History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/lib/libgrubmgmt/common/libgrub_cmd.c
Revision Date Author Comments
57631629e78d7cda75d1f6ec529fc985298b24f4 03-Apr-2015 Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com> 5786 Fast reboot broken on EFI formatted drives
Reviewed by: Richard PALO <richard@NetBSD.org>
Reviewed by: Josef Sipek <jeffpc@josefsipek.net>
Reviewed by: Hans Rosenfeld <hans.rosenfeld@nexenta.com>
Approved by: Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net>
1a902ef8628b0dffd6df5442354ab59bb8530962 10-Jan-2015 Hans Rosenfeld <hans.rosenfeld@nexenta.com> 5561 support root pools on EFI/GPT partitioned disks
5125 update zpool/libzfs to manage bootable whole disk pools (EFI/GPT labeled disks)
Reviewed by: Jean McCormack <jean.mccormack@nexenta.com>
Reviewed by: Josef 'Jeff' Sipek <josef.sipek@nexenta.com>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@omniti.com>
c5aaf10a7384f952835ab63586396916a6d3437d 02-Jun-2009 Konstantin Ananyev <Konstantin.Ananyev@Sun.COM> 6845640 libgrubmgmt doesn't set bootpath for explicit 'zfs-bootfs=' setting
fda6624021ffe01adf1af44f72ae4fb3ba65c1e8 24-Apr-2009 Konstantin Ananyev <Konstantin.Ananyev@Sun.COM> 6831735 libgrubmgmt needs better explanation for 'root' grub command failure
753a6d457b330b1b29b2d3eefcd0831116ce950d 24-Mar-2009 Sherry Moore <Sherry.Moore@Sun.COM> PSARC/2008/760 Boot configuration Service
PSARC/2009/091 Reboot to firmware
PSARC/2009/092 libgrubmgmt - library for GRUB menu management
6768468 Introducing svc:/system/boot-config service
6775160 reboot -f ignores active BE and resets zfs pool bootfs property
6760845 Add checksum verification when loading the new kernel and boot archive for fast reboot
6815215 quiesce_active should be added to MUTEX_NOT_HELD()