History log of /freebsd-head/tests/sys/pjdfstest/config.h
Revision Date Author Comments
7d16d4740deebb6e2d91f0a40f1c81dacc858edd 28-Jun-2017 ngie <ngie@FreeBSD.org> Pull down pjdfstest 0.1

The summary of changes is as follows..

Generic changes::
- Added configure support [2].
- Check for lchmod filesystem support with create_file(..); for
testcases that require lchmod, skip the testcase -- otherwise
use chmod directly [1].
- Added Travis CI integration [2].
- Added utimensat testcases [1].

Linux support::
- Fixed Linux support to pass on later supported versions of
Fedora/Ubuntu [2].
- Conditionally enable posix_fallocate(2) support [2].

OSX support::
- Fixed compilation on OSX [2].
- Added partial OSX support (the test run isn't fully green yet)

MFC after: 2 months
Obtained from: https://github.com/pjd/pjdfstest/tree/0.1
Relnotes: yes
Submitted by: asomers [1], ngie [2]
Tested with: UFS, ZFS