History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/fs.d/nfs/lib/nfs_tbind.c
Revision Date Author Comments
09b0d01c5bc323b8ee7043100e09aded27cc12ab 13-Jun-2014 Gary Mills <gary_mills@fastmail.fm> 3910 t_look(3NSL) should never return T_ERROR
Reviewed by: Marcel Telka <marcel@telka.sk>
Reviewed by: Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@omniti.com>
5539384561c0efe744226d5e5d331f5546e500e4 27-Apr-2014 Marcel Telka <marcel.telka@nexenta.com> 4670 Resource leak in cots_listen_event() when set_addrmask() fails
Reviewed by: Andy Stormont <AStormont@racktopsystems.com>
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@omniti.com>
Approved by: Gordon Ross <gwr@nexenta.com>
bbaa8b60dd95d714741fc474adad3cf710ef4efd 27-Aug-2013 Dan Kruchinin <dan.kruchinin@nexenta.com> 195 Need replacement for nfs/lockd+klm
Reviewed by: Gordon Ross <gordon.ross@nexenta.com>
Reviewed by: Jeremy Jones <jeremy@delphix.com>
Reviewed by: Jeff Biseda <jbiseda@delphix.com>
Approved by: Garrett D'Amore <garrett@damore.org>
4a030418df8249740250110448df4ad59b8a61d2 20-Jun-2011 Dan Kruchinin <dan.kruchinin@nexenta.com> 1107 nfs_tbind.c do_one() function can't work with loopback
Reviewed by: Gordon Ross <gordon.w.ross@gmail.com>
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@nexenta.com>
Approved by: Eric Schrock <Eric.Schrock@delphix.com>
9ff75ade7518b5023d90c864a4c081dba319589e 18-Jun-2010 Surya Prakki <Surya.Prakki@Sun.COM> 6960999 portmapper support needed to support lx brand should go too
2081ac19ecf9a6ff122bdd47d5603081576a9ea1 30-Jun-2009 Dai Ngo <dai.ngo@sun.com> 6216670 NFS server needs a bigger transmit buffer
e810a9826bad969938df088ba7a805cebd203193 29-Jul-2008 vv149972 <none@none> 6696397 NFS v3 provider reports all UDP clients as
9acbbeaf2a1ffe5c14b244867d427714fab43c5c 12-Sep-2006 nn35248 <none@none> PSARC/2005/471 BrandZ: Support for non-native zones
6374606 ::nm -D without an object may not work on processes in zones
6409350 BrandZ project integration into Solaris
6455289 pthread_setschedparam() should return EPERM rather than panic libc
6455591 setpriority(3C) gets errno wrong for deficient privileges failure
6458178 fifofs doesn't support lofs mounts of fifos
6460380 Attempted open() of a symlink with the O_NOFOLLOW flag set returns EINVAL, not ELOOP
6463857 renice(1) errors erroneously

rename : usr/src/lib/libzonecfg/zones/SUNWblank.xml => usr/src/lib/brand/native/zone/SUNWblank.xml
rename : usr/src/lib/libzonecfg/zones/SUNWdefault.xml => usr/src/lib/brand/native/zone/SUNWdefault.xml
45916cd2fec6e79bca5dee0421bd39e3c2910d1e 24-Mar-2006 jpk <none@none> PSARC/2002/762 Layered Trusted Solaris
PSARC/2005/060 TSNET: Trusted Networking with Security Labels
PSARC/2005/259 Layered Trusted Solaris Label Interfaces
PSARC/2005/573 Solaris Trusted Extensions for Printing
PSARC/2005/691 Trusted Extensions for Device Allocation
PSARC/2005/723 Solaris Trusted Extensions Filesystem Labeling
PSARC/2006/009 Labeled Auditing
PSARC/2006/155 Trusted Extensions RBAC Changes
PSARC/2006/191 is_system_labeled
6293271 Zone processes should use zone_kcred instead of kcred
6394554 integrate Solaris Trusted Extensions

rename : usr/src/cmd/dminfo/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/dminfo/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/dminfo/dminfo.c => usr/src/cmd/allocate/dminfo.c
7c478bd95313f5f23a4c958a745db2134aa03244 14-Jun-2005 stevel@tonic-gate <none@none> OpenSolaris Launch