History log of /freebsd-head/lib/libsdp/util.c
Revision Date Author Comments
260ba0bff18bb32b01216d6870c8273cf22246a7 26-Nov-2017 pfg <pfg@FreeBSD.org> lib: further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.

Mainly focus on files that use BSD 2-Clause license, however the tool I
was using mis-identified many licenses so this was mostly a manual - error
prone - task.

The Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) group provides a specification
to make it easier for automated tools to detect and summarize well known
opensource licenses. We are gradually adopting the specification, noting
that the tags are considered only advisory and do not, in any way,
superceed or replace the license texts.
00d578928eca75be320b36d37543a7e2a4f9fbdb 27-May-2016 grehan <grehan@FreeBSD.org> Create branch for bhyve graphics import.
411a5fdbb3dd161f7c93dafe3156177d62209a1c 07-Apr-2015 takawata <takawata@FreeBSD.org> Check l2cap socket initialisation and define L2CAP_SOCKET_CHECKED
This will fix build.
eb1a5f8de9f7ea602c373a710f531abbf81141c4 21-Feb-2014 gjb <gjb@FreeBSD.org> Move ^/user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded up one directory, and remove
^/user/gjb/hacking since this is likely to be merged to head/ soon.

Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
6b01bbf146ab195243a8e7d43bb11f8835c76af8 27-Dec-2013 gjb <gjb@FreeBSD.org> Copy head@r259933 -> user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded for initial
inclusion of (at least) arm builds with the release.

Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
09f9c897d33c41618ada06fbbcf1a9b3812dee53 19-Oct-2010 jamie <jamie@FreeBSD.org> A new jail(8) with a configuration file, to replace the work currently done
by /etc/rc.d/jail.
f1216d1f0ade038907195fc114b7e630623b402c 19-Mar-2010 delphij <delphij@FreeBSD.org> Create a custom branch where I will be able to do the merge.
19b6af98ec71398e77874582eb84ec5310c7156f 22-Nov-2008 dfr <dfr@FreeBSD.org> Clone Kip's Xen on stable/6 tree so that I can work on improving FreeBSD/amd64
performance in Xen's HVM mode.
cf5320822f93810742e3d4a1ac8202db8482e633 19-Oct-2008 lulf <lulf@FreeBSD.org> - Import the HEAD csup code which is the basis for the cvsmode work.
e9bf354c87e47e1d6398a277e1dae230b4f16592 14-Oct-2006 markus <markus@FreeBSD.org> MFC revs. 1.7

- Add new service class definitions and a new attribute identifier definition
- Update URL of the Assigned Numbers document for SDP

Approved by: re (bmah), emax (mentor)
cbd06250acb0538d103b3d0cc7d32c1440337ad6 26-Aug-2006 markus <markus@FreeBSD.org> - Add new service class definitions and a new attribute identifier definition
- Update URL of the Assigned Numbers document for SDP

Approved by: emax (mentor)
MFC after: 3 days
a459bffc460c8721dfd4332b33373cb4140660ff 09-Jun-2006 emax <emax@FreeBSD.org> MFC:

Fix an unwanted gcc4 warning.

Submitted by: delphij
023ff94b670de205474d6b056d9eba6c4689d2cd 06-Jun-2006 emax <emax@FreeBSD.org> Fix an unwanted gcc4 warning.

Submitted by: delphij
MFC after: 3 days
720e9b2d9fb28b57fcae795d38e68d9396f1fb0c 27-May-2005 emax <emax@FreeBSD.org> Do not tread 128-bit UUID as int128. Provide separate macros to get/put
128-bit UUID libsdp(3). Fix 128-bit UUID printing in sdpcontrol(8).

MFC after: 3 days
3513d3a4bf451f0df5b032f66e51942fa9a3bde8 09-Apr-2004 emax <emax@FreeBSD.org> Make sure Bluetooth stuff can be compiled on amd64

Submitted by: ps
a67ee2bd6ef51c55ecdd5ff68d710908cf65d27f 09-Jan-2004 emax <emax@FreeBSD.org> Prepare libsdp(3) for the upcoming sdpd import
Also while i'm here s/u_int/uint

Reviewed by: imp (mentor), ru
de7e59e1a725af86269123161a23b4c1a867034a 11-Nov-2003 emax <emax@FreeBSD.org> Fix few typos

Reviewed by: imp, julian, ru
Approved by: imp (mentor)
41bb0e8fd2568243020852e22a6d176bccfa60cd 12-Oct-2003 emax <emax@FreeBSD.org> Update Bluetooth code.

Reviewed by: M. Warner Losh <imp@bsdimp.com>; John Hay <jhay@freebsd.org>
Approved by: M. Warner Losh <imp@bsdimp.com> (mentor)