8316897a2ba9f9ebf4b9c2654ec345 22-Feb-2019 Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com> 10472 Limit number of multicast NCEs
Reviewed by: Cody Peter Mello <melloc@writev.io>
Reviewed by: Jason King <jason.king@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net>
Approved by: Joshua M. Clulow <josh@sysmgr.org>
8a06b3d6467c15646e663c05086378f16288af85 15-Oct-2018 Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com> 10155 ip: cast between incompatible function types
Reviewed by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Gergő Mihály Doma <domag02@gmail.com>
Approved by: Hans Rosenfeld <rosenfeld@grumpf.hope-2000.org>
5e1743f0d6a1d79ccc247d50153ad830fa07768b 15-Oct-2018 Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com> 9903 qinfo: add typed members
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Hans Rosenfeld <hans.rosenfeld@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
0b905b49d460a57773d88d714cd880ffe0182b7c 07-Jul-2017 Yuri Pankov <yuri.pankov@nexenta.com> 5980 in-kernel inet_ntop should format IPv4 addresses like userland one
Reviewed by: Igor Kozhukhov <igor@dilos.org>
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Vitaliy Gusev <gusev.vitaliy@icloud.com>
Approved by: Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net>
7199b8e79a66167b9224eed40ed9bd8effcc49a8 01-Feb-2017 Dan McDonald <danmcd@omniti.com> 7819 IPv6 Packet and MTU bug
Reviewed by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Sebastien Roy <sebastien.roy@delphix.com>
Approved by: Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net>
1a5e258f5471356ca102c7176637cdce45bac147 08-Aug-2014 Josef 'Jeff' Sipek <josef.sipek@nexenta.com> 5045 use atomic_{inc,dec}_* instead of atomic_add_*
Reviewed by: Matthew Ahrens <mahrens@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
a1ca8b43681e3163e9f085ab65b8b6de1848d8ac 14-Feb-2014 Dan McDonald <danmcd@omniti.com> 4596 Callers of ip_srcid_find_id() need to be more careful
Reviewed by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
Reviewed by: Sebastien Roy <sebastien.roy@delphix.com>
Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
59927d313a821b7f3822314ed16fc0a44c128431 08-Jan-2014 Yuri Pankov <yuri.pankov@nexenta.com> 3105 Kernel inet_pton() implementation returns result in host byte order
Reviewed by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
Reviewed by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
7c6d7024e51780d3aacf9063d2133c1e957d7eea 13-Feb-2012 Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek@joyent.com> 3925 IP DCE does not scale
Reviewed by: Keith M Wesolowski <wesolows@foobazco.org>
Reviewed by: Theo Schlossnagle <jesus@omniti.com>
Reviewed by: Sebastien Roy <seb@delphix.com>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@nexenta.com>
1eee170a5f6cf875d905524fea524c7c5c870aa0 16-Aug-2010 Erik Nordmark <Erik.Nordmark@Sun.COM> PSARC/2010/325 Different MTU for unicast and multicast
6836162 Interface to report different multicast and unicast MTUs from network stack
6f773e29841ff1573612158ae130301164c2a24a 23-Jul-2010 Baban Kenkre <Baban.Kenkre@Sun.COM> PSARC/2010/111 exclusive IP for s10c
6858460 support exclusive stack for solaris10-branded zone
6905944 netstat -rn output on solaris10 branded zones differ from native solaris10
550b6e4083768ca350e9e7c3a1ebbf720b23dcad 01-Jul-2010 Sowmini Varadhan <Sowmini.Varadhan@oracle.COM> PSARC 2010/166 layer-3 net properties for exclusive-IP zones
6944327 need to support address and defrouter resources for exclusive-IP zones
7f125a531d922638f1af62a3d69f9ffc00bc2ee7 13-Jul-2010 Ravi Chandra Nallan <Ravichandra.Nallan@Sun.COM> 6926514 Multiple multicasts mapping to same ethernet addr cannot be used on gld
2ea22bf74805dd8e4937701bfdce1da6c95c53b7 07-Jun-2010 Sowmini Varadhan <Sowmini.Varadhan@Sun.COM> 6952458 SIOCSXARP erroneously requires IP interface to be NUL-terminated
6955756 ifconfig <intf> down can hang due to pending ill_ire_cnt
9cd928fe5e3ea4e05f64cfb380beb54b2623e7dc 27-May-2010 Alan Maguire <Alan.Maguire@Sun.COM> PSARC 2010/106 DTrace TCP and UDP providers
6742331 DTrace TCP Provider
6932981 DTrace UDP provider
66b718c6de45ca6f9c01c76b27f19369f16759b9 13-Apr-2010 meem <Peter.Memishian@Sun.COM> 6941617 ip_quiesce_conn() of a flow-controlled conn induces panic
1f19738e7044c2e643f7d9d4ac5e32e03c8504f0 03-Apr-2010 meem <Peter.Memishian@Sun.COM> 6901161 IP Datapath Refactoring ipmp.c nits
6913726 shutting down an exclusive stack generates noise
6934331 SIOCSLIFMTU does not refresh the IPMP interface MTU
3344d7501f5a54d4cb5703f67648ea334c1cec6a 27-Mar-2010 meem <Peter.Memishian@Sun.COM> 6934730 rpcbind wedged up due to stale conn_idl
6937207 stale conn drain logic and comments
6e91bba0d6c6bdabbba62cefae583715a4a58e2a 26-Mar-2010 Girish Moodalbail <Girish.Moodalbail@Sun.COM> PSARC 2009/306 Brussels II - ipadm and libipadm
PSARC 2010/080 Brussels II addendum
6827318 Brussels Phase II aka ipadm(1m)
6731945 need BSD getifaddrs() API
6909065 explicitly disallow non-contiguous netmasks in the next minor release
6853922 ifconfig dumps core when ether address is non-hexadecimal.
6815806 ipReasmTimeout value should be variable
6567083 nd_getset has some dead and confusing code.
6884466 remove unused tcp/sctp ndd tunables
6928813 Comments at odds with default value of tcp_time_wait_interval
6236982 ifconfig usesrc lets adapter use itself as source address
6936855 modifying the ip6_strict_src_multihoming to non-zero value will unbind V4 IREs
721fffe35d40e548a5a58dc53a2ec9c6762172d9 24-Feb-2010 Kacheong Poon <Kacheong.Poon@Sun.COM> PSARC 2010/042 increase max TCP_INIT_CWND
6923847 Increase TCP_INIT_CWND max
6918307 Some TCP kstats are not needed
6923858 TCP connection counter
6925635 The file tcp.c is too big
44b099c4d944a196d124a02c7403ad891223139e 18-Feb-2010 Sowmini Varadhan <Sowmini.Varadhan@Sun.COM> 4173841 Packet goes out with source IP address of another interface
6921533 ioctls could be executed when the thread is not a WRITER on the ipif
6921451 ira_pktlen not computed correctly for ipsec packets
6921615 IPMP need ~5 seconds for traffic passing through when its state transfers from failed
f1c454b4ca60de954c3f9b89aad635ec90c8fe2d 11-Jan-2010 Sowmini Varadhan <Sowmini.Varadhan@Sun.COM> 6909710 ipmp and multicast group join/leave don't play nicely together at all times.
6912104 recursive mutex enter on ill_mcast_serializer
6913776 ire_delete path issues.
