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d3b5f56344d8bfcdd6cfb82446af0e5e55ad9ebe 07-Aug-2019 John Levon <john.levon@joyent.com> 11528 Makefile.noget can get gone
11529 Use -Wno-maybe-initialized
Reviewed by: Peter Tribble <peter.tribble@gmail.com>
Reviewed by: Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com>
Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
4535e8bf8bd491fa8e4cdbe5019f9f59988c2b3e 26-Jan-2019 Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com> 11450 zoneadm: NULL pointer errors
Reviewed by: Andy Fiddaman <andy@omniosce.org>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
eb633035c80613ec93d62f90482837adaaf21a0a 25-Jun-2019 Tom Caputi <tcaputi@datto.com> 8727 Native data and metadata encryption for zfs
Portions contributed by: Jorgen Lundman <lundman@lundman.net>
Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek@joyent.com>
Portions contributed by: Paul Zuchowski <pzuchowski@datto.com>
Portions contributed by: Tim Chase <tim@chase2k.com>
Portions contributed by: Matthew Ahrens <mahrens@delphix.com>
Portions contributed by: ab-oe <arkadiusz.bubala@open-e.com>
Portions contributed by: Brian Behlendorf <behlendorf1@llnl.gov>
Portions contributed by: loli10K <ezomori.nozomu@gmail.com>
Portions contributed by: Igor K <igor@dilos.org>
Portions contributed by: Richard Laager <rlaager@wiktel.com>
Reviewed by: Jason Cohen <jwittlincohen@gmail.com>
Reviewed by: Allan Jude <allanjude@freebsd.org>
Reviewed by: George Melikov <mail@gmelikov.ru>
Reviewed by: Paul Dagnelie <pcd@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: RageLtMan <rageltman@sempervictus>
Reviewed by: Matthew Thode <prometheanfire@gentoo.org>
Reviewed by: Giuseppe Di Natale <dinatale2@llnl.gov>
Reviewed by: Kash Pande <kash@tripleback.net>
Reviewed by: Alek Pinchuk <apinchuk@datto.com>
Reviewed by: Dan Kimmel <dan.kimmel@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: David Quigley <david.quigley@intel.com>
Reviewed by: Jorgen Lundman <lundman@lundman.net>
Reviewed by: Matthew Ahrens <mahrens@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Brian Behlendorf <behlendorf1@llnl.gov>
Reviewed by: Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com>
Reviewed by: C Fraire <cfraire@me.com>
Reviewed by: Jason King <jason.king@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Andy Stormont <astormont@racktopsystems.com>
Approved by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
0222d5accac6e2a33600db46cd235825f511de93 04-Jun-2019 Ryan England <rcengland@gmail.com> 6143 Want zoneadm list option for non-global zones only
Reviewed by: Andy Fiddaman <omnios@citrus-it.co.uk>
Reviewed by: Joshua M. Clulow <josh@sysmgr.org>
Approved by: Joshua M. Clulow <josh@sysmgr.org>
9adfa60d484ce2435f5af77cc99dcd4e692b6660 09-Jun-2016 Matthew Ahrens <mahrens@delphix.com> 6314 buffer overflow in dsl_dataset_name
Reviewed by: George Wilson <george.wilson@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Prakash Surya <prakash.surya@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Igor Kozhukhov <ikozhukhov@gmail.com>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@omniti.com>
0d8fa8f8eba3ea46bc79d73445009505d1dd5d7d 15-May-2016 Martin Matuska <martin@matuska.org> 6902 speed up listing of snapshots if requesting name only and sorting by name
Reviewed by: Matthew Ahrens <mahrens@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Pawel Dawidek <pjd@freebsd.org>
Reviewed by: Brian Behlendorf <behlendorf1@llnl.gov>
Approved by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
aab83bb83be7342f6cfccaed8d5fe0b2f404855d 24-Feb-2016 Josef 'Jeff' Sipek <jeffpc@josefsipek.net> 6659 nvlist_free(NULL) is a no-op
Reviewed by: Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com>
Reviewed by: Marcel Telka <marcel@telka.sk>
Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
