History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/dtrace/test/tst/common/syscall/tst.args.c
Revision Date Author Comments
ef049e29cf099834a7d2659dff30b0c6a6871c5b 07-Nov-2007 samf <none@none> 6624263 syscall/tst.args cannot fail
2b6e762c557496a41438c0b105d604f60c593682 19-Sep-2006 ahl <none@none> 6282214 Byte Ordering Functions in libdtrace
6353438 syscall arguments past the 5th are incorrect
6432394 some sort of #define to denote the availability of USDT
6435862 dtrace -G can generate malformed string tables
6443592 dtrace(1M) leaves a breakpoint in rtld_db_dlactivity on error
6455174 assertion failed: new_pc != 0, file: ../../intel/dtrace/fasttrap_isa.c, line: 1606
6456626 dtrace -G should be able to 'guess' output format
6461522 Availability of dummy-macros for USDT probes in non-DTrace-supported environments
6462995 the syscall provider truncates return values on 32-bit x86 kernels
6465195 assertion failed: -1 <= rmindex && rmindex < tp->ftt_size
6472119 fasttrap should optimize the nop case on x86
6472121 dtest.pl should use the right compilers