History log of /freebsd-head/include/netdb.h
Revision Date Author Comments
cb53dcdf4f48301f837914a3d528b79cd9774d27 23-Dec-2018 pfg <pfg@FreeBSD.org> Fix mismatch from r342379.
2c75604e5507b609d05403b97c343e35ecc5db63 23-Dec-2018 pfg <pfg@FreeBSD.org> gai_strerror() - Update string error messages according to RFC 3493.

Error messages in gai_strerror(3) vary largely among OSs.

For new software we largely replaced the obsoleted EAI_NONAME and
with EAI_NODATA but we never updated the corresponding message to better
match the intended use. We also have references to ai_flags and ai_family
which are not very descriptive for non-developer end users.

Bring new new error messages based on informational RFC 3493, which has
obsoleted RFC 2553, and make them consistent among the header adn

MFC after: 1 month
Differentical Revision: D18630
807d9a1070f24de678e4276cfa1839949138d64d 08-Dec-2017 pfg <pfg@FreeBSD.org> SPDX: license IDs for some ISC-related files.
6b22553e1683b7594412d6f219fed132f949c524 20-Nov-2017 pfg <pfg@FreeBSD.org> include: further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.

Mainly focus on files that use BSD 3-Clause license.

The Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) group provides a specification
to make it easier for automated tools to detect and summarize well known
opensource licenses. We are gradually adopting the specification, noting
that the tags are considered only advisory and do not, in any way,
superceed or replace the license texts.

Special thanks to Wind River for providing access to "The Duke of
Highlander" tool: an older (2014) run over FreeBSD tree was useful as a
starting point.
43835a137db2c11db762c613be4c1be506f8cfb8 28-Jul-2016 ed <ed@FreeBSD.org> Add NI_NUMERICSCOPE.

POSIX also declares NI_NUMERICSCOPE, which makes getnameinfo() return a
numerical scope identifier. The interesting thing is that support for
this is already present in code, but #ifdef disabled. Expose this
functionality by placing a definition for it in <netdb.h>.

While there, remove references to NI_WITHSCOPEID, as that got removed 11
years ago.
5c6d3bcb516d18ccab879407ec43fc68043a671d 09-Jun-2016 markj <markj@FreeBSD.org> Implement an NSS backend for netgroups and add getnetgrent_r(3).

This support appears to have been documented in nsswitch.conf(5) for some
time. The implementation adds two NSS netgroup providers to libc. The
default, compat, provides the behaviour documented in netgroup(5), so this
change does not make any user-visible behaviour changes. A files provider
is also implemented.

innetgr(3) is implemented as an optional NSS method so that providers such
as NIS which are able to implement efficient reverse lookup can do so.
A fallback implementation is used otherwise. getnetgrent_r(3) is added for
convenience and to provide compatibility with glibc and Solaris.

With a small patch to net/nss_ldap, it's possible to specify an ldap
netgroup provider, allowing one to query nisNetgroupTriple entries.

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
3e4cb7353ede7e585e56a1dec5a9b64630722844 30-May-2016 ed <ed@FreeBSD.org> Add missing types and constants to <netdb.h>.

According to POSIX, the netdb.h header must also provide in_addr_t and
in_port_t. It should also provide IPPORT_RESERVED. Copy over the
necessary bits from <netinet/in.h> to achieve that.
00d578928eca75be320b36d37543a7e2a4f9fbdb 27-May-2016 grehan <grehan@FreeBSD.org> Create branch for bhyve graphics import.
6885269fd53f8f58470f0243c006eac9eedf15b2 27-Dec-2015 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> MFC r292514:
addrinfo.ai_family is an address family, not a protocol family.

PR: 162434
55621219f54a49a3877e8da2ae39078ed442909f 25-Dec-2015 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> Add AI_V4MAPPED and AI_ALL support for getaddrinfo(3).