9a686fbc186e8e2a64e9a5094d44c7d6fa0ea167 18-Oct-2015 Paul Dagnelie <pcd@delphix.com> 6328 Fix cstyle errors in zfs codebase
Reviewed by: Matthew Ahrens <mahrens@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Alex Reece <alex@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Richard Elling <Richard.Elling@RichardElling.com>
Reviewed by: Jorgen Lundman <lundman@lundman.net>
Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
b6831eafa2ec2cb283f783b06ee86bf79d5a17c3 26-Dec-2014 Alexander Eremin <a.eremin@nexenta.com> 5432 zoneadm install could fix zonepath permissions automatically
Reviewed by: Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek@joyent.com>
Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
3c7284bd3243d42a710edac3a15f6019b4c849be 24-Feb-2014 Alexander Eremin <a.eremin@nexenta.com> 2594 implement graceful shutdown for local zones in zoneadm
Reviewed by: Saso Kiselkov <skiselkov.ml@gmail.com>
Reviewed by: Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek@joyent.com>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@omniti.com>
dd9c3b29f8e9f6b99b80e1fd8fc03241abd67311 11-Jun-2012 Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek@joyent.com> 3977 zones can commit suicide by zvol
Reviewed by: Gordon Ross <gwr@nexenta.com>
Reviewed by: Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net>
Approved by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
7014882c6a3672fd0e5d60200af8643ae53c5928 22-Jul-2012 Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net> 2933 compiler warning gags need better granularity
Reviewed by: Eric Schrock <eric.schrock@delphix.com>
Approved by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
6a9cb0ea17f11529b1bb8ca31944abd37736b99e 27-Apr-2012 Eric Schrock <Eric.Schrock@delphix.com> 2635 'zfs rename -f' to perform force unmount
Reviewed by: Matt Ahrens <matt@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: George Wilson <George.Wilson@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Bill Pijewski <wdp@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Richard Elling <richard.elling@richardelling.com>
Approved by: Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net>
c8845d446f22e28572f15800eab12199fa8e8687 16-Jul-2010 Susan Kamm-Worrell <Susan.Kamm-Worrell@Sun.COM> 6826605 zoneadm list don't work properly when multiple altroots have mounted zones
2b6c28b8b605a28e1a671f5d6b484cd697e51da6 07-Jul-2010 batschul <Frank.Batschulat@Sun.COM> 6962440 disable ZFS_PROP_SHARESMB on zoneroot dataset
6e1ae2a33c618c4c2b14aec7d2f21743ddea5837 30-Jun-2010 Gary Pennington <gary.pennington@oracle.com> 6939693 zones no longer needs the inherit-pkg-dir property
eb5a5c7888f20ad6fa4580e785308db395ef6dfc 11-Jun-2010 Surya Prakki <Surya.Prakki@Sun.COM> PSARC/2010/169 EOF lx brand
6959264 EOF lx brand
cb8a054b1ab30d5caa746e6c44f29d4c9d3071c1 07-Jun-2010 Glenn Faden <Glenn.Faden@Sun.COM> 4963290 RFE: implement flexible zone administration that doesn't require uid=0
PSARC/2010/132 Delegated Administration for Zones
ad02e316a67d13beb1097678544eef2a6757fb75 09-Apr-2010 batschul <Frank.Batschulat@Sun.COM> PSARC/2010/008 Remove zoneadm install sub-option "-x nodataset"
6880288 retire zoneadm install -x nodataset option
6890415 zoneadm install fails but returns 0
ab5dfd5e82c7de6e8a7172573741f3c5890a82fa 01-Jan-1970 <gerald.jelinek@sun.com> 6914369 enable s10brand on system booted under xvm
6925770 add service tag when installing solaris10 branded zone
6926946 preuninstall hook uses wrong buffer
0094b373ead542a342e4250eaf37854ccd3e50c0 08-Dec-2009 jv227347 <Jordan.Vaughan@Sun.com> 6880335 zoneadm move needs brand hook
e5816e352629470f540696fb7aa56c52d6719e67 04-Nov-2009 Edward Pilatowicz <Edward.Pilatowicz@Sun.COM> 6889379 zoneadm mount fails on opensolaris
628680125482a37a45c692030029fd62a600f914 14-Oct-2009 Steve Lawrence <Stephen.Lawrence@Sun.COM> 6874636 RFE: zoneadmd should mount cluster branded zones as native in alternate roots.
