History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/fm/schemes/pkg/amd64/Makefile
Revision Date Author Comments
b7d3956b92a285d8dac2c7f5f7e28d2ef5347ef8 28-Jul-2008 stephh <none@none> 6180027 umatched list entry elides entire prop statement, rather than producing shorter list
6559372 can simplify pci.esc and pciex.esc rules now that is_under works corrently
6610980 get ereport.fm.fmd.asru_fmri replaying a fault who's asru is in fmd scheme
6639248 RFE: Eversholt should allow dynamic SERD engine names
6639255 RFE: Eversholt should allow bumping SERD by an arbitrary value
6663677 can sometimes fail to retire asrus if resource-to-asru mapping changes over reboot
6663874 all scheme nvl2str functionality should be moved into topo_fmri_nvl2str()
6672125 fmd should fill in asru/fru in a fault event from topo if not supplied by the DE
6690744 remove need for spurious asru() or fru() function in confprop calls
6698777 eversholt needs easier-to-use serd engine handling
6698783 could have default valuse for FITrate and method in eversholt
6712783 should have separate faults where there is no service impact or impact is degraded rather than lost
6714865 add retire=0 and response=0 flags to faults
749f21d359d8fbd020c974a1a5227316221bfc9c 21-Jan-2006 wesolows <none@none> PSARC 2005/754 FMA SNMP Agent
6365742 fault management data needs an SNMP interface
6365743 need 64-bit fmd scheme plugins