9e3469d3db608feb0e43d9955cbf406c22025463 08-Jan-2010 Erik Nordmark <Erik.Nordmark@Sun.COM> 6914230 old punchin routes go invisible
6914971 route get shows mtu as zero
6914976 route get shows 'not in table' when gateway is unreachable
838a4ffa1673bf0cba13c448022833b454aff9cc 22-Dec-2009 Brian Ruthven <Brian.Ruthven@Sun.COM> 6812856 Pending ioctl is not cleaned from ipsq during tcp_close
792bd7795355bb518702b2994585fe4d9fafe707 21-Dec-2009 Sebastien Roy <Sebastien.Roy@Sun.COM> 6896500 change in tunnel remote address clobbers manually configured link-local
6903512 destination link-local over tunnel doesn't change if underlying IP address changes
6b7506c76ce3543219c58bdca0582ad5b071cfd5 19-Dec-2009 Erik Nordmark <Erik.Nordmark@Sun.COM> 6905952 Assertion panic on i86,Sun-Fire-X4140 - ixa->ixa_curthread == NULL, ../../common/inet/ip/ip_output.c
6911003 TX: assertion failed: !(iraflags & IRAF_VERIFY_IP_CKSUM), file: ../../common/inet/ip /ip_input.c
6911374 ICMP redirect in snv_129 causes odd D routes
0e0e37a8f0c38eb919c913bbb67030114a6b74a9 17-Nov-2009 Erik Nordmark <Erik.Nordmark@Sun.COM> 6901158 Sending 4 NS instead of 3 before giving up
6901462 snoop -I lo0 fails; Network is down
6901463 IPv6 interface with /128 netmask doesn't work
6901792 Minor comment fixes from code review
6901924 assertion failure: ire != NULL in ipif_delete_bcast_ires
bd670b35a010421b6e1a5536c34453a827007c81 11-Nov-2009 Erik Nordmark <Erik.Nordmark@Sun.COM> PSARC/2009/331 IP Datapath Refactoring
PSARC/2008/522 EOF of 2001/070 IPsec HW Acceleration support
PSARC/2009/495 netstat -r flags for blackhole and reject routes
PSARC/2009/494 IP_DONTFRAG socket option
PSARC/2009/515 fragmentation controls for ping and traceroute
6798716 ip_newroute delenda est
6798739 ARP and IP are too separate
6807265 IPv4 ip2mac() support
6756382 Please remove Venus IPsec HWACCEL code
6880632 sendto/sendmsg never returns EHOSTUNREACH in Solaris
6748582 sendmsg() return OK, but doesn't send message using IPv4-mapped x IPv6 addr
1119790 TCP and path mtu discovery
4637227 should support equal-cost multi-path (ECMP)
5078568 getsockopt() for IPV6_PATHMTU on a non-connected socket should not succeed
6419648 "AR* contract private note" should be removed as part of ATM SW EOL
6274715 Arp could keep the old entry in the cache while it waits for an arp response
6605615 Remove duplicated TCP/IP opt_set/opt_get code; use conn_t
6874677 IP_TTL can be used to send with ttl zero
4034090 arp should not let you delete your own entry
6882140 Implement IP_DONTFRAG socket option
6883858 Implement ping -D option; traceroute -F should work for IPv6 and shared-IP zones
1119792 TCP/IP black hole detection is broken on receiver
4078796 Directed broadcast forwarding code has problems
4104337 restrict the IPPROTO_IP and IPPROTO_IPV6 options based on the socket family
4203747 Source address selection for source routed packets
4230259 pmtu is increased every ip_ire_pathmtu_interval timer value.
4300533 When sticky option ipv6_pktinfo set to bogus address subsequent connect time out
4471035 ire_delete_cache_gw is called through ire_walk unnecessarily
4514572 SO_DONTROUTE socket option doesn't work with IPv6
4524980 tcp_lookup_ipv4() should compare the ifindex against tcpb->tcpb_bound_if
4532714 machine fails to switch quickly among failed default routes
4634219 IPv6 path mtu discovery is broken when using routing header
4691581 udp broadcast handling causes too many replicas
4708405 mcast is broken on machines when all interfaces are IFF_POINTOPOINT
4770457 netstat/route: source address of interface routes pretends to be gateway address
4786974 use routing table to determine routes/interface for multicast
4792619 An ip_fanout_udp_ipc_v6() routine might lead to some simpler code
4816115 Nuke ipsec_out_use_global_policy
4862844 ipsec offload corner case
4867533 tcp_rq and tcp_wq are redundant
4868589 NCEs should be shared across an IPMP group
4872093 unplumbing an improper virtual interface panics in ip_newroute_get_dst_ill()
4901671 FireEngine needs some cleanup
4907617 IPsec identity latching should be done before sending SYN-ACK
4941461 scopeid and IPV6_PKTINFO with UDP/ICMP connect() does not work properly
4944981 ip does nothing with IP6I_NEXTHOP
4963353 IPv4 and IPv6 proto fanout codes could be brought closer
4963360 consider passing zoneid using ip6i_t instead of ipsec_out_t in NDP
4963734 new ip6_asp locking is used incorrectly in ip_newroute_v6()
5008315 IPv6 code passes ip6i_t to IPsec code instead of ip6_t
5009636 memory leak in ip_fanout_proto_v6()
5092337 tcp/udp option handling can use some cleanup
5035841 Solaris can fail to create a valid broadcast ire
5043747 ar_query_xmit: Could not find the ace
5051574 tcp_check_policy is missing some checks
6305037 full hardware checksum is discarded when there're more than 2 mblks in the chain
6311149 ip.c needs to be put through a woodchipper
4708860 Unable to reassemble CGTP fragmented multicast packets
6224628 Large IPv6 packets with IPsec protection sometimes have length mismatch.
6213243 Solaris does not currently support Dead Gateway Detection
5029091 duplicate code in IP's input path for TCP/UDP/SCTP
4674643 through IPv6 CGTP routes, the very first packet is sent only after a while
6207318 Multiple default routes do not round robin connections to routers.
4823410 IP has an inconsistent view of link mtu
5105520 adding interface route to down interface causes ifconfig hang
5105707 advanced sockets API introduced some dead code
6318399 IP option handling for icmp and udp is too complicated
6321434 Every dropped packet in IP should use ip_drop_packet()
6341693 ifconfig mtu should operate on the physical interface, not individual ipif's
6352430 The credentials attached to an mblk are not particularly useful
6357894 uninitialised ipp_hoplimit needs to be cleaned up.
6363568 ip_xmit_v6() may be missing IRE releases in error cases
6364828 ip_rput_forward needs a makeover
6384416 System panics when running as multicast forwarder using multicast tunnels
6402382 TX: UDP v6 slowpath is not modified to handle mac_exempt conns
6418413 assertion failed ipha->ipha_ident == 0||ipha->ipha_ident == 0xFFFF
6420916 assertion failures in ipv6 wput path
6430851 use of b_prev to store ifindex is not 100% safe
6446106 IPv6 packets stored in nce->nce_qd_mp will be sent with incorrect tcp/udp checksums
6453711 SCTP OOTB sent as if genetated by global zone
6465212 ARP/IP merge should remove ire_freemblk.esballoc
6490163 ip_input() could misbehave if the first mblk's size is not big enough
6496664 missing ipif_refrele leads to reference leak and deferred crash in ip_wput_ipsec_out_v6
6504856 memory leak in ip_fanout_proto_v6() when using link local outer tunnel addresses
6507765 IRE cache hash function performs badly
6510186 IP_FORWARD_PROG bit is easily overlooked
6514727 cgtp ipv6 failure on snv54
6528286 MULTIRT (CGTP) should offload checksum to hardware
6533904 SCTP: doesn't support traffic class for IPv6
6539415 TX: ipif source selection is flawed for unlabeled gateways
6539851 plumbed unworking nic blocks sending broadcast packets
6564468 non-solaris SCTP stack over rawip socket: netstat command counts rawipInData not rawipOutDatagrams
6568511 ipIfStatsOutDiscards not bumped when discarding an ipsec packet on the wrong NIC
6584162 tcp_g_q_inactive() makes incorrect use of taskq_dispatch()
6603974 round-robin default with many interfaces causes infinite temporary IRE thrashing
6611750 ilm_lookup_ill_index_v4 was born an orphan
6618423 ip_wput_frag_mdt sends out packets that void pfhooks
6620964 IRE max bucket count calculations performed in ip_ire_init() are flawed
6626266 various _broadcasts seem redundant
6638182 IP_PKTINFO + SO_DONTROUTE + CIPSO IP option == panic
6647710 IPv6 possible DoS vulnerability
6657357 nce should be kmem_cache alloc'ed from an nce_cache.
6685131 ilg_add -> conn_ilg_alloc interacting with conn_ilg[] walkers can cause panic.
6730298 adding key with mask != 0 causes 'route delete default' to fail
6730976 vni and ipv6 doesn't quite work.
6740956 assertion failed: mp->b_next == 0L && mp->b_prev == 0L in nce_queue_mp_common()
6748515 BUMP_MIB() is occasionally done on the wrong ill
6753250 ip_output_v6() `notv6' error path has an errant ill_refrele()
6756411 NULL-pointer dereference in ip_wput_local()
6769582 IP must forward packet returned from FW-HOOK
6781525 bogus usesrc usage leads directly to panic
6422839 System paniced in ip_multicast_loopback due to NULL pointer dereference
6785521 initial IPv6 DAD solicitation is dropped in ip_newroute_ipif_v6()
6787370 ipnet devices not seeing forwarded IP packets on outgoing interface
6791187 ip*dbg() calls in ip_output_options() claim to originate from ip_wput()
6794047 nce_fp_mp prevents sharing of NCEs across an IPMP group
6797926 many unnecessary ip0dbg() in ip_rput_data_v6
6846919 Packet queued for ND gets sent in the clear.
6856591 ping doesn't send packets with DF set
6861113 arp module has incorrect dependency path for hook module
6865664 IPV6_NEXTHOP does not work with TCP socket
6874681 No ICMP time exceeded when a router receives packet with ttl = 0
6880977 ip_wput_ire() uses over 1k of stack
6595433 IPsec performance could be significantly better when calling hw crypto provider synchronously
6848397 ifconfig down of an interface can hang.