fbbfbc6ee66f60ad88ebd18c6c030797335354f4 05-Oct-2009 jv227347 <Jordan.Vaughan@Sun.com> 6866411 RFE: need a system boot brand hook
2b24ab6b3865caeede9eeb9db6b83e1d89dcd1ea 23-Sep-2009 Sebastien Roy <Sebastien.Roy@Sun.COM> PSARC 2009/373 Clearview IP Tunneling
PSARC 2009/410 Datalink Administration from Non-Global Zones
6858533 Clearview IP Tunneling
4861777 *snoop* cannot snoop on tunnel interfaces
5010680 M_IOCTL interface between ip and tun is horribly wrong
5029727 tun prints bogus debug messages when receiving multicast packets on 6to4 tunnels
6835873 dlpi_walk() silently fails in an exclusive zone
4152864 must not allow two tunnels to have the same tsrc/tdst pair
6855902 link and flow kstats are too promiscuous
6218826 need to be able to tunnel into a zone
4505468 network interface names can confuse, lie, and deceive
4524756 tun_wproc() takes up too much stack
6417373 tun_wproc_mdata assertion failures
4627970 scalability problems with IP in IP tunnels
4674797 ifparse_ifspec() will not correctly parse ipv6 tunnels
6509231 dladm should show links in exclusive stack zone
4793233 tun driver should include addr in DL_PHYS_ADDR_ACK for non-zero lengths
6795831 ZONE_*_DATALINK syscalls should take datalink_id_t as argument
6791472 mac module doesn't allow MAC addresses < 6 bytes
6618091 Race condition trips ASSERT() in tun.c's SIOCSLIFNAME path
6837580 bogus mi_active check in mac_set_mtu()
6868083 libinetutil: ofmt_open()'s template argument should be const
6870313 libdladm: needless dladm_init_linkprop() in i_dladm_aggr_up()
6872221 panic in dls_devnet_close() if "mtu" property is being set
4289774 Change to the interface-id does not change IPv6 link-local address
6873561 unable to create links with 31 character link names
6874666 changing a link property can accidentally destroy it
6874682 removing a link attribute corrupts the attribute list
6875167 IPCL_ISV6 conn flag is set but never used
6881764 itp reference leak in ipsec_construct_inverse_acquire()
6881951 dladm delete-vlan can no longer delete persistent-only VLANs

rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/tun.h => usr/src/uts/common/inet/iptun.h
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/ip/tun.c => usr/src/uts/common/inet/iptun/iptun.c
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/tun/Makefile => usr/src/uts/intel/iptun/Makefile
rename : usr/src/uts/sparc/tun/Makefile => usr/src/uts/sparc/iptun/Makefile
842727c2f41f01b380de4f5e787d905702870f23 01-Aug-2009 Chris Kirby <chris.kirby@sun.com> PSARC/2009/297 zfs snapshot holds
6803121 want user-settable refcounts on snapshots
6851824 zfs_ioc_rename() can be called with a NULL zc_name
286822dd6ee35fa0959e7b55e659b92ea1c12f71 01-Jan-1970 <gerald.jelinek@sun.com> 6787557 zoneadm uninstall fails when zone has zfs clones
6825063 uninstall doesn't destroy zfs dataset with embedded snapshot
c75cc341903ca38e644edfae5357a4020418f9be 01-Jan-1970 <gerald.jelinek@sun.com> 6825097 brand hooks can't read stdin
ca733e25b47e409c67716131dd8d3c8145f89a02 01-Jan-1970 <gerald.jelinek@sun.com> 6819579 zone attach expects zonepath to exist
d0e4f53655d3eb3317d365ed109458e66d039e70 16-Mar-2009 Sudheer A <Sudheer.Abdul-Salam@Sun.COM> 6772616 brand install is broken if root umask is not 022
d1f855d73e0bf529109aa3dc1b967fc6ac19b4fc 01-Jan-1970 <gerald.jelinek@sun.com> 6814883 zfs warning if dataset exists
2766118b5daac564c456d4a091c4c6f27850a5e0 01-Jan-1970 <gerald.jelinek@sun.com> 6757506 race can cause zoneadm to emit 'zoneadm: failed to get zone name: Invalid argument' messages
edfa49ff6d1bd39465e21e3b28aee863e91c5e3f 01-Jan-1970 <gerald.jelinek@sun.com> PSARC 2008/766 native zones p2v
6667924 physical to virtual utility for native zones
5fad3ade0b6bf1454149b5f22a06ce99e9c1e4ff 19-Dec-2008 Pavel Filipensky <Pavel.Filipensky@Sun.COM> 6779275 umountall(1M) -Z ... limit unmounting action(s) to the non-global zones
71443f5a40b6c951461366ce28749d9df235c6ef 01-Jan-1970 <gerald.jelinek@sun.com> 6768929 zoneadm attach fails on sn1 branded zones with /sbin/sh: /etc/zones/<zonename>.xml: cannot create
6758808 spurious handle close for brands without hook
c9f134eabbac5c231b6e7ca9ba96f45d88b95347 11-Nov-2008 jv227347 <Jordan.Vaughan@Sun.com> 5073914 extend zonecfg physical interface name syntax checks
6700946 zone name of digits confuses zoneadm
2ad45a84935be6f65ad11ebefa3108f8b882a1c7 10-Nov-2008 jv227347 <Jordan.Vaughan@Sun.com> 6400006 libzonecfg.so.1 zonecfg_strerror() doesn't handle Z_SYSTEM
6579865 zone_rctl_name incorrectly used like a char * in libzonecfg.c
6554794 zoneadm.c: return value of strcmp(3C) compared with NULL pointer
c4a4562235be590fa8120d4e0dc367980a14112f 01-Jan-1970 <gerald.jelinek@sun.com> 6754405 configured zonepath root validation is too restrictive
0679f7940009223c7b2cee3abbea957e8dbccd26 01-Jan-1970 <gerald.jelinek@sun.com> 6746514 RFE: need ability to mount non-native branded zones
