History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/lib/libsmbfs/smb/nbns_rq.c
Revision Date Author Comments
a547be5daca7e465ca82df6d179f6b1f8e0cda72 04-Jun-2010 Gordon Ross <Gordon.Ross@Sun.COM> 6944209 Let smbiod run as a service
6948083 Better logging of bad SMB signatures
02d09e03eb27f3a2dc299de704e45dae5173f43f 16-Dec-2009 Gordon Ross <Gordon.Ross@Sun.COM> 6650611 Attribute cache logic needs improvement
6876185 common I/F for net message build/parse in kernel vs user code
6891728 syslog shows: smbfs_close: error 9 closing /dirname
6906037 smbfs_mount() doesn't ASSERT the return value of smbfs_make_node()
6607536 the size of a dir on smbfs is not correct
6648146 smbfs should implement reclaim from node cache

rename : usr/src/lib/libsmbfs/smb/acl_conv.c => usr/src/common/smbclnt/smbfs_ntacl.c
rename : usr/src/lib/libsmbfs/smb/acl_nt.h => usr/src/common/smbclnt/smbfs_ntacl.h
613a2f6ba31e891e3d947a356daf5e563d43c1ce 02-Jul-2009 Gordon Ross <Gordon.Ross@Sun.COM> 6584198 SMB Client needs authentication improvements
6587713 Need to reconnect after server disconnect

rename : usr/src/lib/libsmbfs/netsmb/smbfs_isec.h => usr/src/lib/libsmbfs/smb/acl_nt.h
9c9af2590af49bb395bc8d2eace0f2d4ea16d165 04-Dec-2008 Gordon Ross <Gordon.Ross@Sun.COM> 6565868 Client should do packet signing
6673604 libshare_smbfs initprotofromdefaults() leaks memory
6684418 smbfs seems to ignore O_*SYNC open flags
6710493 smbfs doesn't interoperate with a MacOS share
6750718 move CIFS client kmdb modules to /usr/kernel/kmdb
6759403 various fixes for named-pipe support
4bff34e37def8a90f9194d81bc345c52ba20086a 14-Feb-2008 thurlow <none@none> PSARC 2005/695 CIFS Client on Solaris
PSARC 2007/303 pam_smb_login
PSARC 2008/073 CIFS Client on Solaris - Updates
6651904 CIFS Client - PSARC 2005/695