History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/lib/libshare/common/libshare.h
Revision Date Author Comments
b8dc1b43d204b714c2fda8dd4efd67de0c671db6 01-Mar-2018 Joyce McIntosh <joyce.mcintosh@nexenta.com> 11945 pool import performance regression due to repeated libshare initialization
Reviewed by: Sanjay Nadkarni <sanjay.nadkarni@nexenta.com>
Reviewed by: Evan Layton <evan.layton@nexenta.com>
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Jason King <jason.brian.king@gmail.com>
Approved by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
8a981c3356b194b3b5c0ae9276a9cc31cd2f93a3 13-Apr-2017 Daniel Hoffman <dj.hoffman@delphix.com> 7955 libshare needs to initialize only those datasets being modified by the consumer
Reviewed by: Steve Gonczi <steve.gonczi@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Sebastien Roy <sebastien.roy@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Matthew Ahrens <mahrens@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: George Wilson <george.wilson@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Pavel Zakharov <pavel.zakharov@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Yuri Pankov <yuri.pankov@gmail.com>
Approved by: Gordon Ross <gordon.w.ross@gmail.com>
a851ffc82d02870137b4065c395d79bec1172c32 10-May-2015 Gordon Ross <gwr@nexenta.com> 6025 Customer cannot set Share Properties using MMC
Reviewed by: Alek Pinchuk <alek@nexenta.com>
Reviewed by: Andy Stormont <astormont@racktopsystems.com>
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@omniti.com>
Approved by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
b819cea2f73f98c5662230cc9affc8cc84f77fcf 17-Jun-2013 Gordon Ross <gwr@nexenta.com> 5917 User-mode SMB server
Authored by: Thomas Keiser <thomas.keiser@nexenta.com>
Authored by: Albert Lee <trisk@nexenta.com>
Reviewed by: Igor Kozhukhov <ikozhukhov@gmail.com>
Reviewed by: Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net>
Reviewed by: Albert Lee <trisk@omniti.com>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@omniti.com>
0616fd7f2fe52dfe4b6189a7f510069a5b2aed73 23-Jun-2010 Pavel Filipensky <Pavel.Filipensky@Sun.COM> 6930814 share/unshare issues
6931194 exportfs() uses exportinfo_t after dropping exported_lock and without doing exi_count++
6836258 exportinfo 16-way hash is too small
6953045 Put implementation of the Pearson's hashing algorithm into a separate file
bfbb13c994c87d0453ca6bb826470ec99a909992 10-Jun-2010 jmcp <James.McPherson@Sun.COM> backout 6930814: causes 6960023
f932e4e7f553e8ba4e6125a39681b70e62f50af2 06-Jun-2010 Pavel Filipensky <Pavel.Filipensky@Sun.COM> 6930814 share/unshare issues
6931194 exportfs() uses exportinfo_t after dropping exported_lock and without doing exi_count++
6836258 exportinfo 16-way hash is too small
6953045 Put implementation of the Pearson's hashing algorithm into a separate file
148c5f43199ca0b43fc8e3b643aab11cd66ea327 27-May-2010 Alan Wright <amw@Sun.COM> 6935899 Add AD connectivity diagnostics
PSARC 2010/120 SMB/CIFS Statistics
6893904 The statistics of the CIFS server must be improved
6947373 only calculate pathname for query fileinfo levels which require it
PSARC 2010/097 idmap: default unresolvable SID mapping to true
6864900 Enable unresolvable SID mapping by default
6923504 Need detailed tracing for idmap mapping requests
6928157 Need detailed tracing for idmap discovery operations
6949333 Panic in smb_pre_open_print_file
6795069 Commonize error codes between CIFS client and server
6941787 Spurious message "DC discovery failed" upon refresh
6941349 Update shortname support to remove name83 format
6941382 smbsrv should use smb_node_getpath functions instead of vnodetopath
6939494 smb_authenticate() doesn't check for smb_user_login() return
6944226 Need to keep the list of shares in smbsrv
6942697 open file lock count is incorrect on MMC
6941227 On addition of SMB local group, add corresponding POSIX group
6948109 Add ability to manage shares in ZFS group via Windows MMC
6948143 Add ability to set additional properties on Autohome shares
6903260 two "ID type" enumerations
6946940 smb_sid_tostr/fromstr input arguments should be const
6949088 CIFS continuously refresh when one of the interfaces won't properly initialize
6946075 Filebench IO errors when signing property enabled on Solaris CIFS Server
6951169 idmap reports "no such file or directory" when looking up krb5.conf, even when not a domain member
6813063 degraded operation message should occur only when appropriate
6644872 idmapd is too whiny in workgroup mode
6813268 idmapd bangs on DNS server when in workgroup mode
6883800 Trusted domain members won't map to a UID when the trust is one-way
6891704 Cross-forest trust discovery may not work in multi-domain forest
6933937 idmapd doesn't map out trusted domains properly when joined to a domain that isn't the forest root.