bb0ade0978a02d3fe0b0165cd4725fdcb593fbfb 01-Aug-2008 ahrens <none@none> PSARC/2008/483 ZFS clone -o
PSARC/2008/484 ZFS snapshot properties
6613766 create-time properties for clones
6701797 want user properties on snapshots
11506c4105b984bf64636b0e2f9e88bd67fb9651 14-Jul-2008 gjelinek <none@none> 6716853 zfs zonepath not always created
ff17c8bf86c3e567734be83f90267edee20f580f 13-Jul-2008 gjelinek <none@none> 6553514 native zone svr4 pkg code should be moved into zone callbacks
6621020 zlogin tries to write unneeded zero-length message and hangs
6704382 Upgrade process with zones freezes everytime using GUI installer on ultra 45 with 1024 MB of memory
6724480 wrong reference in embedded help for zoneadm
6588602 libbrand '%*' token expansion is a mess
6705863 brand dtd says zoneroot but it should be zonepath

rename : usr/src/cmd/zoneadm/sw_cmp.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/zoneadm/sw_cmp.c
rename : usr/src/lib/brand/native/zone/postclone.sh => deleted_files/usr/src/lib/brand/native/zone/postclone.sh
93239add0c8984cfe653afea733fc9254f021160 28-May-2008 johnlev <none@none> PSARC/2008/290 lofi mount
6384817 Need persistent lofi based mounts and direct mount(1m) support for lofi
5529abe02121fd6e540b19adb0d8f1715de83b58 09-Apr-2008 gjelinek <none@none> 6685869 duplicate pkgs in update-on-attach pkg list
6cfd72c6361fc164bc537fc17e829cccc62b0b1f 14-Jan-2008 gjelinek <none@none> PSARC 2007/621 zone update on attach
6480464 RFE: zoneadm attach should patch/update the zone to the new hosts level
6576592 RFE: zoneadm detach/attach should work between sun4u and sun4v architecture
6637869 zone attach doesn't handle obsolete patches correctly
990b4856d0eaada6f8140335733a1b1771ed2746 19-Sep-2007 lling <none@none> PSARC 2007/342 Enhanced ZFS Pool Properties
PSARC 2007/482 zpool upgrade -V
6565437 zpool property extensions
6561384 want 'zpool upgrade -V <version>' to upgrade to specific version number
6582755 zfs.h has some incorrect version macros
6595601 libzfs headers declare functions which don't exist
6603938 libzfs is using VERIFY() again
6538984 duplicated messages when get pool properties from an unsupported pool version
37774979c2601819ef2cdb4ae1469d9111ccf52b 03-Aug-2007 gjelinek <none@none> 6576821 some brands need additional hooks to work properly
1100f00d5652de2808b73c61bcfdb3fc87ef1fc8 03-Jul-2007 gjelinek <none@none> 6575612 some brands need a post-install hook to be installed
6574267 zlogin error msgs for non-native zones could be under .SUNWnative
948f2876ce2a3010558f4f6937e16086ebcd36f2 13-Jun-2007 ss150715 <none@none> PSARC 2007/282 DLPI MAC-Type Mapping Functions
4714297 libdlpi ought to detect stream hangup properly
6397009 core dumped from get_ethernet_address()
6505649 need DLPI type mapping routines
6524620 dlpi_to_arp belongs in libdlpi, not libdhcputil
6524636 dhcpagent should be ported to libdlpi
6534006 libuuid should be ported to libdlpi
6534017 zoneadm should be ported to libdlpi
6534023 in.rarpd should be ported to libdlpi
6534263 show_linkprop_onelink() should use dlpi_open() instead of open()
6549358 64-bit version of libdladm needed for libuuid
6562226 fsck should link to libraries instead of directly pulling source

rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/dlprims.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/dlprims.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/dlprims.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/sbin/dhcpagent/dlprims.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/zoneadm/dlprims.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/zoneadm/dlprims.c
84561e8cee2e3c5e119f4cbbbf4674985c8defac 30-May-2007 td153743 <none@none> PSARC 2007/304 "cluster" Brand Zone
6556949 zoneadm mount/unmount command should work for cluster branded zones
2ec67e0462179ec092c00572ee5460c3db3cc066 06-Apr-2007 gjelinek <none@none> 6528540 "zoneadm -z <lower labeled zone> list" returns bogus complaint about "missing or invalid brand"
6531553 diagnostics for legacy drivers in stack instance need improvement
27e6fb2101ae37ba3de6dbb1567bf7558ffaccad 14-Mar-2007 dp <none@none> 6213465 non-global zone's /dev directory has wrong group owner
6464301 zones service description should note its role in gentle zone shutdown
6483910 zonecfg 'info' missed to use a colon for 'device' property
6514423 getzoneid returns p0 when called during proc_exit
6518772 zcons could be fully lint clean
f1adb09e120ea092da6f3e6441f32efbc5972f0d 08-Mar-2007 gjelinek <none@none> 6414178 RFE: prepare in advance for zone migration
e767a340776ab621d2b82ee83e1755c45fa979c8 26-Feb-2007 gjelinek <none@none> 6527301 zoneadmd has sprung a few leaks
d9e728a2c2e62adeef072d782e4c8a7b34e7e8e8 20-Feb-2007 gjelinek <none@none> 6346003 zlogin exits when faced with too much data.
