History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/ndmpd/tlm/tlm_restore_writer.c
Revision Date Author Comments
82049ff560eed6fbdf4cf222d894467f5809f9b3 27-Nov-2018 Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com> 12119 ndmpd: cast between incompatible function types
Reviewed by: Dan Fields <danfields@fastmail.us>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
2efb3bf9c7f4cf34038896f1431531c93d3f57c2 03-Dec-2013 Jan Kryl <jan.kryl@nexenta.com> 4343 NDMP restore did not report error count to the client
Reviewed by: Albert Lee <trisk@nexenta.com>
Approved by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
588541fbf64fffe619698198cef04af1900f1f86 05-Aug-2010 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6902374 NDMP : Backup/restore fails with error 'Undetermined network port', if DNS is not proper
6888462 NDMP: ndmp bytes to/from disk and ndmpstat in error when seeking on tape
6973946 snapname needs to be filled in for "recursive" case
5181c2afafac4c39b4d5d9d8dd14e6ba0d227db2 08-May-2010 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6940623 ndmp should back up block/character devices
6947357 ndmp should use deferred snapshot destroy
c9fd6b31f4fa1345ad799549dc0f1101b9cef127 29-Mar-2010 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6799726 solaris ndmp should support directory dar
fb4eb4e8c8161158740a5a4057e45ec942165dc2 01-Mar-2010 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6789796 Restoring files does not restore data using NBU
6925219 ndmp: ndmp log shows error when restoring hardlinked files to original location if file exists
634e26ec75c89095090605284938356a3145f2b8 18-Jan-2010 Casper H.S. Dik <Casper.Dik@Sun.COM> PSARC 2009/686 Improving the use and debugging of the basic privilege set.
PSARC/2009/685 Basic Network Privilege
6434380 Expanding the basic privilege set in order to restrict network access and IPC
6912229 Multiple applications mishandle privilege operations, particular they ignore the basic set
6915243 dladm mishandles basic privileges
6915244 in.tftpd mishandles privileges operations
6915250 NDMP mishandles basic privileges
6915257 smbd mishandles basic privileges
6915277 login audit mishandles basic privileges
6915284 su audit mishandles basic privileges
6915778 lpd-port mishandles basic privileges
6915782 zlogin mishandles basic privileges
42ed7838f131b8f58d6c95db1c7e3a6a3e6ea7e4 24-Nov-2009 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6854201 NDMP needs to include user and group quotas in backup stream
859b77458b5f7417d1e612e13d69159c0d6a894e 13-Oct-2009 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6823413 NDMP: logs reported error to set the correct file permission for softlinks
6882707 NDMP: EBS 7.5.1 restores causing coredumps
7a088f03b431bdffa96c3b2175964d4d38420caa 25-Mar-2009 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6820983 AmberRoad NDMP: bakbone netvault still not labeling tapes
6813224 ndmpd should save raw zfs properties, not human-readable form
6812208 NDMP : 'ndmpd' core reported during restore
c211fc479225fa54805cf480633bf6689ca9a2db 11-Mar-2009 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6810894 OFAST NDMP: Remote restore failed via NBU
6787737 Amber Road NDMP: Backup fails with "Out of memory" error on NDMP client
6807614 EBS744:old file recover on NAS 7000 (amber road) over new file, only recovers ACLs
6807326 ndmpd should use timeout on SCMD_TEST_UNIT_READY
86c48bbfeb72d5a6ee171e713059939bab658b77 13-Feb-2009 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6762724 Amber Road NDMP: getting EOF notices in system logs while labeling tapes
6795460 ndmp "debug-path" variable processed after log file opened
6800255 ndmpd zfs property backup fails for ZPROP_SRC_NONE properties
6801253 OFAST NDMP: NDMP's process does not close the session after aborted job from NBU
6800782 OFAST NDMP: Ownership of softlinks data got changed after restored
6798360 Amber Road NDMP: file permissions changed in 3 way restore with tape spanning
b6b15642ffbc95b31765357dc6cc036b590c3a97 14-Jan-2009 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6773172 ndmpd does not handle ephemeral uids correctly
6776996 Amber Road NDMP: backupexec testkit triggers ioctl(USCSICMD) error: invalid argument
7bc22e45a20f905cdd06bb98c98a5c8be7fd25c0 21-Nov-2008 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6758838 Amber Road NDMP: ndmpd passes invalid path for DAR restore of multiple files
6759422 Amber Road NDMP: cannot do a full file level restore
6760988 Amber Road NDMP: Partial 3-way restore fails
6747032 Amber Road NDMP: cannot backup hardlinks in TSM with toc=yes
6766296 Amber Road NDMP: need ndmp enhancements for BackupExec
6755552 Amber Road NDMP: ndmp status page should give more info about physical device for mapping purposes
2654012f83cec5dc15b61dfe3e4a4915f186e7a6 23-Oct-2008 Reza Sabdar <Reza.Sabdar@Sun.COM> 6760398 Moving NDMP to open source