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6a71b7809ecebd757445b09364e5a07444ae5af0 13-Jan-2020 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> Unbound's config.h is manually maintained, using a ./configure produced
config.h as a guide. In practice contributed software maintains a copy
of config.h within its build directory tree containing its Makefile.
usr.sbin/unbound is the home for its config.h.

MFC after: 1 week
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D22983
bb2118ef4077b0b2f9301a6f9596366d3e163fc3 12-May-2018 des <des@FreeBSD.org> Rename all Unbound binaries and man pages from unbound* to local-unbound*.

PR: 222902
bf48865e7d3fa08e548336580ce3a25ee2648fc8 12-May-2018 des <des@FreeBSD.org> Upgrade Unbound to 1.6.2. More to follow.
a598c4b809a73772d7452991213407cdac302156 31-Oct-2017 bdrewery <bdrewery@FreeBSD.org> DIRDEPS_BUILD: Update dependencies.

Sponsored by: Dell EMC Isilon
e21f75298fa5fe8640e001bc1e43a6a570cace96 01-Mar-2017 ngie <ngie@FreeBSD.org> Use SRCTOP-relative paths to other directories instead of .CURDIR-relative ones

This simplifies pathing in make/displayed output.

MFC after: 1 week
Sponsored by: Dell EMC Isilon
b8710acf41245a0b37e6a9c694d505721916df52 04-Sep-2016 des <des@FreeBSD.org> Upgrade to Unbound 1.5.9.
23ec6e34dcd11362068881933d01b08b710f6faf 11-Mar-2016 jhibbits <jhibbits@FreeBSD.org> Add to CFLAGS, rather than replacing.

This allows additional CFLAGS, as set in bsd.cpu.mk, to go through.
fe1ef27d4aa7466620f722f3d6685366106bfc53 01-Dec-2015 bdrewery <bdrewery@FreeBSD.org> META MODE: Update dependencies with 'the-lot' and add missing directories.

This is not properly respecting WITHOUT or ARCH dependencies in target/.
Doing so requires a massive effort to rework targets/ to do so. A
better approach will be to either include the SUBDIR Makefiles directly
and map to DIRDEPS or just dynamically lookup the SUBDIR. These lose
the benefit of having a userland/lib, userland/libexec, etc, though and
results in a massive package. The current implementation of targets/ is
very unmaintainable.

Currently rescue/rescue and sys/modules are still not connected.

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
a191ba5195ecb988c5e5c3b13fc364bde87bd41c 25-Nov-2014 bapt <bapt@FreeBSD.org> Convert usr.sbin to LIBADD
Reduce overlinking
8a9380f42cca5e897a1ccdfa1d7a4d0e624e4864 06-Aug-2014 bapt <bapt@FreeBSD.org> Rework privatelib/internallib

Make sure everything linking to a privatelib and/or an internallib does it directly
from the OBJDIR rather than DESTDIR.
Add src.libnames.mk so bsd.libnames.mk is not polluted by libraries not existsing
in final installation
Introduce the LD* variable which is what ld(1) is expecting (via LDADD) to link to
Directly link to the .so in case of private library to avoid having to complexify

Phabric: https://phabric.freebsd.org/D553
Reviewed by: imp, emaste
ea05e625ec3e5c83a7066971514f66e15e913ecd 15-Sep-2013 des <des@FreeBSD.org> Build and install the Unbound caching DNS resolver daemon.

Approved by: re (blanket)