History log of /freebsd-head/sys/arm64/coresight/coresight_fdt.c
Revision Date Author Comments
ce768ede1110bc282696c9865b06ca826dab0432 01-Sep-2020 mjg <mjg@FreeBSD.org> arm64: clean up empty lines in .c and .h files
8ce15a8c3559bdd52ae005718214d0274e87db23 17-Jun-2020 br <br@FreeBSD.org> Complete the ACPI support for ARM Coresight:
o Parse the ACPI DSD (Device Specific Data) graph property and record
device connections.
o Split-out FDT support to a separate file.
o Get the corresponding (FDT/ACPI) Coresight platform data in
the device drivers.

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