PR: 198092
33741c0d9ada9a85f36241592179ac7ca0b53436 20-Dec-2015 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> addrinfo.ai_family is an address family, not a protocol family.

PR: 162434
MFC after: 1 week
658c0fc8567d7baad6d98a169f5b867b17e383b1 18-Dec-2015 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> Add AI_V4MAPPED and AI_ALL support for getaddrinfo(3).
We need to change netdb.h to make it actually enabled.

PR: 198092
MFC after: 1 week
eb1a5f8de9f7ea602c373a710f531abbf81141c4 21-Feb-2014 gjb <gjb@FreeBSD.org> Move ^/user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded up one directory, and remove
^/user/gjb/hacking since this is likely to be merged to head/ soon.

Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
6b01bbf146ab195243a8e7d43bb11f8835c76af8 27-Dec-2013 gjb <gjb@FreeBSD.org> Copy head@r259933 -> user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded for initial
inclusion of (at least) arm builds with the release.

Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
0bcfe62162c6317108fed5c0aabb5ce3d4a9a2aa 13-Dec-2011 ed <ed@FreeBSD.org> Replace __const by const in all non-contributed source code.

As C1X is close to being released, there is no need to wrap around a
feature that is already part of C90. Most of these files already use
`const' in different placed as well.
09f9c897d33c41618ada06fbbcf1a9b3812dee53 19-Oct-2010 jamie <jamie@FreeBSD.org> A new jail(8) with a configuration file, to replace the work currently done
by /etc/rc.d/jail.
50edecc45441eac7385beca569f1da14f1b9a490 18-Apr-2010 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> MFC r206155, r206267: Add capability to use a db version of
services. It is enabled by specifying `db' as source of
services in /etc/nsswitch.conf.
7915a506541b9b6b29c31dec9643b7da9649252c 04-Apr-2010 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> Add capability to use a db version of services. It is enabled by
specifying `db' as source of service in /etc/nsswitch.conf.

MFC after: 2 weeks
f1216d1f0ade038907195fc114b7e630623b402c 19-Mar-2010 delphij <delphij@FreeBSD.org> Create a custom branch where I will be able to do the merge.
7d79e30fb25e3bdb34df41c8c7b09487154b66ac 16-Feb-2010 imp <imp@FreeBSD.org> Remove the Berkeley clause 3's.
Add a few $FreeBSD$
835b4065deb1844dbbb0bc07994122bd9a049e68 14-Mar-2009 das <das@FreeBSD.org> Hide numerous BSD extensions in the POSIX namespace.
19b6af98ec71398e77874582eb84ec5310c7156f 22-Nov-2008 dfr <dfr@FreeBSD.org> Clone Kip's Xen on stable/6 tree so that I can work on improving FreeBSD/amd64
performance in Xen's HVM mode.
cf5320822f93810742e3d4a1ac8202db8482e633 19-Oct-2008 lulf <lulf@FreeBSD.org> - Import the HEAD csup code which is the basis for the cvsmode work.
ea7fc621cea3fc6afc7c501a1fd2d33f078f6d77 17-Jul-2006 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> MFC:
- Update the resolver in libc to BIND9's one.
- make reentrant version of netdb functions glibc style API, and
expose them to outside of libc.
- make netdb functions NSS friendly.