6440239 A moved zfs zonepath was not removed after uninstallation.
6435940 redundant zfs snapshot was created as cloning zones across different zfs pools.
6486314 zoneadm uninstall following migration does not remove SUNWattached.xml preventing auto zfs removal
6437686 zoneadm attach -n with invalid path reports unmatched error message
6519634 a 0 return handler if added to <verify_adm> in config.xml will make zoneadm clone fail
6525784 getvmusage is a private api
db62806653f1ce796451c195e9791028d2e1e561 02-Feb-2007 gjelinek <none@none> 6519048 "zoneadm -z global list -p" produces incorrect error message
f4b3ec61df05330d25f55a36b975b4d7519fdeb1 20-Jan-2007 dh155122 <none@none> PSARC 2006/366 IP Instances
6289221 RFE: Need virtualized ip-stack for each local zone
6512601 panic in ipsec_in_tag - allocation failure
6514637 error message from dhcpagent: add_pkt_opt: option type 60 is missing required value
6364643 RFE: allow persistent setting of interface flags per zone
6307539 RFE: Invalid network address causes zone boot failure
5041214 Allow IPMP configuration with zones
5005887 RFE: zoneadmd should support plumbing an interface via DHCP
4991139 RFE: zones should provide a mechanism to configure a defaultrouter for a zone
6218378 zoneadmd doesn't set the netmask for non-loopback addresses hosted on lo0
4963280 zones: need to virtualize the IPv6 default address selection mechanism
4963285 zones: need support of stateless address autoconfiguration for IPv6
5048068 zones don't boot if one of its interfaces has failed
5057154 RFE: ability to change interface status from within a zone
4963287 zones should support the plumbing of the first (and only) logical interface
4978517 TCP privileged port space should be partitioned per zone
5023347 zones don't work well with network routes other than default
4963372 investigate whether global zone can act as a router for local zones
6378364 RFE: Allow each zone to have its own virtual IPFilter
4fceebdf03eeac0d7c58a4f70cc19b00a8c40a73 19-Jan-2007 blakej <none@none> PSARC/2006/061 xmemfs EOF
6379911 Remove support for xmemfs from Solaris

rename : usr/src/cmd/fs.d/xmemfs/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/fs.d/xmemfs/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/fs.d/xmemfs/mount.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/fs.d/xmemfs/mount.c
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/fs/xmemfs/seg_xmem.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/intel/fs/xmemfs/seg_xmem.c
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/fs/xmemfs/xmem_dir.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/intel/fs/xmemfs/xmem_dir.c
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/fs/xmemfs/xmem_subr.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/intel/fs/xmemfs/xmem_subr.c
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/fs/xmemfs/xmem_vfsops.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/intel/fs/xmemfs/xmem_vfsops.c
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/fs/xmemfs/xmem_vnops.c => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/intel/fs/xmemfs/xmem_vnops.c
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/sys/fs/seg_xmem.h => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/intel/sys/fs/seg_xmem.h
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/sys/fs/xmem.h => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/intel/sys/fs/xmem.h
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/xmemfs/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/uts/intel/xmemfs/Makefile
7ef01d19733736b76dbf3fcffc88ee683858206a 03-Jan-2007 gjelinek <none@none> 6503810 restarting svc:/system/resource-mgmt service can clobber project pool settings
ce28b40ea6e3ce6ebc74a45f03500d7dffe134b1 27-Dec-2006 zt129084 <none@none> 6502979 PSARC/2006/651: brand-specific handlers for zoneadm(1M) commands
0209230bf1261579beab4f55226bb509e6b850cb 14-Dec-2006 gjelinek <none@none> PSARC 2006/496 Improved Zones/RM Integration
PSARC 2006/598 Swap resource control; locked memory RM improvements
PSARC 2006/660 rcapadm zone option
4754856 *prstat* prstat -atJTZ should count shared segments only once
4970603 RFE: should be able to persistently specify global zone's cpu shares
