History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/fm/modules/sun4v/etm/etm.c
Revision Date Author Comments
c5fb5d329e745a7b8cb9ff07eebb42948af7bc4e 26-Mar-2010 Karl Davis <Karl.Davis@Sun.COM> 6829206 fm modules faulted after installing 2009.06 in a SunBlade-T6340
d279c7bf2c9cac10650e564018e7d599c33ff03b 17-Nov-2008 Vuong Nguyen <Vuong.Nguyen@Sun.COM> 6770698 ereport still sent to the root domain after an unbind event
2c07a09983fd87547573e6ac9b5fbee5f44fa309 11-Nov-2008 Yanmin Sun <Yanmin.Sun@Sun.COM> 6767441 IO Root domain ETM needs to reset xid posted to FMD when re-open the xprt
6767695 memory leak in etm_pciexrc_walker()
25351652d920ae27c5a56c199da581033ce763f6 15-Oct-2008 Vuong Nguyen <Vuong.Nguyen@Sun.COM> PSARC 2008/605 Extensions to fmd for LDOMs IO
6540055 ETM enhancements for sun4v root domains
6540058 libldom enhancements for sun4v root domains
6540080 topology enhancements for sun4v root domains
6722455 need an interface for transports to log ereports
6723604 need an interface for a module to request fmd to checkpoint
6742685 increase client.thrlim for etm
2ca9f232d5e039a8f2de8723786dbf6248bf9e1e 23-May-2008 rb144127 <none@none> 6533308 fmd does not properly recover from an ldc channel reset
6624294 hard coded excessive sleep on EBUSY accept failure can reduce ETM thruput
b8677b7267ab10505b6cad6e53eef7ca24ba2eaa 12-Sep-2007 rb144127 <none@none> 6591930 domain ETM omits check for dup xid on ALERT msgs
6591931 domain ETM falsely reports etm_xport_open_fail stat
6594506 domain ETM and LDC likely deadlock when xmit queue full
2ae66659c5a202af906daffb7064495db1792dd4 20-Dec-2006 jrutt <none@none> 6324053 ETM should avoid alloc/free of event bodies on duplicate msgs
6343294 fmd.module ereports are generated for numerous error types
6502549 ETM race condition when sending responses and fma events
4b476ed547ce189d989c425cd2f82986abd37b4d 02-Nov-2006 darudy <none@none> PSARC 2006/584 Ontario Event Transport Protocol Version 3
6439235 Sun Fire T2000 should log SC events to Solaris syslog
31e37bb439502e3f7c4c0a9a77d655ea5d56887a 26-May-2006 vn83148 <none@none> 6365629 add support for LDOMS to cpumem-diagnosis.so and cpumem-retire.so
6365633 add support for LDOMS to etm.so
6365645 add support for LDOMS to cpu and mem scheme plugins

rename : usr/src/cmd/fm/schemes/common/mdesc_devinit.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/fm/schemes/common/mdesc_devinit.c
00ab1250ca6296131437f41e529d52b2a88a2501 13-Feb-2006 rb144127 <none@none> 6330180 Ontario ereport dates inconsistent between domain and SP
e2ff4ac63d83b80a04de28e4d3d6068fe781fa12 16-Sep-2005 rb144127 <none@none> PSARC 2005/429 Ontario Event Transport Module
6317871 ereports may be lost if SW issues an FM_PANIC
733a5356058ae0150a67d61f0ad8e5260d2acae3 27-Jul-2005 rb144127 <none@none> PSARC 2005/429 Ontario Event Transport Module
6279063 ETM support for sun4v/Ontario (umbrella bug)