History log of /freebsd-head/usr.bin/diff/tests/input_c2.in
Revision Date Author Comments
57d397c2df162d8a8e02b611daaf1fa4b0476bff 11-Mar-2017 bapt <bapt@FreeBSD.org> Import diff from OpenBSD and remove GNU diff

Some of the modifications from the previous summer of code has been integrated
Modification for compatibility with GNU diff output has been added

Main difference with OpenBSD:
Implement multiple GNU diff options:
* --ignore-file-name-case
* --no-ignore-file-name-case
* --normal
* --tabsize
* --strip-trailing-cr
Make diff -p compatible with GNU diff
Implement diff -l
Make diff -r compatible with GNU diff

Capsicumize diffing 2 regular files
Add a simple test suite

Approved by: AsiaBSDcon devsummit
Obtained from: OpenBSD, GSoC
Relnotes: yes