5026227 RFE: ability to rcap zones from global zone
5103071 RFE: local zones can run the global zone out of swap
6222025 RFE: simplify rctl syntax and improve cpu-shares/FSS interaction
6420985 rcapstat is broken on amd64
6421202 RFE: simplify and improve zones/pool integration
6442252 zonecfg's "unset" syntax is not documented and confusing
6490516 schedctl pages should not reserve swap
6490938 setproject can bind to the wrong pool
6498635 zone attach failure leaves zone in installed state
6500877 tmpfs syslogs incorrect path when non-global zone tmpfs mounts become full
e2482d1af8b0f15d2f4f3787bda48761e1a60af1 27-Nov-2006 gjelinek <none@none> 6494678 Zone attach dry-run fails with 'missing or invalid brand'
a192e900f6d2b0e1a822e3252c0dfd795ed49d76 02-Nov-2006 amaguire <none@none> PSARC 2006/552 Quagga SMF Modifications
6312914 routeadm needs to support smf-based routing services
6440342 remove redundancies in smf-related makefiles by moving manifest rules to usr/src/cmd/Makefile.targ

rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/in.rdisc.c => usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/in.rdisc/in.rdisc.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/routeadm.c => usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/routeadm/routeadm.c
rename : deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/volmgt/etc/Makefile => usr/src/cmd/volmgt/etc/Makefile
bafa7067034145d6897f548d5995b7b10ad8bc9b 30-Oct-2006 nn35248 <none@none> 6486308 zoneadm: erroneous output when invoked in labeled zones
6486651 sn1_boot install target is missing a dependency
6486653 truss should recognize ZONE_ATTR_BRAND
6cc813fa4a03c103924abbaa46c6b1793ae990be 23-Oct-2006 gjelinek <none@none> 6454140 zoneadm fails to mount fs in mini-root
5f8e16172ef40e14cf931b329fedb86ea369a42c 15-Sep-2006 nn35248 <none@none> 6468554 zone install with a zfs zonepath could not create a dataset
6469902 BrandZ and GCC don't get along
6470348 Makefile race condition in usr/lib/brand/lx
6470764 zfs_clone() confuses filesystems and volumes
123807fb8274cf8e22f09732e34303ba6baf55a5 14-Sep-2006 edp <none@none> 6469453 invalid assert in ioctl.c:ldlinux_check()
6469929 brand handle should be an opaque handle as defined in PSARC/2004/413
9acbbeaf2a1ffe5c14b244867d427714fab43c5c 12-Sep-2006 nn35248 <none@none> PSARC/2005/471 BrandZ: Support for non-native zones
6374606 ::nm -D without an object may not work on processes in zones
6409350 BrandZ project integration into Solaris
6455289 pthread_setschedparam() should return EPERM rather than panic libc
6455591 setpriority(3C) gets errno wrong for deficient privileges failure
6458178 fifofs doesn't support lofs mounts of fifos
6460380 Attempted open() of a symlink with the O_NOFOLLOW flag set returns EINVAL, not ELOOP
6463857 renice(1) errors erroneously

rename : usr/src/lib/libzonecfg/zones/SUNWblank.xml => usr/src/lib/brand/native/zone/SUNWblank.xml
rename : usr/src/lib/libzonecfg/zones/SUNWdefault.xml => usr/src/lib/brand/native/zone/SUNWdefault.xml
e9dbad6f263d5570ed7ff5443ec5b958af8c24d7 05-Sep-2006 eschrock <none@none> PSARC 2006/486 ZFS canmount property
PSARC 2006/497 ZFS create time properties
PSARC 2006/502 ZFS get all datasets
PSARC 2006/504 ZFS user properties
6269805 properties should be set via an nvlist.
6281585 user defined properties
6349494 'zfs list' output annoying for even moderately long dataset names
6366244 'canmount' option for container-like functionality
6367103 create-time properties
6416639 RFE: provide zfs get -a
6437808 ZFS module version should match on-disk version
6454551 'zfs create -b blocksize filesystem' should fail.
6457478 unrecognized character in error message with 'zpool create -R' command
6457865 missing device name in the error message of 'zpool clear' command
6458571 zfs_ioc_set_prop() doesn't validate input
6458614 zfs ACL #defines should use prefix
6458638 get_configs() accesses bogus memory
6458678 zvol functions should be moved out of zfs_ioctl.h
6458683 zfs_cmd_t could use more cleanup
6458691 common routines to manage zfs_cmd_t nvlists
6460398 zpool import cores on zfs_prop_get
6461029 zpool status -x noexisting-pool has incorrect error message.