include/Makefile 1.261
include/arpa/inet.h 1.26
include/arpa/nameser.h 1.18
include/arpa/nameser_compat.h 1.5
include/netdb.h 1.40-1.42
include/res_update.h 1.1
include/resolv.h 1.29-1.30
lib/libc/Makefile 1.64
lib/libc/include/port_after.h 1.1-1.2
lib/libc/include/port_before.h 1.1
lib/libc/inet/Makefile.inc 1.1
lib/libc/inet/inet_addr.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/inet_cidr_pton.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/inet_lnaof.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/inet_makeaddr.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/inet_net_ntop.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/inet_net_pton.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/inet_neta.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/inet_netof.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/inet_network.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/inet_ntoa.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/inet_ntop.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/inet_pton.c, 1.2
lib/libc/inet/nsap_addr.c, 1.2
lib/libc/isc/Makefile.inc 1.1
lib/libc/isc/ev_streams.c, 1.2
lib/libc/isc/ev_timers.c, 1.2
lib/libc/isc/eventlib_p.h, 1.2
lib/libc/nameser/Makefile.inc 1.1
lib/libc/nameser/ns_print.c, 1.2
lib/libc/nameser/ns_samedomain.c, 1.2
lib/libc/net/Makefile.inc 1.58
lib/libc/net/getaddrinfo.c 1.74, 1.77-1.78
lib/libc/net/gethostbydns.c 1.55-1.57
lib/libc/net/gethostbyht.c 1.24-1.26
lib/libc/net/gethostbyname.3 1.35
lib/libc/net/gethostbynis.c 1.26-1.28
lib/libc/net/gethostnamadr.c 1.29-1.30, 1.32
lib/libc/net/getnameinfo.c 1.18
lib/libc/net/getnetbydns.c 1.32-1.33
lib/libc/net/getnetbyht.c 1.17-1.18
lib/libc/net/getnetbynis.c 1.20-1.21
lib/libc/net/getnetnamadr.c 1.22
lib/libc/net/getproto.c 1.5
lib/libc/net/getprotoent.c 1.7
lib/libc/net/getprotoname.c 1.5
lib/libc/net/getservbyname.c 1.8
lib/libc/net/getservbyport.c 1.8
lib/libc/net/getservent.c 1.21
lib/libc/net/name6.c 1.56-1.57
lib/libc/net/netdb_private.h 1.10-1.11, 1.13
lib/libc/net/res_config.h 1.9
lib/libc/net/res_mkupdate.c 1.7-1.8
lib/libc/net/res_update.c 1.8-1.9
lib/libc/resolv/Makefile.inc 1.1
lib/libc/resolv/h_errno.c 1.1
lib/libc/resolv/herror.c, 1.2
lib/libc/resolv/mtctxres.c, 1.2
lib/libc/resolv/res_comp.c, 1.2
lib/libc/resolv/res_data.c, 1.2-1.3
lib/libc/resolv/res_debug.c, 1.2
lib/libc/resolv/res_init.c, 1.2
lib/libc/resolv/res_mkquery.c, 1.2
lib/libc/resolv/res_query.c, 1.2-1.3
lib/libc/resolv/res_send.c, 1.2
lib/libc/resolv/res_state.c 1.1-1.2

Tested by: nork
dce008dac9e1172bb4b955ae91cf29b2e8429dd2 21-May-2006 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> Fix gethostbyaddr() prototype to conform to IEEE Std 1003.1 on 64 bit

X-MFC after: never
c49929798600cc98625b30e672dfe77235791a07 21-May-2006 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> Return EAI_OVERFLOW instead of EAI_MEMORY when the supplied buffer is
too short. This conforms to RFC3493, POSIX and XPG6.

Obtained from: NetBSD
ab3eacdf3106cb0b4027a6d928d9555815af0b48 12-May-2006 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> Fix gethostbyaddr() prototype to conform to IEEE Std 1003.1:


gethostbyaddr_r() is changed as well.
It breaks ABI backward compatibility on 64 bit arch. So, we fix it
on 32 bit arch only for now.

Reported by: Rostislav Krasny <rosti.bsd@gmail.com>
b6bb84cf9e6c9d871a17bcf962cf63180af70e95 15-Apr-2006 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> - make reentrant version of netdb functions glibc style API, and
expose them to outside of libc.
- make netdb functions NSS friendly.

Reviewed by: arch@ and current@ (no objection)
b09a8950a1301d97aef8e2975e34a3ba5bc451c3 21-Mar-2006 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> Update the resolver in libc to BIND9's one.