6849602 IPV6_PATHMTU size issue for UDP
6885359 Add compile-time option for testing pure IPsec overhead
6889268 Odd loopback source address selection with IPMP
6895420 assertion failed: connp->conn_helper_info == NULL
6851189 Routing-related panic occurred during reboot on T2000 system running snv_117
6896174 Post-async-encryption, AH+ESP packets may have misinitialized ipha/ip6
6896687 iptun presents IPv6 with an MTU < 1280
6897006 assertion failed: ipif->ipif_id != 0 in ip_sioctl_slifzone_restart
0a0e9771ca0211c15f3ac4466b661c145feeb9e4 24-Sep-2009 Darren Reed <Darren.Reed@Sun.COM> PSARC/2009/232 Solaris Packet Capture
PSARC/2009/403 kstats for ipnet
6824047 every downcall function should have a "notsupported" function
6822740 RFE: provide PF_PACKET for developers on OpenSolaris
6822741 RFE: Solaris needs BPF to improve the packet capture story
6867683 RFE: need to be able to retrieve physical interface flags
2b24ab6b3865caeede9eeb9db6b83e1d89dcd1ea 23-Sep-2009 Sebastien Roy <Sebastien.Roy@Sun.COM> PSARC 2009/373 Clearview IP Tunneling
PSARC 2009/410 Datalink Administration from Non-Global Zones
6858533 Clearview IP Tunneling
4861777 *snoop* cannot snoop on tunnel interfaces
5010680 M_IOCTL interface between ip and tun is horribly wrong
5029727 tun prints bogus debug messages when receiving multicast packets on 6to4 tunnels
6835873 dlpi_walk() silently fails in an exclusive zone
4152864 must not allow two tunnels to have the same tsrc/tdst pair
6855902 link and flow kstats are too promiscuous
6218826 need to be able to tunnel into a zone
4505468 network interface names can confuse, lie, and deceive
4524756 tun_wproc() takes up too much stack
6417373 tun_wproc_mdata assertion failures
4627970 scalability problems with IP in IP tunnels
4674797 ifparse_ifspec() will not correctly parse ipv6 tunnels
6509231 dladm should show links in exclusive stack zone
4793233 tun driver should include addr in DL_PHYS_ADDR_ACK for non-zero lengths
6795831 ZONE_*_DATALINK syscalls should take datalink_id_t as argument
6791472 mac module doesn't allow MAC addresses < 6 bytes
6618091 Race condition trips ASSERT() in tun.c's SIOCSLIFNAME path
6837580 bogus mi_active check in mac_set_mtu()
6868083 libinetutil: ofmt_open()'s template argument should be const
6870313 libdladm: needless dladm_init_linkprop() in i_dladm_aggr_up()
6872221 panic in dls_devnet_close() if "mtu" property is being set
4289774 Change to the interface-id does not change IPv6 link-local address
6873561 unable to create links with 31 character link names
6874666 changing a link property can accidentally destroy it
6874682 removing a link attribute corrupts the attribute list
6875167 IPCL_ISV6 conn flag is set but never used
6881764 itp reference leak in ipsec_construct_inverse_acquire()
6881951 dladm delete-vlan can no longer delete persistent-only VLANs

rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/tun.h => usr/src/uts/common/inet/iptun.h
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/ip/tun.c => usr/src/uts/common/inet/iptun/iptun.c
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/tun/Makefile => usr/src/uts/intel/iptun/Makefile
rename : usr/src/uts/sparc/tun/Makefile => usr/src/uts/sparc/iptun/Makefile
7571834a00b531553fc9b0932919435a63dbbda7 07-Jul-2009 Thirumalai Srinivasan <Thirumalai.Srinivasan@Sun.COM> 6836478 panic - ipsq_enter(ill, B_FALSE, CUR_OP) == B_TRUE, file: ../../common/inet/ip/ip_if.c, line: 3301
6855949 ill_perim_enter/exit are unreferenced and may be removed
efe28d82661ce6701204798fb838fd29c6348931 16-Jun-2009 Rajagopal Kunhappan <Rajagopal.Kunhappan@Sun.COM> 6839845 ixgbe TX causes huge out of order packets on RX side
806139abbe2e53cac68a168789acc133f2d417bd 28-May-2009 Girish Moodalbail <Girish.Moodalbail@Sun.COM> PSARC/2009/304 IP PROMISC Flag
1163956 ifconfig does not report promiscuous state of underlying link
5f9878b0212a5bc5924a85d227160bf7f43712f1 23-May-2009 ken Powell - Sun Microsystem <Ken.Powell@Sun.COM> 6304623 Initiator checks against wrong label for Mac-exempt read-down exchanges
6400008 Binding to UDP MLP without privilege ruturning incorrect errno
6409753 tx sctp connect() returns different errno value from tcp
6410308 tx mlp server fails to accept sctp connections from unlabeled nodes
6468843 TX ipv4 ICMP messages not generated with appropriate labels
6685898 TX: server side sends incorrect cred when MLP is in use
6810083 TX: MAC-Exempt socket received packets sent to another zone's address
6810303 spurious ASSERT(msg_getcred(phdr_mp, NULL) == NULL) in ipsecah
6818663 TX: netstat -aR displays INVALID label
ee07f6e76390e460e7a3065fe91b5ca23a0fe6a8 19-May-2009 Sowmini Varadhan <Sowmini.Varadhan@Sun.COM> 6835200 IPv6 nce can be created in STALE state with bad link-layer info
6809387 BAD TRAP type=e in module "ip" due to NULL pointer under ipv6
6243060 SIOCSLIFNAME might be too liberal in the flags it allows to be modified
a988fde5d885d3c96b92999f2de6395620472649 08-May-2009 Erik Nordmark <Erik.Nordmark@Sun.COM> 6809637 IPv6 logo testing issue when Packet Too Big message received
3efde6d032b3bcd6957e912c3f2a59253f28a9dc 08-May-2009 Sowmini Varadhan <Sowmini.Varadhan@Sun.COM> 6834698 IPv6 point-to-point ipifs can no longer share source addresses
6834157 libdladm leaks memory in dladm_get_single_mac_stat()
9294ad19ef6f3441b67cd3c05a5f95a4eae29902 06-Apr-2009 Sowmini Varadhan <Sowmini.Varadhan@Sun.COM> 6782947 IRE_BROADCAST IREs can hook up with non-NCE_F_BCAST NCEs
6798033 bogus ASSERT in ip_wput_nondata()
6825641 Adding a duplicate IPv6 address will trash the existing active one as well.
d5b6ed4b2ef09ba3e41de5d786a1836943a63613 18-Mar-2009 Vasumathi Sundaram - Sun Microsystems <Vasumathi.Sundaram@Sun.COM> 4616660 status reports should not be exported by way of ndd
6796360 tcp_hsp_lookup* code is orphaned after 6737341
5d460eafffba936e81c4dd5ebe0f59b238f09121 18-Mar-2009 Cathy Zhou <Cathy.Zhou@Sun.COM> PSARC/2008/242 Data Fast-Path for Softmac
6649224 fast-path needed to improve legacy network interface performance after UV
6649898 the smac_lock and smac_mutex fields in softmac_t should be given a more descriptive name
6799767 DLD capability is not correctly updated if it is renegotiated
0854dd28e0f8d5a3246fc3c9f8f57d577ce0420f 02-Mar-2009 Philip Kirk <Phil.Kirk@Sun.COM> 6696124 Null mutex pointer crashing from ip_wput_ioctl()
ae6aa22afeb444ae208c287e7227a4a7c877f17a 17-Feb-2009 Venugopal Iyer <Venu.Iyer@Sun.COM> PSARC/2009/099 dladm show-usage modifications
6726676 flow should not be seen by flowadm show-usage after the flow been removed by flowadm remove-flow
6766669 "dladm show-vnic -o" can't accept MACADDRESS
6773854 Per Tx ring flow control for UDP
6777547 mac_tx() should compute the hash if the passed hint is zero
6778557 nxge m_tx() should fanout to multiple rings for vnet scalability
6779356 sometimes packets are not classified to the correct flow
6783011 pre-existing subflows not initialized on a non-dls client when brought up
6786734 acctadm dladm_start_usagelog() calls need some work
6789760 mac perimeter deadlock due to dls_devnet_stat_update()
6789883 dladm show-link -s is adrift again.
