History log of /freebsd-head/sys/contrib/ncsw/inc/stdlib_ext.h
Revision Date Author Comments
a05c37719169861dac39cfc8673890f912a7e4e5 30-Oct-2017 jhibbits <jhibbits@FreeBSD.org> Update DPAA SDK to SDK 2.0

This adds some support for ARM as well as 64-bit. 64-bit on PowerPC is
currently not working, and ARM support has not been completed or tested on the
FreeBSD side.

As this was imported from a Linux tree, it includes some Linux-isms
(ioread/iowrite), so compile with the LinuxKPI for now. This may change in the
00d578928eca75be320b36d37543a7e2a4f9fbdb 27-May-2016 grehan <grehan@FreeBSD.org> Create branch for bhyve graphics import.
8bf1194fe59ab6a4905efd0ff00cd6b7462247e1 29-Feb-2016 jhibbits <jhibbits@FreeBSD.org> Add support for the Freescale dTSEC DPAA-based ethernet controller.

Freescale's QorIQ line includes a new ethernet controller, based on their
Datapath Acceleration Architecture (DPAA). This uses a combination of a Frame
manager, Buffer manager, and Queue manager to improve performance across all
interfaces by being able to pass data directly between hardware acceleration

As part of this import, Freescale's Netcomm Software (ncsw) driver is imported.
This was an attempt by Freescale to create an OS-agnostic sub-driver for
managing the hardware, using shims to interface to the OS-specific APIs. This
work was abandoned, and Freescale's primary work is in the Linux driver (dual
BSD/GPL license). Hence, this was imported directly to sys/contrib, rather than
going through the vendor area. Going forward, FreeBSD-specific changes may be
made to the ncsw code, diverging from the upstream in potentially incompatible
ways. An alternative could be to import the Linux driver itself, using the
linuxKPI layer, as that would maintain parity with the vendor-maintained driver.
However, the Linux driver has not been evaluated for reliability yet, and may
have issues with the import, whereas the ncsw-based driver in this commit was
completed by Semihalf 4 years ago, and is very stable.

Other SoC modules based on DPAA, which could be added in the future:
* Security and Encryption engine (SEC4.x, SEC5.x)
* RAID engine

Additional work to be done:
* Implement polling mode
* Test vlan support
* Add support for the Pattern Matching Engine, which can do regular expression
matching on packets.

This driver has been tested on the P5020 QorIQ SoC. Others listed in the
dtsec(4) manual page are expected to work as the same DPAA engine is included in

Obtained from: Semihalf
Relnotes: Yes
Sponsored by: Alex Perez/Inertial Computing