Since, res_sendsigned(3) and the friends use MD5 functions, it is
hard to include them without having MD5 functions in libc. So,
res_sendsigned(3) is not merged into libc.

Since, res_update(3) in BIND9 is not binary compatible with our
res_update(3), res_update(3) is leaved as is, except some
necessary modifications.
The res_update(3) and the friends are not essential part of the
resolver. They are not defined in resolv.h but defined in
res_update.h separately in BIND9. Further, they are not called from
our tree. So, I hide them from our resolv.h, but leave them only
for binary backward compatibility (perhaps, no one calls them).

Since, struct __res_state_ext is not exposed in BIND9, I hide it
from our resolv.h. And, global variable _res_ext is removed. It
breaks binary backward compatibility. But, since it is not used from
outside of our libc, I think it is safe.

Reviewed by: arch@ (no objection)
34d108ce3bf025a92b772ead557f228db54a75f1 22-Jul-2005 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> MFC: Remove padding for ABI compatibility of ai_addrlen member
from struct addrinfo. This change break ABI compatibility on
64 bit arch.

include/netdb.h: 1.39
lib/libc/net/getaddrinfo.c: 1.70

Approved by: re (kensmith)
72038f290ef394c35da425aabe4bd91dcaf48311 22-Jul-2005 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> Remove padding for ABI compatibility of ai_addrlen member
from struct addrinfo. This change break ABI compatibility
on 64 bit arch.
0d8a6fcf732984f217c6997539424b40833a93b4 03-Jun-2005 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> - Remove padding for ABI compatibility of n_net member from struct
- Change 1st argument of getnetbyaddr() to an uint32_t on 64 bit
arch as well to confirm to POSIX-2001.

These changes break ABI compatibility on 64 bit arch.
There is similar padding issue for ai_addrlen of struct addrinfo.
However, it is leaved as is for now.

Discussed on: arch@, standards@ and current@
X-MFC after: never
9409f5e4f1cae0b940f05349a61181c1a50eda6f 27-May-2005 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> disable defining NI_WITHSCOPEID. It was obsoleted, and was exist
only for backward compatibility since 5.2-RELEASE.
7a6cd620d08df24bc7c27e2a13017a1f63f004b2 15-May-2005 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> - The ai_addrlen of a struct addrinfo used to be a size_t, per
RFC 2553. In XNS5.2, and subsequently in POSIX-2001 and RFC
3493, it was changed to a socklen_t. And, the n_net of a
struct netent used to be an unsigned long integer. In XNS5,
and subsequently in POSIX-2001, it was changed to an uint32_t.
To accomodate for this while preserving ABI compatibility with
the old interface, we need to prepend or append 32 bits of
padding, depending on the (LP64) architecture's endianness.
- Correct 1st argument of getnetbyaddr() to uint32_t on 32
bit arch. Stay as is on 64 bit arch for ABI backward
compatibility for now.

Reviewed by: das, peter
MFC after: 2 weeks
1dcbf1fa6d10d13dbb22aa0e0ad569b2a28c7791 27-Apr-2005 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> hide implementation specific internal functions from netdb.h.
it is needed to make get{host,net}by*() thread-safe.
eb29a7bac4636e6bec3a03173f13a68d2f0c8446 14-Feb-2005 phantom <phantom@FreeBSD.org> . Convert return type of gai_strerror() to 'const char *' as POSIX requires.
. Convert ai_errlist[] to simple 'char *' array, and appropriately
optimize gai_strerror()
4a4e55c7dd46f4fec5bab18c86a18fbd287011d8 27-Jan-2005 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> implement AI_NUMERICSERV (as defined in RFC3493).

Obtained from: KAME
MFC after: 1 week
40452493ee2a89d18609e7a71f114981ff6a315a 25-Feb-2004 green <green@FreeBSD.org> Make the resolver(3) and many associated interfaces much more reentrant.
The getaddrinfo(3), getipnodebyname(3) and resolver(3) can coincide now
with what should be totally reentrant, and h_errno values will now
be preserved correctly, but this does not affect interfaces such as
gethostbyname(3) which are still mostly non-reentrant.