6461223 index translations should live with property definitions
6461424 zpool_unmount_datasets() has some busted logic
6461427 zfs_realloc() would be useful
6461757 'zpool status' can report the wrong number of persistent errors
6461784 recursive zfs_snapshot() leaks memory
e30bbc33865959d55cffa5ae883464a00a60b080 26-Aug-2006 dp <none@none> 6464209 bfu shouldn't use .../method/svc-zones directly (6402848 broke bfu)
22321485cf29a8423f9b6d3dc9ada30662640505 25-Aug-2006 vp157776 <none@none> 6367840 Zones does not boot if configured for a failed network interface
9e7542f43664efd48128a1fadc2ac760103bdad6 24-Aug-2006 dp <none@none> 6402848 "svc-zones" should key shutdown, halt times to SMF timeout
6442338 zonecfg: 'info' and 'remove' should provide tab-completion
6457631 zonecfg resource help omits dataset resource
3bb79bece53191f2cf27aa61a72ea1784a7ce700 31-Jul-2006 eschrock <none@none> 6368751 libzfs interface for mount/umounting all the file systems for a given pool
6385349 zpool import -d /dev hangs
6397052 unmounting datasets should process /etc/mnttab instead of traverse DSL
6403510 zfs remount,noatime option broken
6423412 Two spaces lines are unnecessary after 'zpool import -a'
6434054 'zfs destroy' core dumps if clone is namespace-parent of origin
6440515 namespace_reload() can leak memory on allocation faiure
6440592 nvlist_dup() should not fill in destination pointer on error
6446060 zfs get does not consistently report temporary properties
6448326 zfs(1) 'list' command crashes if hidden property createtxg is requested
6450653 get_dependents() has poor error semantics

rename : usr/src/cmd/zpool/zpool_dataset.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/zpool/zpool_dataset.c
5cb4571d1b794d3be2bb486e9f9d721bc3e7894f 17-Jul-2006 dp <none@none> 6431807 zoneadmd should daemonize itself into a new contract
Contributed by Mike Gerdts <mgerdts@gmail.com>
555afedfc38adf0cc5fbc1de696dc811973eaaca 29-Jun-2006 carlsonj <none@none> PSARC 2006/387 Zones Features For Zulu
6365741 RFE: add unique identifier to facilitate asset tracking (similar to hostid)
6384962 libzonecfg doesn't preserve owner/mode on changes
6394273 fix for CR 6305641 missed one of the hard-coded constants
6431731 zoneadm list -p (parseable) output isn't
6436841 Zonecfg needs to address alternate roots to adjust file paths
6436853 Zoneadm should allow zones to be marked as incomplete
3f2f09c1efd66f6d2995998ea72c5df8c70c9a97 22-Jun-2006 dp <none@none> PSARC/2006/269 Zone Boot Arguments II
4943812 init improperly respawning stuff during reboot
4994285 RFE: zones should support boot arguments
6315349 halt.c contains an uninitialized variable
6395642 missing global zone checks for menu updates in uadmin(2)
6415633 krtld calls printf(), goes boom
6421372 libc's lintlib doesn't include <sys/uadmin.h>
6433526 zoneadm should use statvfs64
1d452cf5123cb6ac0a013a4dbd4dcceeb0da314d 15-Jun-2006 ahrens <none@none> PSARC 2006/388 snapshot -r
6373978 want to take lots of snapshots quickly ('zfs snapshot -r')
99653d4ee642c6528e88224f12409a5f23060994 30-May-2006 eschrock <none@none> PSARC 2006/223 ZFS Hot Spares
PSARC 2006/303 ZFS Clone Promotion
6276916 support for "clone swap"
6288488 du reports misleading size on RAID-Z
6393490 libzfs should be a real library
6397148 fbufs debug code should be removed from buf_hash_insert()
6405966 Hot Spare support in ZFS
6409302 passing a non-root vdev via zpool_create() panics system
6415739 assertion failed: !(zio->io_flags & 0x00040)
6416759 ::dbufs does not find bonus buffers anymore
6417978 double parity RAID-Z a.k.a. RAID6
6424554 full block re-writes need not read data in
6425111 detaching an offline device can result in import confusion
8cd327d5cbf74ddf7659863fac9475546ccd58ce 30-May-2006 gjelinek <none@none> PSARC 2006/307 zone migration dry-run
6401645 RFE: need support for pre-validating a zone migration
6414181 attach validation should print patch number and version
e7f3c54738792d6495e0fa174f34c45eb831deb3 04-May-2006 gjelinek <none@none> 6222496 zoneadm install does not check for lofs availability
1390a385f0ccedc1305d894bd18248c57f18348a 01-May-2006 gjelinek <none@none> 5106568 "zoneadm verify" can print unclear message in certain cases with IPv6
6415181 fsck stdout writes to imported disks: zoneadmd should set up fds 0, 1 and 2
0b5de56d26c0148ad33bb3a9201091502f24d910 24-Apr-2006 gjelinek <none@none> PSARC 2006/153 Zones ZFS Integration
6383119 RFE: add support for using zfs clones when cloning a zone
6405233 attaching a zone to a system with multiple versions of a patch with one version higher succeeds
