History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/ndmpd/tlm/tlm_traverse.c
Revision Date Author Comments
65451a03349bdb7f4bf79a8f29d4065772e01cae 16-Aug-2010 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6977005 ndmp: cannot span tapes with OSB + 2010.Q1.2
6966171 directories with exactly 255 chars silently omitted from backups
5a3c8170a75e81911cf43e0eb9ad5cdabb5f1e39 26-Oct-2009 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6886789 NDMP backups skip files in certain situations -- sometimes silently
84bf06e9e5fd6d61897cc8c298a0f3e807b27094 24-May-2009 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6840645 7000 NDMP: Backup "Out of memory" error on NDMP client with 10million+ files in multiple subdirs
c211fc479225fa54805cf480633bf6689ca9a2db 11-Mar-2009 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6810894 OFAST NDMP: Remote restore failed via NBU
6787737 Amber Road NDMP: Backup fails with "Out of memory" error on NDMP client
6807614 EBS744:old file recover on NAS 7000 (amber road) over new file, only recovers ACLs
6807326 ndmpd should use timeout on SCMD_TEST_UNIT_READY
2654012f83cec5dc15b61dfe3e4a4915f186e7a6 23-Oct-2008 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6760398 Moving NDMP to open source