6791099 mac_tx() frees the message but returns non-NULL cookie which causes panic
6791109 maxbw set on a link should not apply if this link is the underlying port of an aggregation
6791118 panic in mac_bcast_delete() unplumbing an IP interface
6791456 deleting last vnic interface causes bge interface to stop working
6791678 xvm guests don't communicate through vnics configured on vlan
6792164 race between mac_tx_is_flow_blocked() and mac_srs_group_teardown() could cause panic
6792546 paniced in bge_ring_tx()/freemsg() due to mp->b_next == NULL && mp->b_prev == NULL
6792555 paniced in mac_flow_walk_nolock() due to assertion failed: cnt == ft->ft_flow_count
6792871 multiple VLANs per MAC client cause hang in mac_flow_wait()
6792942 60% regression for Guest-to-Guest network throughput on snv106
6793278 the multicast addresses are not added to the aggregation port in certain scenarios
6793436 panic in mac_fini_macaddr() on mac_register() failure
6796850 SUNWcnetr postinstall script spews errors due to bad interface matching
6803378 need support for dls_bypass and rx fanout on non-ethernet media
de8c4a14ec9a49bad5e62b2cfa6c1ba21de1c708 12-Feb-2009 Erik Nordmark <Erik.Nordmark@Sun.COM> PSARC 2007/670 db_credp update
6619593 Simplify and strengthen db_credp handling
6619596 Add getpeerucred() support to SCTP SOCK_STREAM
e11c3f44f531fdff80941ce57c065d2ae861cefc 07-Jan-2009 meem <Peter.Memishian@Sun.COM> PSARC/2007/272 Project Clearview: IPMP Rearchitecture
PSARC/2008/773 IPQoS if_groupname Selector Removal
PSARC/2009/001 Move in.mpathd into /lib/inet
6783149 Clearview IPMP Rearchitecture
4472956 libipmp should provide administrative interfaces
4494577 ipmp is opaque - there's no way to get current status
4509788 IPMP's usage of interface flags is not backward compatible
4509869 IPMP's address move mechanism needs to be transparent to applications
4531232 "in.rdiscd: sendto: Bad file number" seen during IPMP DR
4533876 new instances of interfaces under ipmp are generated with each dr/op
4699003 in.mpathd should squawk if interfaces in a group have the same hwaddr
4704937 SUNW_ip_rcm.so is sloppy with strings
4713308 IPMP shouldn't failover unconfigured logical interfaces
4785694 non-homogeneous IPMP group does not do failback
4850407 if_mpadm and IPMP DR failure
5015757 ip can panic with ASSERT(attach_ill == ipif->ipif_ill) failure
5086201 in.ndpd's phyint_reach_random() spews "SIOCSLIFLNKINFO Invalid argument"
6184000 routes cannot be created on failed interfaces
6246564 if_mpadm -r <ifname> doesn't bring up IPv6 link-local data address
6359058 SIOCLIFFAILBACK repeatedly fails with EAGAIN; in.mpathd fills logs
6359536 enabling STANDBY on an interface with no test address acts oddly
6378487 in.dhcpd doesn't work well in an IPMP setup
6462335 cannot offline to IPMP interfaces that have no probe targets
6516992 in.routed spews "Address already in use" during IPMP address move
6518460 ip_rcm`update_pif() must remain calm when logical interfaces disappear
6549957 failed IP interfaces at boot may go unreported
6591186 rpcbind can't deal with indirect calls if all addresses are deprecated
6667143 NCE_F_UNSOL_ADV broken
6698480 IGMP version not retained during IPMP failover
6726235 IPMP group failure can sometimes lead to an extra failover
6726645 in.routed skips DEPRECATED addresses even when no others exist
6738310 ip_ndp_recover() checks IPIF_CONDEMNED on the wrong ipif flags field
6739454 system panics at sdpib`sdp_rts_announce
6739531 IPv6 DAD doesn't work well with IPMP
6740719 in.mpathd may fail to switch to router target mode
6743260 ipif_resolver_up() can fail and leave ARP bringup pending
6746613 ip's DL_NOTE_SDU_SIZE logic mishandles ill_max_frag < ill_max_mtu
6748145 in.ndpd's IPv6 link-local hardware address mappings can go stale
6753560 ilg_delete_all() can race with ill_delete_tail() when ilg_ill changes
6755987 stillborn IFF_POINTOPOINT in.mpathd logic should be hauled out
6775126 SUBDIRS ipsecutils element does not in order be
6775811 NCEs can get stuck in ND_INCOMPLETE if ARP fails when IPMP is in-use
6777496 receive-side ILL_HCKSUM_CAPABLE checks look at the wrong ill
6781488 IPSQ timer restart logic can deadlock under stress
6781883 ip_ndp_find_solicitation() can be passed adverts, and has API issues
6784852 RPCIB, SDP, and RDS all break when vanity naming is used
6786048 IPv6 ND probes create IREs with incorrect source addresses
6786091 I_PLINK handling in IP must not request reentry via ipsq_try_enter()
6786711 IPQoS if_groupname selector needs to go
6787091 assertion failure in ipcl_conn_cleanup() due to non-NULL conn_ilg
6789235 INADDR_ANY ILMs can trigger an assertion failure in IPMP environments
6789502 ipif_resolver_up() calls after ipif_ndp_up() clobber ipif_addr_ready
6789718 ip6.tun0 cannot be plumbed in a non-global-zone post-6745288
6789732 libdlpi may get stuck in i_dlpi_strgetmsg()
6789870 ipif6_dup_recovery() may operate on a freed ipif, corrupting memory
6789874 ipnet_nicevent_cb() may call taskq_dispatch() on a bogus taskq
6790310 in.mpathd may core with "phyint_inst_timer: invalid state 4"

rename : usr/src/lib/libinetutil/common/inetutil4.c => usr/src/lib/libinetutil/common/inetutil.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/vni/vni.c => usr/src/uts/common/inet/dlpistub/dlpistub.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/vni/vni.conf => usr/src/uts/common/inet/dlpistub/dlpistub.conf
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/vni/vni_impl.h => usr/src/uts/common/inet/dlpistub/dlpistub_impl.h
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/vni/Makefile => usr/src/uts/intel/dlpistub/Makefile
rename : usr/src/uts/sparc/vni/Makefile => usr/src/uts/sparc/dlpistub/Makefile
0f1702c5201310f0529cd5abb77652e5e9b241b6 01-Jan-1970 Yu Xiangning<Eric.Yu@Sun.COM> PSARC 2007/587 Volo -- Low Latency Socket Framework
PSARC 2008/694 Volo Interfaces Amendment
6765829 Integration of project Volo PSARC/2007/587
6644935 mblk cred_t reference counting limits scalability
6693633 TCP receive does not scale because of heavy refcounting of cred structures
4764841 connect/accept is slow on Solaris when compared to Linux
5105708 socket creation retains hold on accessvp
4764836 setsockopt is slow on Solaris when compared to Linux
4772191 socket close(2) is slow on Solaris when compared to Linux

rename : usr/src/uts/common/fs/sockfs/socksctp.c => usr/src/uts/common/inet/sockmods/socksctp.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/fs/sockfs/socksctp.h => usr/src/uts/common/inet/sockmods/socksctp.h
rename : usr/src/uts/common/fs/sockfs/socksctpsubr.c => usr/src/uts/common/inet/sockmods/socksctpsubr.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/fs/sockfs/socksdp.c => usr/src/uts/common/inet/sockmods/socksdp.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/fs/sockfs/socksdp.h => usr/src/uts/common/inet/sockmods/socksdp.h
da14cebe459d3275048785f25bd869cb09b5307f 05-Dec-2008 Eric Cheng <none@none> PSARC/2006/357 Crossbow - Network Virtualization and Resource Management
6498311 Crossbow - Network Virtualization and Resource Management
6402493 DLPI provider loopback behavior should be improved
6453165 move mac capabs definitions outside mac.h
6338667 Need ability to use NAT for non-global zones
6692884 several threads hung due to deadlock scenario between aggr and mac
6768302 dls: soft_ring_bind/unbind race can panic in thread_affinity_set with cpu_id == -1
6635849 race between lacp_xmit_sm() and aggr_m_stop() ends in panic
6742712 potential message double free in the aggr driver
6754299 a potential race between aggr_m_tx() and aggr_port_delete()
6485324 mi_data_lock recursively held when enabling promiscuous mode on an aggregation
6442559 Forwarding perf bottleneck due to mac_rx() calls
6505462 assertion failure after removing a port from a snooped aggregation
6716664 need to add src/dst IP address to soft ring fanout

rename : usr/src/uts/common/io/dls/dls_soft_ring.c => usr/src/uts/common/io/mac/mac_soft_ring.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/ip/ip_cksum.c => usr/src/uts/common/os/ip_cksum.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/sctp_crc32.c => usr/src/uts/common/os/sctp_crc32.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/sys/dls_soft_ring.h => usr/src/uts/common/sys/mac_soft_ring.h
16c9d76c0fe23b8385f1947135527b5e8bd78ddc 13-Nov-2008 Kacheong Poon <Kacheong.Poon@Sun.COM> 6738234 Path MTU discovery forgery CVE-2001-0323
b127ac411761a3d8d642d9342d9cac2785e1faaa 06-Nov-2008 Philip Kirk <Phil.Kirk@Sun.COM> PSARC/2006/475 Clearview: IP Observability Devices
4085089 add a feature to enable 'snooping' of the loopback traffic
6753688 ip netinfo has no need for separate create and dispatch functions
6755448 ifconfig wedged in SIOCLIFREMOVEIF
6756483 incorrect ASSERT() in ip_delmulti[_v6]()
5092073 RFE: allow snoop to filter on zonename or zoneid
6606991 panic assertion failure !ill->ill_join_allmulti for multicast router
6760922 devname doesn't handle stale dev_t's in sdev_node cache entries
5b17e9bd2e8746f9025fdb928568a44b58c45dbf 20-Oct-2008 Jon Anderson <Jonathan.Anderson@Sun.COM> 6720748 Surya resolver path can fail to update the IRE when IPMP is configured
1bf5e2ae883107708d4e1651562a348519be0e6a 11-Sep-2008 Sowmini Varadhan <Sowmini.Varadhan@Sun.COM> 6742822 ip_stack_t tracked by ire_t.ire_ipst may vaporize while off in ARP
7ddc9b1afd18f260b9fb78ec7732facd91769131 08-Sep-2008 Darren Reed <Darren.Reed@Sun.COM> PSARC/2008/219 Committed API for packet interception
PSARC/2008/335 Corrections for Committed API for packet interception
PSARC/2008/557 Revision to net instance notification API
4844507 Solaris needs stable interface for packet filtering software
6705155 ipf_stack_init() assumes kmem_alloc with KM_NOSLEEP never fails
7924222f13072ba4ba2f44822d8196abd12d2c55 30-Jul-2008 meem <none@none> 6726944 ire_walk_ill() should be made useful
6730214 SIOCSLIFFLAGS ~IFF_UP can silently fail to bring the address down
6730218 assorted typos and formatting errors in ip_if.c and <inet/ip.h>
6730221 ire_send() mishandles IRE_MARK_NOADD IREs
4a179720b93e6200ddafd0f29ceabf9c78eff756 09-Jul-2008 danmcd <none@none> 6719641 RFC 3947 section 7 (port-reassignment) on paired-ESP and IKE SAs on the non-NAT side.
