History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/format/menu_cache.c
Revision Date Author Comments
3e1bd7a2aaeb6188caef90679b98088cfef1edc6 27-Oct-2005 sjelinek <none@none> PSARC 2004/776 device checking for fs utilities
PSARC 2005/461 Device in use checking environment variables
5084421 libdiskmgt needs to detect in use ZFS data
5085739 remove workaround for bug 4725434
6194015 Device in use checking for Solaris utilities-PSARC/2004/776
6261853 libdiskmgt does not work correctly in all cases on amd64
6268374 libdiskmgt allocates incorrect size for readdir_r() dirent argument
6291309 PSARC/2005/461 - libdiskmgt should enable bypassing of inuse checking
6301815 PSARC/2005/461-Need Sun private libdiskmgt flag for use during install to disable sysevent starting

rename : usr/src/cmd/format/checkmount.c => usr/src/cmd/format/checkdev.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/format/checkmount.h => usr/src/cmd/format/checkdev.h
7c478bd95313f5f23a4c958a745db2134aa03244 14-Jun-2005 stevel@tonic-gate <none@none> OpenSolaris Launch