History log of /freebsd-head/tools/tools/genericize/genericize.pl
Revision Date Author Comments
00d578928eca75be320b36d37543a7e2a4f9fbdb 27-May-2016 grehan <grehan@FreeBSD.org> Create branch for bhyve graphics import.
eb1a5f8de9f7ea602c373a710f531abbf81141c4 21-Feb-2014 gjb <gjb@FreeBSD.org> Move ^/user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded up one directory, and remove
^/user/gjb/hacking since this is likely to be merged to head/ soon.

Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
6b01bbf146ab195243a8e7d43bb11f8835c76af8 27-Dec-2013 gjb <gjb@FreeBSD.org> Copy head@r259933 -> user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded for initial
inclusion of (at least) arm builds with the release.

Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
f9bb345c0851c34aa1058639a5701a0e86cf63f6 29-Dec-2011 uqs <uqs@FreeBSD.org> Reencode files from latin1 to UTF-8.
09f9c897d33c41618ada06fbbcf1a9b3812dee53 19-Oct-2010 jamie <jamie@FreeBSD.org> A new jail(8) with a configuration file, to replace the work currently done
by /etc/rc.d/jail.
f1216d1f0ade038907195fc114b7e630623b402c 19-Mar-2010 delphij <delphij@FreeBSD.org> Create a custom branch where I will be able to do the merge.
19b6af98ec71398e77874582eb84ec5310c7156f 22-Nov-2008 dfr <dfr@FreeBSD.org> Clone Kip's Xen on stable/6 tree so that I can work on improving FreeBSD/amd64
performance in Xen's HVM mode.
cf5320822f93810742e3d4a1ac8202db8482e633 19-Oct-2008 lulf <lulf@FreeBSD.org> - Import the HEAD csup code which is the basis for the cvsmode work.
e4d6027c5e91c513881af0ef86a618441ab37adc 30-Jan-2006 des <des@FreeBSD.org> Avoid triggering autovivification of %config entries, which would result in
an empty addenda section.

Handle kernel configs that lack a "machine" line by guessing at the location
of GENERIC (assuming that it is in the same directory as the config file)
07e6fe379fab6fea263a0a5e46678e97155a17c0 20-Sep-2004 des <des@FreeBSD.org> Don't forget to check defined() before testing the value.
a327ab2ee1e532b5b11b3d67bf08e12d42b18597 19-Sep-2004 des <des@FreeBSD.org> Recognize options with values. If an option is present in both GENERIC
and the custom kernel, but its value has been modified, it will now be
kept in its correct spot instead of being moved to the bottom.
52a20a8652fa49c93ee01352bee0830888b94b17 15-Sep-2004 des <des@FreeBSD.org> Comment lines may have leading whitespace.

PR: 71773
Submitted by: Antoine Brodin <antoine.brodin@laposte.net>
ff465de13abe12f499370e2521140187f7f4a89d 29-Aug-2004 des <des@FreeBSD.org> Add -c option to preserve comments from GENERIC in the output.
044539800adf94b9334ee9189188caa2d2e28afa 28-Aug-2004 des <des@FreeBSD.org> Add genericize, a Perl script that converts a kernel config into something
more easily diffable against GENERIC.