10e6dadfe63181edabc58c8f42e3c56a1cd9ec95 14-Jun-2008 brendan <none@none> PSARC 2008/302 DTrace IP Provider
6640019 DTrace IP Provider
6655707 sdt arguments are off-by-one past the 5th
6667364 /usr/demo/dtrace/index.html: URLs to dtrace guide chapters wrong

rename : usr/src/lib/libdtrace/common/net.d => deleted_files/usr/src/lib/libdtrace/common/net.d
0a5d959f9c1912b74a08b175147e350039f161f9 30-May-2008 georges <none@none> 6637163 ip_rput_fragment[_v6]() spuriously prunes valid frags due to unbounded inaccuracy of ill_frag_count
9c3e527f75ba61da54edb0d2417f87f78edbe80f 30-May-2008 meem <none@none> 6651864 asynchronous DLPI processing can induce panic in ill_move_to_new_ipsq()
384ad179a73e2adba7d6ad8fefb5e4fc28b8a6c7 08-Apr-2008 sowmini <none@none> 6684689 ilg_add can add a dysfunctional multicast entry leading to potential ifconfig hangs.
6685199 rename {ipif, ill}_cnt_<foo> to {ipif, ill}_<foo>_cnt
968d2fd13688fcd3afa3a4a2106ab4a9a49821f1 21-Mar-2008 sowmini <none@none> 6595874 SIOCLIFREMOVEIF on an IPv4 ill can lead to ILMs referencing freed ipifs
d62bc4badc1c1f1549c961cfb8b420e650e1272b 24-Jan-2008 yz147064 <none@none> PSARC/2006/499 Clearview Nemo unification and vanity naming
PSARC/2007/527 Addendum for Clearview Vanity Naming and Nemo Unification
PSARC/2008/002 Clearview UV Updates
6310766 vlan statistics get reset at unplumb time
6320515 dladm commands with "-R" option should not take effect immediately
6433732 Simplify the GLDv3 control path by making its processing asynchronous
6445912 dladm show-link fails to show a specific link in the debug version
6452413 dladm show-link doesn't show VLAN links for GLDv2 drivers
6504433 libwladm's use of wladm_wlresult2status() needs an overhaul
6504507 dladm set-linkprop failure message is unclear
6534289 DR should work with aggregations
6535719 dladm_aggr_port_attr_db_t`lp_devname should be MAXNAMELEN, not MAXNAMELEN + 1
6539634 GLDv3 should DL_ERROR_ACK a DL_UDQOS_REQ with DL_OUTSTATE when the stream is DL_UNATTACHED
6540246 libdladm should not guess zoneid from DLDIOCZIDGET ioctl errno
6544195 dladm show-dev assumes GLDv3 stats.. incompatible with GLDv2
6563295 dladm show-linkprop -P does not work properly for unavailable links
6577618 integrate network vanity naming and nemo unification
6600446 links assigned to a local zone are still aggregatable by global zone
6607572 "boot net - install" can trigger assertion failure in dld_str_attach()
6613956 "svccfg import -" does not work as bfu expects
6637596 invalid assertion in ip_soft_ring_assignment()
6642350 kernel DLPI processing routines are long overdue
6643338 GLDv3 PPA hack VLAN ID checks don't always work
6647203 bfu: smf_delete_manifest() does not work for non-global zones
6649885 DL_IB GLDv3 mactype plugin must fill in its mtr_nativetype
6650395 libuuid should be lint-clean and linted nightly

rename : usr/src/cmd/dladm/aggregation.conf => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/dladm/aggregation.conf
rename : usr/src/cmd/dladm/linkprop.conf => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/dladm/linkprop.conf
rename : usr/src/lib/libinetcfg/common/inetcfg_nic.c => deleted_files/usr/src/lib/libinetcfg/common/inetcfg_nic.c
rename : usr/src/lib/libinetcfg/common/inetcfg_nic.h => deleted_files/usr/src/lib/libinetcfg/common/inetcfg_nic.h
1b47e080b07ee427f2239a6564769802c9e5ac99 21-Jan-2008 dr146992 <none@none> PSARC/2007/666 Broadcast/multicast packet notification through pfhooks
6633786 ipfilter with no mbcast not working as expected
6645812 GLD packets are not flagged correctly as multicast/broadcast
aa92d85b088543197e9fb4594eb30d5215fca2c1 11-Jan-2008 gt145670 <none@none> 6507173 Sockets should allocate minor numbers from higher order arena
b043aa6f8fc8283fd7aceec67731256bf626a756 14-Dec-2007 georges <none@none> 6576930 Solaris 10 allows SCTP header only with CRC32 checksums and not ADLER32.
2a9459bdd821c1cf59590a7a9069ac9c591e8a6b 03-Dec-2007 sangeeta <none@none> PSARC 2007/631 Class E IP Address Configuration
6605607 Remove Class-E checks from kernel
6613928 ip_fast_forward should make direct call to GLD instead of putnext
ae43f94f532f9bb12ac36b64580b6fe707d1129f 02-Nov-2007 nordmark <none@none> 6621205 SO_TIMESTAMP missing for IPv6
6621662 IPsec + IPv6 + SCTP causes panic/assertion failure
6621665 IP Instances removed console printing when ndd -set /dev/ip ip_debug 1
e704a8f24a369484ba8f4a1cf49d4db00dd91166 30-Oct-2007 meem <none@none> PSARC/2007/565 IP_XMIT_IF removal and IP_BOUND_IF rationalization
PSARC/2007/571 IP_DHCPINIT_IF socket option
4354207 dhcpagent should use sockets rather than DLPI
6533610 IP_XMIT_IF should fade from in.routed's view
6607674 DHCP client's "checkaddr" warnings have output reversed
6607676 DHCP client misreports dhcp_bound_complete as configure_bound
6609845 torch IP_XMIT_IF and complete IP_BOUND_IF
6609852 need a way to receive IP unicast DHCP traffic before lease acquisition
6609868 IP should create broadcast IREs when bringing up
6616106 IP_UNSPEC_SRC sockets should skip calls to ipif_select_source()

rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/dlpi_io.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/dlpi_io.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/dlpi_io.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/dlpi_io.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/inc.flg => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/inc.flg
fc80c0dfb0c877aee828d778ea32b77fcf7b1ef4 12-Oct-2007 nordmark <none@none> 6595449 IP streams plumbing simpification
6604040 ASSERT fp->timer_mp == 0L panic in sctp_common.c, line: 1876
6606989 panic in ip_rput_forward for multicast router
6606990 assertion failed: th_trace->th_refcnt == 0
6608966 Backport to onnv: 6440004 Get rid of UDP's perimeter mechanism in favor of locks.
8fb46f24ed86d0ae5ccc637fbf72d4958adc7ee5 21-Sep-2007 yz147064 <none@none> 6602811 GLDv3 MAC has references to an ill after the ill is long gone
6a8288c722a74d7a3058a4605849927f2ed7759c 11-Sep-2007 carlsonj <none@none> 6203568 accumulating number of threads behind rw_lock in ire_walk_ill_tables IRB_REFRELE
6591083 IP instances sis_check added stray entries to sparc ip module makefile
437220cd296f6d8b6654d6d52508b40b1e2d1ac7 04-Sep-2007 danmcd <none@none> PSARC 2007/449 Detangle IPsec NAT Traversal
6481450 nattymod calls putnext() on a freed queue.
6558864 remove nattymod
6558870 Implement SA last-used time and idle actions
6582318 "mandatory" is spelled wrong in pfiles
6584011 save_assoc() gets confused w.r.t. "proto".
