History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/mdb/common/mdb/mdb_termio.c
Revision Date Author Comments
892ad1623e11186cba8b2eb40d70318d2cb89605 24-Jan-2019 Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com> 10306 mdb: NULL pointer errors
Reviewed by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Gergő Mihály Doma <domag02@gmail.com>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
448027eb5d1a94f6ed4660dc460928b2d3b0ff11 22-Apr-2017 Bryan Cantrill <bryan@joyent.com> 8449 mdb inserts spurious newlines in wrapped input lines
Reviewed by: Joshua M. Clulow <jmc@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Dave Pacheco <dap@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com>
Reviewed by: Yuri Pankov <yuripv@gmx.com>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
892f67e40e1eb46c09794613082d56ebd2d8088d 11-Mar-2015 Joshua M. Clulow <jmc@joyent.com> 6173 mdb ought honour the depress of Home and End
Reviewed by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com>
Reviewed by: Jason King <jason.brian.king@gmail.com>
Reviewed by: Josef Sipek <josef.sipek@nexenta.com>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@omniti.com>
3b6e0a598869dfc84461624e8699bf51738f68b3 12-May-2012 Matt Amdur <matt.amdur@delphix.com> 2701 Add tab completion support for mdb
Reviewed by: Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek@joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Adam Leventhal <ahl@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Sebastien Roy <sebastien.roy@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Darren Reed <darrenr@fastmail.net>
Reviewed by: Gordon Ross <gordon.w.ross@gmail.com>
Approved by: Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net>
de81e71e031139a0a7f13b7bf64152c3faa76698 12-Apr-2009 Tim Marsland <Tim.Marsland@Sun.COM> 6763764 Support for FTDI USB Serial adapters
6798921 usbser mishandles some ioctls
4696628 USB serial needs properties to ignore CD
6821751 Add support for 921600 baud
7c478bd95313f5f23a4c958a745db2134aa03244 14-Jun-2005 stevel@tonic-gate <none@none> OpenSolaris Launch