6923908 smbadm join CLI doesn't always report Kerberos change password failure
6926930 smbsrv libraries should use krb5_get_error_messsage()
6943528 Unable to update Windows 2008 dynamic dns record with cifs hostname > 15 characters.
6953259 Can't map remote-forest users when IDMU is enabled
6953688 Should allow only one standalone DFS namespace in a cluster system
6952292 smb_find_ads_server() deferences string one too many times
6950070 Share is not getting correct access based on host access control list
6950820 Host-based access control list does not work properly with ipv6_enable=true

rename : usr/src/lib/libidmap/common/idmap_priv.h => usr/src/cmd/idmap/idmap/namemaps.h
rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libsmb/common/smb_nicmon.c => usr/src/cmd/smbsrv/smbd/smbd_nicmon.c
rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlsvc/common/eventlog_syslog.c => usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlsvc/common/eventlog_log.c
rename : usr/src/common/smbsrv/smb_status_xlat.c => usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libsmb/common/smb_status_tbl.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/smbsrv/doserror.h => usr/src/uts/common/smb/doserror.h
rename : usr/src/uts/common/smbsrv/lmerr.h => usr/src/uts/common/smb/lmerr.h
rename : usr/src/uts/common/smbsrv/nterror.h => usr/src/uts/common/smb/nterror.h
rename : usr/src/uts/common/smbsrv/ntstatus.h => usr/src/uts/common/smb/ntstatus.h
2c2961f8403049d948b9f3e6c35d6488b6b7e1aa 28-Feb-2009 jose borrego <Jose.Borrego@Sun.COM> 6709704 smbtorture RAW-BENCH-OPLOCK test fails (when oplocks enabled)
6800443 ReadX and WriteX should support CAP_LARGE_READX and CAP_LARGE_WRITEX

rename : usr/src/uts/common/fs/smbsrv/smb_create_directory.c => usr/src/uts/common/fs/smbsrv/smb_directory.c
687915e946710e354e302fa654bf53bf38b57cc6 18-Mar-2008 dougm <none@none> 6604618 sharemgr can validate options against NULL optionset, have bogus result
9e5da854b2fe0f3860a9b77dc30612faf2b0a42b 26-Feb-2008 dougm <none@none> 6666213 share manager displays an error message when a share is added to a group created without -P.
4bff34e37def8a90f9194d81bc345c52ba20086a 14-Feb-2008 thurlow <none@none> PSARC 2005/695 CIFS Client on Solaris
PSARC 2007/303 pam_smb_login
PSARC 2008/073 CIFS Client on Solaris - Updates
6651904 CIFS Client - PSARC 2005/695
5b6e0c463149a26dd0aeb4c1f70611c97161ff32 31-Jan-2008 dougm <none@none> 6558321 zfs_share_nfs() fails the second time through
dc20a3024900c47dd2ee44b9707e6df38f7d62a5 06-Jan-2008 as200622 <none@none> 6560095 SNAS shows SIDs for Built-in Groups members instead of name
6582153 SMB signing and sealing (redirector)
6582192 Remove SMB config cache
6582210 Consistent Logging Strategy
6582214 Unified error reporting strategy
6593360 Confusing log message: [ID 334764 user.error] Ads is not enable
6597854 The shares are not accessible if doing Run \\ip-addr
6610587 RPC-WINREG test has failed on smbtorture.
6610650 Workgroup: authentication problem when client's LM level > 2
6611277 Should not be able to join domain when Snas ipc-mode=anon and W2K DC IPC=No access without anonymous
6613675 Creating a file with DOS readonly bit set requires special handling
6626113 libshare_smb leaks file descriptor on unload
6626119 libshare_smb leaks file descriptor on door call failure
6626126 libsmb configuration leaks memory
6629314 smbd logging forgets newlines, creating a mess
6629954 smb local group support should be re-enabled
6630424 libshare having trouble starting smb/server
6631739 rdr_ipcmode does change to "Fallback,anon".