6588015 Missing "encap udp" must be better diagnosed by ipseckey(1M).
6595368 Need "ipsec-nat-t" in /etc/services
6595877 ipseckey(1M) can produce output it can't read back in (line-too-big)

rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/ip/nattymod.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/ip/nattymod.c
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/nattymod/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/intel/nattymod/Makefile
rename : usr/src/uts/sparc/nattymod/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/sparc/nattymod/Makefile
98e93c293033f1b35b7d58ec09c56fbf35f99a12 31-Aug-2007 meem <none@none> 6375443 dead declarations in <inet/ip*.h>
6587730 MATCH_IRE_WQ logic has no consumers
6592926 NCE_F_PROXY handling is a dead-end
6592983 IP ioctl argument extraction logic can be simplified
6592998 SIOC*MSFILTER ioctls can induce panic
6594323 ipif_get_name() could be simpler and used more widely
6595071 ipif_ndp_up()'s second argument is needless
6597721 {O_,}SIOCGLIFCONF have bogus ipi_cmd_type values
6599009 bogus conn_ref assertion in ip_open()
655a42e22624c50f77262b08018c0da069b024c1 30-Aug-2007 nordmark <none@none> PSARC/2007/250 CGTP for IP Instances
6572777 Need CGTP hooks version 3 to allow per-IP instance hooks
5c0b7edee9bd9fad49038456b16972ff28fa4187 07-Aug-2007 seb <none@none> PSARC 2007/311 EOF of Mobile IP
6479886 mipagent and related kernel interfaces should be removed
6511070 mobile IP code in onnv is in dubious state.
6574880 route is missing the FIXEDMTU, VIRTUAL, and DUPLICATE interface flags

rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/common/mipagentstat_door.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/common/mipagentstat_door.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/init.d/mipagent => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/init.d/mipagent
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf-sample => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf-sample
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf.fa-sample => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf.fa-sample
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf.ha-sample => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf.ha-sample
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/THIRDPARTYLICENSE => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/THIRDPARTYLICENSE
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/THIRDPARTYLICENSE.descrip => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/THIRDPARTYLICENSE.descrip
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/aaa.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/aaa.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/aaa.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/aaa.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agent.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agent.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agent.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agent.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentID.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentID.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentInit.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentInit.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentKernelIntfce.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentKernelIntfce.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentKernelIntfce.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentKernelIntfce.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentNet.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentNet.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentPeriodic.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentPeriodic.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentSaveState.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentSaveState.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/auth.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/auth.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/auth.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/auth.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/fakeDiameter.pl => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/fakeDiameter.pl
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/hash.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/hash.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/hash.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/hash.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/inc.flg => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/inc.flg
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mip.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mip.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagent.acl => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagent.acl
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagent.reg => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagent.reg
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagentstat_server.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagentstat_server.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/pool.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/pool.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/pool.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/pool.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/setup.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/setup.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/setup.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/setup.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_appl.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_appl.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_faCOAEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_faCOAEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_faVisitorEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_faVisitorEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_haCounterEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_haCounterEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_haMobilityBindingEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_haMobilityBindingEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_maAdvConfigEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_maAdvConfigEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_mipSecAssocEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_mipSecAssocEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_mipSecViolationEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_mipSecViolationEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_stub.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_stub.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_stub.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_stub.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_trap.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_trap.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_tree.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_tree.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/thq.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/thq.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/thq.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/thq.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/utils.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/utils.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/addr.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/addr.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/addr.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/addr.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/advertisements.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/advertisements.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/advertisements.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/advertisements.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/general.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/general.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/general.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/general.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/gsp.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/gsp.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/gsp.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/gsp.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/inc.flg => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/inc.flg
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/mipagentconfig.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/mipagentconfig.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/mipagentconfig.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/mipagentconfig.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/pool.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/pool.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/pool.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/pool.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/spi.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/spi.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/spi.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/spi.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/utils.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/utils.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/utils.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/utils.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/inc.flg => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/inc.flg
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/main.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/main.c
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/Makefile
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/depend => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/depend
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/pkginfo.tmpl => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/pkginfo.tmpl
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_com => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_com
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_i386 => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_i386
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_sparc => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_sparc
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/Makefile
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/depend => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/depend
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/pkginfo.tmpl => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/pkginfo.tmpl
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_com => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_com
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_i386 => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_i386
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_sparc => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_sparc
8dc47d9fe24422865d33012b2ca474257537f764 02-Aug-2007 udpa <none@none> 6482459 Add options to set IGMP and MLD version to be used on Join requests
6546036 igmp and mld membership reports takes longer than Max Response Time
e6ed03fcc10da912de5cab6b25f8bf3a8c5f14d9 31-Jul-2007 meem <none@none> 6549950 in.mpathd's run_timeouts() logic introduces perceived probe jitter
6574889 in.mpathd's test address error reporting is still shoddy
6579029 ip_sioctl_plink() is confusing and repetitious
6579058 if_mpadm exposes a mistake in in.mpathd's state machine
6579717 ire_check_and_create_bcast() code should be moved out of ipif_up_done()
6580707 ipif_check_bcast_ires() needs to be refactored
6585953 ilm_lookup_ill_withsrc() and ilm_lookup_ill_withsrc_v6() are adrift
6586095 ipif_solmcast_up is unused
6586102 IP's all-hosts multicast code is asymmetric and not working as designed
54da87551d31470e88e39052db26c879b30bf2f8 24-Jul-2007 sowmini <none@none> 6528421 nce_res_mp is schizophrenic
48de1bd24caf1a4f9ff4414ba002d33c55cf37e2 13-Jun-2007 kcpoon <none@none> 6553992 default multicast route setup needs to work better
8df01f7616e4cc4b4c813f2ae0169d87ff185fa2 30-May-2007 meem <none@none> 4936761 setting <if>:ip_forwarding to current value returns EINVAL
4956997 DL_{EN,DIS}ABMULTI_REQ handling in IP is out-of-order
6508703 ill_dl_up() harboring a bogus comment
6515838 qwriter_ip() callers combat real and perceived interface issues