6365776 zoneadm uninstall doesn't remove <zonepath>/lu
6400688 Cannot clone a zone with AF_UNIX sockets
45916cd2fec6e79bca5dee0421bd39e3c2910d1e 24-Mar-2006 jpk <none@none> PSARC/2002/762 Layered Trusted Solaris
PSARC/2005/060 TSNET: Trusted Networking with Security Labels
PSARC/2005/259 Layered Trusted Solaris Label Interfaces
PSARC/2005/573 Solaris Trusted Extensions for Printing
PSARC/2005/691 Trusted Extensions for Device Allocation
PSARC/2005/723 Solaris Trusted Extensions Filesystem Labeling
PSARC/2006/009 Labeled Auditing
PSARC/2006/155 Trusted Extensions RBAC Changes
PSARC/2006/191 is_system_labeled
6293271 Zone processes should use zone_kcred instead of kcred
6394554 integrate Solaris Trusted Extensions

rename : usr/src/cmd/dminfo/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/dminfo/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/dminfo/dminfo.c => usr/src/cmd/allocate/dminfo.c
ffbafc5382b8d46def826aec8c419ad31dff8ebd 19-Mar-2006 comay <none@none> PSARC 2006/124 Configurable Privileges for Zones
4966416 RFE: zone privileges should be configurable
5008923 zoneadm halt message is a little illogical when run from the target zone
5049028 Makefiles that hacked around libpool errors now need cleanup
6345758 zonecfg rctl help doesn't mention 'remove'
6397853 zone console doesn't report failures to boot
6399963 get_zone_pool() isn't consistent with its return values
9e5186559a0d5066276f956c3177577225dcc9b0 16-Mar-2006 gjelinek <none@none> 6397915 Usage text for detach & attach seems to be missing
07b574ee7dd136f86aa97501900f9fa521f0b32f 14-Mar-2006 gjelinek <none@none> 6390239 need better handling of .zfs directory
6396823 migration doesn't handle backed out patch
6397007 migration can miss some pkgs needed in the sw inventory
5cd08338ccf6c8c9b84635dab110764bfe7df829 08-Mar-2006 gjelinek <none@none> 6390248 RFE: speed up sys-unconfig when cloning a zone
ee519a1f9541a20bb76ef306dfc8e5616f8a5e26 28-Feb-2006 gjelinek <none@none> PSARC 2006/030 Zone migration
PSARC 2006/119 ACL_NORESOLVE for acl_totext(3sec)
5022513 RFE: Ability to migrate zones across machines
6389264 acl_totext needs support for by-passing nameservice lookup
6389326 random failures in acl_str_to_id
6391051 libzonecfg lint problems
6f70df68f01fde7bd874e03a24639dc62e5bb212 10-Feb-2006 dp <none@none> 6366674 zones service common name could be more descriptive
6383670 zone_create now fails semi-randomly due to CR 6317239
5c358068de4c8e0501c222176f3b0f4559531dd3 08-Feb-2006 lling <none@none> 6382495 "could not" v.s. "cannot" message in zoneadm.c
20c8013f7d176d8bb197f289e6b14411470350cf 07-Feb-2006 lling <none@none> 6347497 'add fs' of a ZFS filesystem doesn't work for a local zone
6381427 Cannot create filesystem in LZ, permission denied
475d78a45545bac2ef9fb731a07a62c1c74377ed 27-Jan-2006 jonb <none@none> 4964162 zoneadm's "list" option allows contradictory suboptions
865e09a46b399ddcc8d4eec1badf3470c04f0f9a 20-Jan-2006 gjelinek <none@none> PSARC 2005/711 Zone move and clone
6292928 RFE: provide faster zone provisioning
4963361 RFE: zoneadm move command
394a25e24123cdf9d847097cafd585e4aed8f420 23-Nov-2005 carlsonj <none@none> 6351221 "zoneadm help mount" dumped core
5ee84fbde352945ab7b4739c6cb8e251a9dd27e6 15-Nov-2005 gjelinek <none@none> 6345056 zoneadm needs l10n cleanup
b5abaf04a772d89637585be7f29c3d99cc69822a 02-Nov-2005 gjelinek <none@none> 6315190 'zoneadm reboot' doesn't verify zone configuration
4979830 zoneadm verify does not report error if the "inherit-pkg-dir" does not exist.
5085664 zones don't work on nosuid filesystems
6224806 zoneadmd should report an error when a global NFS mount is exported via lofs
fa9e4066f08beec538e775443c5be79dd423fcab 31-Oct-2005 ahrens <none@none> PSARC 2002/240 ZFS
6338653 Integrate ZFS
5096886 Write caching disks need mechanism to flush cache to physical media
108322fb1c3ed341aba9c80c9774df0ed9e35768 27-Oct-2005 carlsonj <none@none> PSARC 2005/474 Zones Upgrade (Ashanti and Zulu)
6328286 need scratch zone support for upgrade
6328296 need temporary NFS feature to support cross-zone traffic in miniroot environment (only)
6328310 zone_destroy shouldn't camp on the root vnode
6329667 zoneadm fails, but still exits with status zero
7e362f586af53d30ffc869a0ddc7d0f284ef8f82 23-Jul-2005 comay <none@none> 6228039 bfu clobbers amd64 sysinit module
6269042 cmd/zoneadm and gcc don't get along
6269046 cmd/zonecfg and gcc don't get along
7c478bd95313f5f23a4c958a745db2134aa03244 14-Jun-2005 stevel@tonic-gate <none@none> OpenSolaris Launch