6631985 SMB daemon doesn't locate a new ADS server if ads_site property has been modified.
6631987 SMB daemon reads /etc/resolv.conf once when it starts up.
6633202 smbfs client caused CIFS server panic
6635175 lint error reported when building smbsrv module when either mars or ceres lint was used
6636763 Get core if using sharemgr set-share -r with nonexistent share
6640934 libshare tries to enable smb service if any filesystem is shared over smb
6641051 The CIFS server needs to use the VFS nbmand mechanism for system-wide share reservations
6642047 Changes to SMF properties of the CIFS service - PSARC/2007/686
6642302 Do not add null when marshalling non-null-terminated NDR strings
6642368 Cross protocol byte range locking is needed

rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlsvc/common/mlsvc_handle.c => deleted_files/usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlsvc/common/mlsvc_handle.c
rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libsmb/common/smb_group_door_encdec.c => deleted_files/usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libsmb/common/smb_group_door_encdec.c
rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libsmb/common/smb_group_xdr.c => deleted_files/usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libsmb/common/smb_group_xdr.c
rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/mlrpc_client.c => usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/ndr_client.c
rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/mlrpc_heap.c => usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/ndr_heap.c
rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/mlrpc_encdec.c => usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/ndr_marshal.c
rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/mlndo.c => usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/ndr_ops.c
rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/mlndr.c => usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/ndr_process.c
rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/mlrpc_server.c => usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/ndr_server.c
rename : usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/mlrpc_svc.c => usr/src/lib/smbsrv/libmlrpc/common/ndr_svc.c
55bf511df53aad0fdb7eb3fa349f0308cc05234c 27-Nov-2007 as200622 <none@none> 6575640 rename/rmdir/remove on mixed file systems work incorrectly for mangled names
6582182 64-bit libraries
6588720 Unable to create new folder in autohome share from Solaris10u3 with UFS & ZFS.
6611820 Unable to map a SMB share on SPARC system.
6612193 Rework ADS client, DynDNS client and Auth IPC to use host principal
6614664 CIFS server should not request ctime changes
6614864 Security tab not available after a share is mapped on SPARC system
6614953 An error occurred while creating a notepad file on X86 32-bit system.
6616349 Sparc-Get error "input not UTF-8" and (Abort)(core dumped) in sharemgr with Korean resource name
6622828 Resolve unreferenced makefiles
6626833 SUNWsmbsu package issues with snv_77.
6627415 SmbCreateTemporary fails on SPARC
6627469 Unable to map SIDs to names for Windows Vista clients
6627471 Remove winpipe door server from name space
6628747 smbd crash and in maintenance state
6629402 The adjoin operation triggered by smbadm join CLI shouldn't overwrite the Kerberos keytab file.
6629410 SMB daemon should remove its ccache on refresh or restart
6629428 smb daemon crashes at smb_nic_clear_niclist+0x45(815ff10, 2)
6629797 sharemgr: Deleting an SMB resource that has an option leads to core dump
6630470 Get core in sharemgr:libshare_smb.so.1`smb_enable_service+0x78(2ec90, fe87c49c, 0, ff396000,17e54,6)

rename : usr/src/uts/common/smbsrv/smb_secdesc.h => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/common/smbsrv/smb_secdesc.h
da6c28aaf62fa55f0fdb8004aa40f88f23bf53f0 25-Oct-2007 amw <none@none> PSARC/2007/218 caller_context_t in all VOPs
PSARC/2007/227 VFS Feature Registration and ACL on Create
PSARC/2007/244 ZFS Case-insensitive support
PSARC/2007/315 Extensible Attribute Interfaces
PSARC/2007/394 ls(1) new command line options '-/' and '-%': CIFS system attributes support
PSARC/2007/403 Modified Access Checks for CIFS
PSARC/2007/410 Add system attribute support to chmod(1)
PSARC/2007/432 CIFS system attributes support for cp(1), pack(1), unpack(1), compress(1) and uncompress(1)
PSARC/2007/444 Rescind SETTABLE Attribute
PSARC/2007/459 CIFS system attributes support for cpio(1), pax(1), tar(1)
PSARC/2007/546 Update utilities to match CIFS system attributes changes.