6515845 ill_set_phys_addr_tail() assumes non-zero error is EINPROGRESS
6515847 ipsq_clean_ring() and ipsq_clean_all() are misnamed
6515851 ipif_remove() would be useful
6515853 ill_forward_set() signature is needlessly awkward
6515857 qwriter_ip() callers often specify CUR_OP when NEW_OP is meant
6516276 DL_IOC_HDR_INFO and [O]SIOCGTUNPARAM have bogus calls to qwriter_ip()
6516277 IP's DLPI message handling facility has holes
6520830 <net/if.h> IFF_MULTICAST comment is a long way from home
6522958 IP's DL_DETACH_REQ handling is broken and pointless
6522960 IP's M_FLUSH handling is damaged
6524284 ill_ipif_up_count and ipif_next synchronization comments are wrong
0163a147d74303affc37860e487c4fbf1cc7c826 10-May-2007 jprakash <none@none> 6507501 system panic in tcp_clean_death because connp has ref = 1 in CONN_DEC_REF
b9c344b337ccebc3d3a357178159b2d54338fd87 23-Apr-2007 sowmini <none@none> 6521408 ip_rput_process_forward() declared twice in ip.c
6545032 race in NCE creation can render off-link hosts unreachable
67c1caee8f1e9738d11e0824aa6f3645fbc57690 16-Apr-2007 nordmark <none@none> PSARC 2007/198 IP Filter ipmp_hook_emulation
6535824 pfhooks and patch for IPMP+IP FIlter doesn't work together
12dfe4f00f0fc1d7ad097095c5ae9f6a57807b70 12-Mar-2007 ja97890 <none@none> 6459412 ip_strict_dst_multihoming does not handle multiple i/f with the same ip address
325b8068f9cb22621f886d0f8bb082dfef74100e 06-Feb-2007 georges <none@none> 6439774 conn_t reference counting problem, race between tcp_conn_request() and tcp_closei_local
f4b3ec61df05330d25f55a36b975b4d7519fdeb1 20-Jan-2007 dh155122 <none@none> PSARC 2006/366 IP Instances
6289221 RFE: Need virtualized ip-stack for each local zone
6512601 panic in ipsec_in_tag - allocation failure
6514637 error message from dhcpagent: add_pkt_opt: option type 60 is missing required value
6364643 RFE: allow persistent setting of interface flags per zone
6307539 RFE: Invalid network address causes zone boot failure
5041214 Allow IPMP configuration with zones
5005887 RFE: zoneadmd should support plumbing an interface via DHCP
4991139 RFE: zones should provide a mechanism to configure a defaultrouter for a zone
6218378 zoneadmd doesn't set the netmask for non-loopback addresses hosted on lo0
4963280 zones: need to virtualize the IPv6 default address selection mechanism
4963285 zones: need support of stateless address autoconfiguration for IPv6
5048068 zones don't boot if one of its interfaces has failed
5057154 RFE: ability to change interface status from within a zone
4963287 zones should support the plumbing of the first (and only) logical interface
4978517 TCP privileged port space should be partitioned per zone
5023347 zones don't work well with network routes other than default
4963372 investigate whether global zone can act as a router for local zones
6378364 RFE: Allow each zone to have its own virtual IPFilter
516bda921188ac42ecd8efd54cda7645912f2e09 16-Jan-2007 sowmini <none@none> 6505896 ip's handling of DL_NOTE_FASTPATH_FLUSH no longer works
b051ecf6ce2f5fb47d73df411b0b95fa2b53ab9f 28-Dec-2006 meem <none@none> 6491652 MBLK_GETLABEL() doesn't belong in <sys/strsun.h>
6495541 stale IRE/ARP cache entries can remain after DL_NOTE_PHYS_ADDR
6499894 IPSQ framework should allow quiescing via ip_rput()
6499904 ip_rput_dlpi_writer() may panic under low memory
6503948 ill_dl_up() harboring bogus code
19a30e1a97f4e0daa6c20932a1331c3e7becb6e2 22-Dec-2006 rshoaib <none@none> PSARC 2006/466 IP_PKTINFO Socket Option
4773220 Provide API to set source address of UDP/IPv4 datagrams
3173664e967186de0a5f0e61548c25996fa6d37f 20-Dec-2006 apersson <none@none> PSARC 2006/314 Updated MIBs
6501024 Add support for new IP/TCP/UDP MIBs
e71762350b6d2f119e1206a5e15f15aafa47fc95 13-Dec-2006 yz147064 <none@none> 6400119 ifconfig unplumb hangs in certain scenarios
8347601bcb0a439f6e50fc36b4039a73d08700e1 14-Nov-2006 yl150051 <none@none> PSARC/2006/190 Large Send Offload (LSO)
6390838 XGE need to support adaptive TX by switching COPY/DMA according to MBLKL(mp)
6394197 Solaris need to support LSO (Large Send Offload)
6466394 Minor logic error in tcp_send_data()
6467558 Need to integrate HAL 2.0.6765 to improve rx performance
866ba9dd840c7f527cf2c93eed0711d83da2c554 13-Nov-2006 jprakash <none@none> 6265494 assertion failed: sqp != NULL, file: ../../common/inet/squeue.c, line: 715
6266870 assertion failed: cr != NULL, file: ../../common/os/strsubr.c, line: 8437
6266950 tcp_closemp reuse causes assertion failure in squeue code
6379249 SDT probes in CONN_INC_REF and CONN_DEC_REF should be where conn_lock is held
6402737 IP spends too much time identifying bad remote host when under SYN attack
6404207 tcp_clean_death() gets called twice for an eager
6408242 access to freed tcp_t in tcp_close()
6412077 missing CONN_DEC_REF in tcp_conn_request()
6415132 conn_recv should be set before insering a conn_t in a hash table
6448747 A tcp connection can be queued again for tcp TIMEWAIT processing
8810c16b934a2ad4f27aa86f95b0e8cec1c6ea46 03-Nov-2006 danmcd <none@none> PSARC 2005/516 IPsec Tunnel Reform
4882852 tunnels vs. inverse acquire.
4970365 Support of ESP tunnel mode within Solaris
5027528 in.iked should be more intelligent about tunnel addresses
6180161 need to support multiple tunnels to a single nat
6208976 ipsecconf error messages make me think there are monsters under the bed
6313012 Clean up from removal of ipsec_inbound_debug_tag()
6351840 assertion failed: (ipha->ipha_protocol != 6) && (ipha->ipha_protocol != 17), ip.c, line: 15351
6359831 multicast tunnels don't get their IPsec policy checked.
6369094 ipseckey shouldn't accept/save-out encryption algorithm even it's none/any
6374560 ipseckey debug functions should be moved to libipsecutil
6374596 dump utilities need to be able to understand inner tunnel addresses and netmasks
6402781 Five dead declarations in IPsec code
6405338 spdsock leaks policy head references
6437366 NAT-OA payloads not processed early enough.
6465594 ipsec_policy_delete() uses wrong ipsec_selkey_t structure.
6467596 spdsock_ext_to_actvec() needs to reset "act" upon every SPD_ATTR_NEXT.
6470725 PF_POLICY shouldn't accept '0' for an algorithm value.
6475903 Outbound DROP rules are not enforced
6480815 INVERSE_ACQUIRE failures leak in in.iked
6482403 Race in in.iked, early door call vs. rest of initialization code
6482653 Don't accept UDP-encapsulated ESP on non-NAT SAs.
6487857 Post-ACQUIRE, AH+ESP packets misinitalized ipha/ip6
e5c25f801a29e79066f6782fd89cecbd8ae13ad9 30-Oct-2006 sowmini <none@none> 6484106 ICMP redirects are not sent consistently
08ee25ae754a3b9ee3786f304f066ae14dc6e379 28-Oct-2006 dr146992 <none@none> 6343157 svcadm disable ipfilter does not flush the rules
6484763 PFHOOKS breaks post-ACQUIRE ESP processing
6485599 msgpullup/pullupmsg now implies either M_DATA or M_MULTIDATA
6485731 panic in fil.c trying to release ipf_mutex while not held
6485761 ipfilter kernel module always enables itself on load
6485781 mutex_enter: bad mutex in ipflog_read
6485943 MSG_FWCOOKED_* survived attempted genocide
6486513 too much of a good thing can be bad
6486575 use ipf -D twice will panic the system
6487360 physical_in hook inserted twice into ip_input() for onnv putback
6bdb8e6668c46f69f3d8d2987cbedf475ccdea3c 27-Oct-2006 dd193516 <none@none> 6435880 Solaris host does not handle redirect to Host case without TLLA.
381a2a9a387f449fab7d0c7e97c4184c26963abf 20-Oct-2006 dr146992 <none@none> PSARC/2005/334 Packet Filtering Hooks
PSARC/2006/321 ARP packet filtering Hooks
6401219 use of pullupmsg() considered destructive - clears h/w checksum flags
6418698 PSARC/2005/334 - Packet Filtering Hooks API
6449290 package prototype files in usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWipfr missing CDDL
6449292 package prototype files in usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWipfu missing CDDL
6449296 Makefiles for ipf kernel module building missing CDDL
6473996 "fastroute" + "nat" packets cause memory leaks in ipfilter

rename : usr/src/cmd/ipf/etc/pfil.ap.sh => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/ipf/etc/pfil.ap.sh
rename : usr/src/cmd/ipf/pfild/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/ipf/pfild/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/ipf/pfild/pfild.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/ipf/pfild/pfild.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/ipf/pfild/vas.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/ipf/pfild/vas.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/ipf/svc/pfil => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/ipf/svc/pfil
rename : usr/src/cmd/ipf/svc/pfil.xml => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/ipf/svc/pfil.xml
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/compat.h => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/compat.h
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/ndd.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/ndd.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/os.h => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/os.h
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfil.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfil.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfil.conf => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfil.conf
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfil.h => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfil.h
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfild.h => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfild.h
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfildrv.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfildrv.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfilstream.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pfilstream.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pkt.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/pkt.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/qif.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/qif.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/qif.h => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/qif.h
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/pfil/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/intel/pfil/Makefile
rename : usr/src/uts/sparc/pfil/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/sparc/pfil/Makefile
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/pfil/misc.c => usr/src/uts/common/inet/ipf/misc.c
4d876314150ff07a7d5163d5e2f78785c8efeacb 10-Oct-2006 ja97890 <none@none> 6472389 gldv3 drivers hang during ifconfig -a modlist after ifconfig down ifconfig up
605445d5657096e69d948ccb554c9ff024fa34df 19-Sep-2006 dg199075 <none@none> PSARC/2006/358 VLAN Observability Enhancement
4095699 snoop: add support for 802.1Q VLAN tagging
6292043 DL_PROMISC_SAP should see *all* traffic, not just untagged traffic on GLDv2 links
6306794 GLDv2 drivers incorrectly strip the VLAN tag in raw mode
6309233 GLDv3 drivers incorrectly process VLAN packets in raw mode
6375633 GLDv2 processes DL_PROMISC{ON,OFF}_REQ incorrectly
6425678 DL_PROMISC_SAP should make all VLAN traffic visible on physical GLDv3 links
6434082 Enhance snoop's VLAN filtering capability
6434130 i_dls_ether_header() doesn't generate VLAN header when priority is non-zero
6436003 QoS should be supported on non VLAN streams as well
6438679 GLDv3 doesn't respect QoS priorities in some cases
6442753 GLDv2/GLDv3 has several VLAN packet processing issues
6453746 Change definition of enprintf in pfmod.c
6457476 GLDv2 kstats are not MT-protected, could cause missing increment in some cases
6464397 mac_header_{cook,uncook}() failure can cause a message to be freed twice
5597b60aeb68a38553f85c035a2b400ba7a22a50 15-Sep-2006 nordmark <none@none> 4963362 routing socket is not zone-aware
6391685 Source interface selection is flawed when sending via default route within a zone.
6423486 Solaris should include an option to disable loopback traffic routing between non-global zones.
6426172 ICMP Destination unreachable from global zone instead non-global
6453678 TCP RST are routed as if they were sent by the global zone
6453732 zones routing check for "next hop reachable from zone" for default routes is flawed
69bb4bb45c98da60d21839c4dc3c01ea1be60585 14-Aug-2006 carlsonj <none@none> PSARC 2005/314 IP Duplicate Address Detection
PSARC 2006/017 Arp Single Entry Display
1248254 NDD doesn't have explicit range checking for ARP NDD variables.
1253974 Please make a "permanent contents" option for arp vs. static
4069191 ace_t::ace_query_count field is not used anywhere.
