History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/dtrace/test/tst/common/proc/tst.exec.ksh
Revision Date Author Comments
bd0f52d78d701efcad2c460df61b45677d041c35 22-Aug-2007 jhaslam <none@none> 6543061 /opt/SUNWdtrt/tst/common/mib/tst.tcp.ksh can hang if fingerd is disabled
6581091 some DTrace test suite tests are not dstyle clean
6581196 many ksh scripts in the DTrace test suite use incorrect SCCS ID string
6581228 some DTrace test suite scripts need to specify a unit for cleanrate
6593038 some D scripts in the test suite contain multiple identical SCCS ident strings
23b5c241225a8ade2b6b9f06ebb891ee459e3b02 26-Sep-2006 tomee <none@none> 6465302 integrate Java DTrace API tests with DTrace test suite
6467526 test suite: sched/tst.stackdepth.d fails in empty stack case
9512fe850e98fdd448c638ca63fdd92a8a510255 29-Aug-2006 ahl <none@none> 6464285 integrate the DTrace test suite