PSARC/2007/560 ZFS sharesmb property
4890717 want append-only files
6417428 Case-insensitive file system name lookup to support CIFS
6417435 DOS attributes and additional timestamps to support for CIFS
6417442 File system quarantined and modified attributes to support an integrated Anti-Virus service
6417453 FS boolean property for rejecting/allowing invalid UTF-8 sequences in file names
6473733 RFE: Need support for open-deny modes
6473755 RFE: Need ability to reconcile oplock and delegation conflicts
6494624 sharemgr needs to support CIFS shares better
6546705 All vnode operations need to pass caller_context_t
6546706 Need VOP_SETATTR/VOP_GETATTR to support new, optional attributes
6546893 Solaris system attribute support
6550962 ZFS ACL inheritance needs to be enhanced to support Automatic Inheritance
6553589 RFE: VFS Feature Registration facility
6553770 RFE: ZFS support for ACL-on-CREATE (PSARC 2007/227)
6565581 ls(1) should support file system attributes proposed in PSARC/2007/315
6566784 NTFS streams are not copied along with the files.
6576205 cp(1), pack(1) and compress(1) should support file system attributes proposed in PSARC/2007/315
6578875 RFE: kernel interfaces for nbmand need improvement
6578883 RFE: VOP_SHRLOCK needs additional access types
6578885 chmod(1) should support file system attributes proposed in PSARC/2007/315
6578886 RFE: disallow nbmand state to change on remount
6583349 ACL parser needs to support audit/alarm ACE types
6590347 tar(1) should support filesystem attributes proposed in PSARC/2007/315
6597357 *tar* xv@ doesn't show the hidden directory even though it is restored
6597360 *tar* should re-init xattr info if openat() fails during extraction of and extended attribute
6597368 *tar* cannot restore hard linked extended attributes
6597374 *tar* doesn't display "x " when hard linked attributes are restored
6597375 *tar* extended attribute header off by one
6614861 *cpio* incorrectly archives extended system attributes with -@
6614896 *pax* incorrectly archives extended system attributes with -@
6615225 *tar* incorrectly archives extended system attributes with -@
6617183 CIFS Service - PSARC 2006/715
ecd6cf800b63704be73fb264c3f5b6e0dafc068d 26-Jun-2007 marks <none@none> PSARC/2006/465 ZFS Delegated Administration
PSARC/2006/577 zpool property to disable delegation
PSARC/2006/625 Enhancements to zpool history
PSARC/2007/228 ZFS delegation amendments
PSARC/2007/295 ZFS Delegated Administration Addendum
6280676 restore "owner" property
6349470 investigate non-root restore/backup
6572465 'zpool set bootfs=...' records history as 'zfs set bootfs=...'
6733190958bbcc0bd6d1d601e7ae0a6994dafb45 07-May-2007 dougm <none@none> 6491973 sharemgr: zfs set sharenfs=on is slow with lots of zfs filesystems
549ec3fff108310966327d1dc9004551b63210b7 28-Mar-2007 dougm <none@none> 6516085 sharemgr: should deliver 64-bit library objects for libshare.so and plugin(s)
6516121 sharemgr: libshare should provide better support for multithreaded apps

rename : usr/src/cmd/dfs.cmds/sharemgr/plugins/Makefile => usr/src/lib/libshare/nfs/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/dfs.cmds/sharemgr/plugins/Makefile.com => usr/src/lib/libshare/nfs/Makefile.com
rename : usr/src/cmd/dfs.cmds/sharemgr/plugins/i386/Makefile => usr/src/lib/libshare/nfs/i386/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/dfs.cmds/sharemgr/plugins/libshare_nfs.c => usr/src/lib/libshare/nfs/libshare_nfs.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/dfs.cmds/sharemgr/plugins/libshare_nfs.h => usr/src/lib/libshare/nfs/libshare_nfs.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/dfs.cmds/sharemgr/plugins/sparc/Makefile => usr/src/lib/libshare/nfs/sparc/Makefile
f345c0beb4c8f75cb54c2e070498e56febd468ac 02-Jan-2007 dougm <none@none> 6491967 sharemgr: share displays persistent properties over transient properties
6494665 sharemgr: missing english name for svc:/network/shares/group
6495057 share[mgr] allows directories within nfs shared filesystems to be nfs shared.
6495077 sharemgr: sometimes last default share not deleted from SMF when deleted from /etc/dfs/dfstab
6503815 sharemgr: dump core with path not exist
6504788 sharemgr: core dump if SMF share property group doesn't have path prop
6185db853e024a486ff8837e6784dd290d866112 02-Nov-2006 dougm <none@none> PSARC 2005/374 Share management improvements
6281048 NFS needs simplified administration

rename : usr/src/cmd/dfs.cmds/share/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/dfs.cmds/share/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/dfs.cmds/share/share.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/dfs.cmds/share/share.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/fs.d/nfs/share/share.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/fs.d/nfs/share/share.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/fs.d/nfs/unshare/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/fs.d/nfs/unshare/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/fs.d/nfs/unshare/unshare.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/fs.d/nfs/unshare/unshare.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/fs.d/nfs/share/issubdir.c => usr/src/lib/libshare/common/issubdir.c