4157198 ARP cache inconsistency between arp and ip modules.
4396195 ar_rput: ar_cmd_dispatch not necessary for every packet?
4705220 No IPv6 DAD performed during boot
4728609 IPv4 Duplicate Address Detection (DAD) is broken
4971789 Need unsolicited neighbor advertisements when interface comes up
4978063 SO_DONTROUTE option causes ARP traffic for every frame.
4997903 /usr/sbin/arp accepts invalid modifier keywords
6266155 flag on the play: ndp gets its bits confused
6272993 in.ndpd could be free of lint
6273003 arp shouldn't export status via ndd
6360928 ipif_arp_down debug message wrongly expects DLPI
6363393 6281236 causes generation of bogus NS
6454158 need a temporary work-around for 6451644's IPv6 impact
6456379 need ffs(3C)-like function in modapi

rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/arp_check.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/arp_check.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/arp_check.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/arp_check.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/in.ndpd/dupl_addr.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/in.ndpd/dupl_addr.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/ifconfig/dupl_addr.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/ifconfig/dupl_addr.c
rename : usr/src/lib/libc/port/gen/ffs.c => deleted_files/usr/src/lib/libc/port/gen/ffs.c
rename : usr/src/lib/libinetcfg/common/inetcfg_dad.c => deleted_files/usr/src/lib/libinetcfg/common/inetcfg_dad.c
rename : usr/src/lib/libinetcfg/common/inetcfg_dad.h => deleted_files/usr/src/lib/libinetcfg/common/inetcfg_dad.h
c793af95640863cd29868fc7c419c5d2496b207b 11-Aug-2006 sangeeta <none@none> PSARC 2005/707 Surya: Forwarding Performance Enhancement
6385609 Solaris has poor V4 forwarding throughput

rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/ipf/radix.c => usr/src/common/net/patricia/radix.c
rename : deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/inet/ipf/radix.h => usr/src/uts/common/net/radix.h
77c67f2fb257d2c7dfa00389cd9cd7dd5f99a920 03-Apr-2006 kcpoon <none@none> 6361241 SCTP retransmission timeout handling is suboptimal
6401917 panic while opening sctp connection
45916cd2fec6e79bca5dee0421bd39e3c2910d1e 24-Mar-2006 jpk <none@none> PSARC/2002/762 Layered Trusted Solaris
PSARC/2005/060 TSNET: Trusted Networking with Security Labels
PSARC/2005/259 Layered Trusted Solaris Label Interfaces
PSARC/2005/573 Solaris Trusted Extensions for Printing
PSARC/2005/691 Trusted Extensions for Device Allocation
PSARC/2005/723 Solaris Trusted Extensions Filesystem Labeling
PSARC/2006/009 Labeled Auditing
PSARC/2006/155 Trusted Extensions RBAC Changes
PSARC/2006/191 is_system_labeled
6293271 Zone processes should use zone_kcred instead of kcred
6394554 integrate Solaris Trusted Extensions

rename : usr/src/cmd/dminfo/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/dminfo/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/dminfo/dminfo.c => usr/src/cmd/allocate/dminfo.c
a5e428f78d79327f2392b48ccc01dfb6b242f362 06-Mar-2006 krgopi <none@none> 6385420 soft_ring_affinity messages put out during system boot
6388273 plumb/unplumb on VLANs with soft rings enabled causes panic
5dddb8bae488ea9cca9f94c51a6cc9396c43dba2 06-Jan-2006 kcpoon <none@none> 6368812 extra backslashes in IP, SCTP macros
4b46d1ef625bf17cc3dd4b14b9ad807be97dc558 23-Dec-2005 krgopi <none@none> PSARC 2005/654 Nemo soft rings
6306717 For Nemo based drivers, IP can ask dls to do the fanout
43d18f1c320355e93c47399bea0b2e022fe06364 12-Dec-2005 priyanka <none@none> PSARC 2005/603 IP_NEXTHOP socket option
6264845 Need Policy Based Routing support in Solaris
3b20b29a9ef68876c1d688586798de7563e9b82b 17-Nov-2005 rk129064 <none@none> 6220619 IGMP messages are not sent out when interfaces fail over.
c28749e97052f09388969427adf7df641cdcdc22 13-Nov-2005 kais <none@none> PSARC/2005/625 Greyhound - Solaris Kernel SSL proxy
4931229 Kernel-level SSL proxy
ff550d0e264b51131fb34e9e83163b348d916640 23-Oct-2005 masputra <none@none> PSARC 2005/082 Yosemite: UDP Performance Enhancement
4796051 Solaris needs a more complete HW checksumming support
4905227 duplicate macros in ipclassifier.h and ip.h
4915681 need hardware checksum offload for the case of IP/UDP reassembly
6201076 outbound flow-control dysfunctional, ip to ce using mdt
6223331 ipv6 flow control may corrupt UDP packets
6223809 16-bit aligned IP header should be allowed for all x86 platforms
6275398 Galaxy hangs when running lmbench
6281836 Yosemite project integration into Solaris
6281885 xge needs to support IPv6 checksum offload
6282776 IPv6 NCE fast path is not created for incoming solicitation
6304890 IP transmit-side checksum logic needs to be tightened
6304902 IP6_IN_NOCKSUM is obsolete and should be torched
6304904 UDP should reject TI_GETPEERNAME for non-connected endpoint
6306768 IP and UDP device and module definitions need to be centralized
b3d0fa4f7717ac373b9196df301d5c59b25d0c64 12-Oct-2005 seb <none@none> 6201425 setting IPV6_UNICAST_HOPS on SCTP socket doesn't do anything
6201431 IPV6_UNICAST_HOPS steps on IPV6_MULTICAST_HOPS' toes
6290936 Solaris 10 IPv6 traceroute does not increment the Hop limit
6292943 IPV6_HOPLIMIT is not a socket option
6327929 CurHopLimit in IPv6 Router Advertisement shouldn't affect multicast packets
cd93090ec4fd8704271aee7cc8241a848bc78ffd 30-Aug-2005 ericheng <none@none> 6252036 dladm show-link outputs nothing for regular users
6260551 aggr_grp_detach_port() can be called without AGGR_LACP_LOCK_HELD
6270678 The aggregation was unavailable after using dladm modify-aggr change mac address to zero
6283674 potential race condition between dls_rx_set and i_dls_link_ether_rx
6293292 dladm show-dev deceives when passed unknown device names
6309909 dld_open must call qassociate(9F) to inform the framework it is DDI-compliant
6311907 poll_tx, ill_tx and str_mdata_fastpath_put() comments are incorrect
6313057 dladm show-dev doesn't show legacy devices
6315019 sparc full kernel lint is missing many modules
210db2243d3b5ca39c96a4c34c6d9453ddfbeaa9 01-Aug-2005 ericheng <none@none> PSARC 2005/365 Nemo drivers interface simplification
6246540 race condition between aggr driver detach and create-aggr
6253542 dld breaks autopush, PPPoE, ipfilter for bge and xge
6261226 Nemo should use modhash
6272908 in.rarpd no longer works for GLDv3 interfaces
6303082 ill_tx fastpath lacks flow control

rename : usr/src/cmd/dladm/datalink.conf => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/dladm/datalink.conf
rename : usr/src/cmd/rcm_daemon/common/mac_rcm.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/rcm_daemon/common/mac_rcm.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/aggregation => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/aggregation
rename : usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/aggregation.xml => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/aggregation.xml
rename : usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/datalink => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/datalink
rename : usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/datalink-init => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/datalink-init
rename : usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/datalink-init.xml => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/datalink-init.xml
rename : usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/datalink.xml => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/datalink.xml
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWcnetr/postinstall => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWcnetr/postinstall
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/common_files/i.datalinkconf => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/common_files/i.datalinkconf
rename : usr/src/uts/common/io/dld/dld_ioc.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/io/dld/dld_ioc.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/io/dld/dld_minor.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/io/dld/dld_minor.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/io/dld/dld_node.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/io/dld/dld_node.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/io/dld/dld_ppa.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/io/dld/dld_ppa.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/os/ght.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/os/ght.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/sys/ght.h => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/sys/ght.h
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/ght/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/intel/ght/Makefile
rename : usr/src/uts/sparc/ght/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/sparc/ght/Makefile
7c478bd95313f5f23a4c958a745db2134aa03244 14-Jun-2005 stevel@tonic-gate <none@none> OpenSolaris Launch