History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/common/crypto/padding/padding.h
Revision Date Author Comments
726fad2a65f16c200a03969c29cb5c86c2d427db 07-Jun-2010 Dina K Nimeh <Dina.Nimeh@Sun.COM> 6875651 move asymmetric crypto to libsoftcrypto
6816864 collect together padding methods used by PKCS#11
6917508 bignum library needs big random number function
6249983 softtoken based RSA/DSA slow on Niagara
6917506 arcfour lint check missing from usr/src/uts/sun4v/Makefile
6917513 move softFipsDSAUtil.c to common/crypto/fips/fips_dsa_util.c
6834849 dsa_sign() produces invalid signature when pkcs11 engine is used via openssl(1) for certain keys