History log of /freebsd-head/sys/netipsec/ipsec_pcb.c
Revision Date Author Comments
7e31d1de7edc43eb4db8f4e6248b0441a44c1e5e 11-Dec-2018 mjg <mjg@FreeBSD.org> Remove unused argument to priv_check_cred.

Patch mostly generated with cocinnelle:

expression E1,E2;

- priv_check_cred(E1,E2,0)
+ priv_check_cred(E1,E2)

Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
4dfaf2a71a08b0efe7739dcc009b445d5c95e515 26-Apr-2017 ae <ae@FreeBSD.org> Fix SP refcount leak.

PCB SP cache acquires extra reference, when SP is stored in the cache.
Release this reference when PCB is destroyed in ipsec_delete_pcbpolicy().
In ipsec_copy_pcbpolicy() release reference to SP in case if sp_in or
sp_out are not NULL.

Reported by: Slawa Olhovchenkov <slw at zxy spb ru>
MFC after: 1 week
0fb6ad528e5c3b098a7410f8f804d39fcd21ee10 06-Feb-2017 ae <ae@FreeBSD.org> Merge projects/ipsec into head/.

Small summary

o Almost all IPsec releated code was moved into sys/netipsec.
o New kernel modules added: ipsec.ko and tcpmd5.ko. New kernel
option IPSEC_SUPPORT added. It enables support for loading
and unloading of ipsec.ko and tcpmd5.ko kernel modules.
o IPSEC_NAT_T option was removed. Now NAT-T support is enabled by
default. The UDP_ENCAP_ESPINUDP_NON_IKE encapsulation type
support was removed. Added TCP/UDP checksum handling for
inbound packets that were decapsulated by transport mode SAs.
setkey(8) modified to show run-time NAT-T configuration of SA.
o New network pseudo interface if_ipsec(4) added. For now it is
build as part of ipsec.ko module (or with IPSEC kernel).
It implements IPsec virtual tunnels to create route-based VPNs.
o The network stack now invokes IPsec functions using special
methods. The only one header file <netipsec/ipsec_support.h>
should be included to declare all the needed things to work
with IPsec.
o All IPsec protocols handlers (ESP/AH/IPCOMP protosw) were removed.
Now these protocols are handled directly via IPsec methods.
o TCP_SIGNATURE support was reworked to be more close to RFC.
o PF_KEY SADB was reworked:
- now all security associations stored in the single SPI namespace,
and all SAs MUST have unique SPI.
- several hash tables added to speed up lookups in SADB.
- SADB now uses rmlock to protect access, and concurrent threads
can do SA lookups in the same time.
- many PF_KEY message handlers were reworked to reflect changes
in SADB.
- SADB_UPDATE message was extended to support new PF_KEY headers:
can be used by IKE daemon to change SA addresses.
o ipsecrequest and secpolicy structures were cardinally changed to
avoid locking protection for ipsecrequest. Now we support
only limited number (4) of bundled SAs, but they are supported
for both INET and INET6.
o INPCB security policy cache was introduced. Each PCB now caches
used security policies to avoid SP lookup for each packet.
o For inbound security policies added the mode, when the kernel does
check for full history of applied IPsec transforms.
o References counting rules for security policies and security
associations were changed. The proper SA locking added into xform
o xform code was also changed. Now it is possible to unregister xforms.
tdb_xxx structures were changed and renamed to reflect changes in
SADB/SPDB, and changed rules for locking and refcounting.

Reviewed by: gnn, wblock
Obtained from: Yandex LLC
Relnotes: yes
Sponsored by: Yandex LLC
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D9352