History log of /freebsd-head/usr.bin/mkimg/mkimg.h
Revision Date Author Comments
6b4d12ca9bcb36cd093b79633a820718824dc15e 03-Mar-2017 sjg <sjg@FreeBSD.org> Allow building mkimg as cross-tool

For linux the mmap offset must also be page aligned, and we
need to disable macros like __FBSDID()

Change the linux osdep_uuidgen() to use more portable gettimeofday().

Reviewed by: marcel
5f1361a7ee6f30ec31b8b63993df6b8288d13615 18-Oct-2016 imp <imp@FreeBSD.org> Add a new flag to mkimg (-a num) to specify the active partition for
those partitioning schemes that have this concept. Implement it as an
override for mbr's setting 0x80 in the flags for the first partition
when we have boot code.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D4403
a31300a1ec00c0d5b95ebc0cd0d59818668fabc4 18-Oct-2016 marcel <marcel@FreeBSD.org> o Provide a private definition for UUIDs (mkimg_uuid_t) because
UUIDs are not portable.
o Move mkimg_uuid() to a new file and merge both gpt_uuid_enc()
and vhd_uuid_enc() into a single mkimg_uuid_enc() that lives
in the same file.
o Move the OS-specific implementation of generating a UUID to
osdep_uuidgen() and provide the implementations for FreeBSD,
macOS and Linux.
o Expect the partitioning scheme headers to be found by having
a search to the directory in which the headers live. This
avoids conflicts on non-FreeBSD machines.
f258aa5cde1113f397c3300bd85cc1798b6a7960 03-Oct-2016 marcel <marcel@FreeBSD.org> Replace STAILQ with TAILQ. TAILQs are portable enough that they can
be used on both macOS and Linux. STAILQs are not. In particular,
STAILQ_LAST does not next on Linux. Since neither STAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE
nor TAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE exist on Linux, replace its use with a regular
TAILQ_FOREACH. The _SAFE variant was only used for having the next
pointer in a local variable.
00d578928eca75be320b36d37543a7e2a4f9fbdb 27-May-2016 grehan <grehan@FreeBSD.org> Create branch for bhyve graphics import.
4742b8fd12181fb4ab76f445c6bf6e95c7598e0c 08-Oct-2014 marcel <marcel@FreeBSD.org> MFC r272485: Fill cyclinder, head and sector fields for the EBR,
MBR and PC98 schemes.

Requested by: gjb
ad936aa7f4c00106fddfb0c8ef0e057b0fdb1a9f 03-Oct-2014 marcel <marcel@FreeBSD.org> Add mkimg_chs() for those schemes that need the LBA broken down into
cylinder, head and track numbers. Return ~0U for these values when
mkimg wasn't given both -T and -H (i.e. no geometry) or the cylinder
would be larger than the provided maximum.

Use mkimgs_chs() for the EBR, MBR and PC98 schemes to fill in the
appropriate fields. Make sure to use a "rounded" size so that the
partition is always a multiple of the track size. We reserved the
room for it in the metadata callback so that's a valid thing to

Bump the mkimg version number.
While doing that again: have mkimg.o depend on the Makefile so that
a version change triggers a rebuild as needed.
0eb256ebfd6ec7a8d152bc026d9c3c9b4ba98a8e 23-Sep-2014 marcel <marcel@FreeBSD.org> MFC 271881: Fix partition alignment and image rounding when any of
-P (block size), -T (track size) or -H (number of heads) is given.

Approved by: re@ (gjb)
9dc0698640fe960ea83bb4dbd1fdb76293868037 19-Sep-2014 marcel <marcel@FreeBSD.org> Fix partition alignment and image rounding when any of -P (block size),
-T (track size) or -H (number of heads) is given:
o scheme_metadata() always rounded to the block size. This is not
always valid (e.g. vtoc8 that must have partitions start at cylinder
o The bsd and vtoc8 schemes "resized" the image to make it match the
geometry, but since the geometry is an approximation and the size
of the image computed from cylinders * heads * sectors is always
smaller than the original image size, the partition information ran
out of bounds.

The fix is to have scheme_metadata() simply pass it's arguments to the
per-scheme metadata callback, so that schemes not only know where the
metadata is to go, but also what the current block address is. It's now
up to the per-scheme callback to reserve room for metadata and to make
sure alignment and rounding is applied.

The BSD scheme now has the most elaborate alignment and rounding. Just
to make the point: partitions are aligned on block boundaries, but the
image is rounded to the next cyclinder boundary.

vtoc8 now properly has all partitions aligned (and rounded) to the
cyclinder boundary.

Obtained from: Juniper Networks, Inc.
MFC after: 3 days
37a9f7be2fd32cf24c75d466cacac9ce83a3766b 28-Jul-2014 marcel <marcel@FreeBSD.org> MFC r268236,268264,268524,268646,268802,269021:
This brings VHD support to mkimg(1); both dynamic and fixed file formats.
Dynamic VHD and VMDK file images are now sparsely written, meaning that
"free" sectors do not occupy space.

Relnotes: yes
a33844e926a330bdb5c1966b112da53d2735b82a 02-Jul-2014 marcel <marcel@FreeBSD.org> MFC mkimg(1) -- revisions 268159, 268134, 266556, 266514, 266513,
266512, 266511, 266510, 266509, 266176, 265468, 265467,
265462, 265170, 263926, 263924, 263923, 263919 and 263918.

Revision 267182 changed mkimg.1 alongside other unrelated manpages.
The change to mkimg.1 has been applied without registering a merge
of the revision. This allows a future merge of r267182 to happen.

Relnotes: yes
f10e28b41fb321b32c2b40e964d002b0cd1cc51a 06-May-2014 marcel <marcel@FreeBSD.org> Add mkimg_write() which combines lseek(2) and write(2) and uses
sector granularity for both offset and length. Have all schemes
use mkimg_write() instead of mkimg_seek() followed by write(2).

Now that schemes don't use lseek(2) nor write(2) directly, it's
easier to support output formats other than raw disks.