In all of these relevant functions, the thread-safety has been pushed
down as far as it seems possible right now. This means that operations
that are selected via nsdispatch(3) (i.e. files, yp, dns) are protected
still under global locks that getaddrinfo(3) defines, but where possible
the locking is greatly reduced. The most noticeable improvement is
that multiple DNS lookups can now be run at the same time, and this
shows major improvement in performance of DNS-lookup threaded programs,
and solves the "Mozilla tab serialization" problem.

No single-threaded applications need to be recompiled. Multi-threaded
applications that reference "_res" to change resolver(3) options will
need to be recompiled, and ones which reference "h_errno" will also
if they desire the correct h_errno values. If the applications already
understood that _res and h_errno were not thread-safe and had their own
locking, they will see no performance improvement but will not
actually break in any way.

Please note that when NSS modules are used, or when nsdispatch(3)
defaults to adding any lookups of its own to the individual libc
_nsdispatch() calls, those MUST be reentrant as well.
2d19c21359a4be7684281c052f79dd5c250a38fe 15-Jan-2004 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> remove EAI_NODATA aliased to EAI_NONAME.

PR: bin/61369
0d16bae2b7298c1d55087f387ed31a8b49d05b2b 24-Oct-2003 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> style.

Reported by: bde
b3207a61e74230c67fe117db07d696ea09b7e132 24-Oct-2003 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> oops, EAI_NONAME is not EAINONAME.
3ec96cda402cf4e2cde5ccda7129fed098043061 23-Oct-2003 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> workaround to have backward compatibility for EAI_NODATA.
it will be removed on 23 Apr 2004.

Submitted by: terry
7b5733448f7255d2d613bd4eb1496b92eb1c7f48 23-Oct-2003 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> oops, I forget to diable EAI_ADDRFAMILY and EAI_NODATA.
bf741bc603a4e3d435392d831a2e8a401ed1d49e 21-Oct-2003 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> stop use of NI_WITHSCOPEID. it was deprecated.

Obtained from: KAME
9e6f796b0d2083dcc48c062853660f96db0a3c8d 21-Aug-2002 mike <mike@FreeBSD.org> o Merge <machine/ansi.h> and <machine/types.h> into a new header
called <machine/_types.h>.
o <machine/ansi.h> will continue to live so it can define MD clock
macros, which are only MD because of gratuitous differences between
o Change all headers to make use of this. This mainly involves
#ifdef _BSD_FOO_T_
typedef _BSD_FOO_T_ foo_t;
#undef _BSD_FOO_T_
typedef __foo_t foo_t;

Concept by: bde
Reviewed by: jake, obrien
a2d19d28562ce2d776dfb6a6a27f777fa8865b73 26-Jun-2002 imp <imp@FreeBSD.org> Minor libc internal-only interface change for mapv4v6.
300518c0a10b4f5030e23380da07c906a3ee80dc 23-Mar-2002 imp <imp@FreeBSD.org> Breath deep and take __P out of the system include files.

# This appears to not break X11, but I'm having problems compiling the
# glide part of the server with or without this patch, so I can't tell
# for sure.
18b78355b8621cae4f0cb3aa0448d1808b09d97f 04-Oct-2001 bde <bde@FreeBSD.org> Fixed order of includes. <sys/cdefs.h> must be included before
<machine/ansi.h> for the definition of __signed, unless the compiler
is gcc.

Moved the declaration of socklen_t up together with the declaration of
size_t, and removed low-quality comment about this declaration. Declaring
socklen_t in this file is normal in POSIX-1.200x, unlike declaring size_t.
34ad4938d7b13071cec2b5866ff9e86958fee591 05-Sep-2001 obrien <obrien@FreeBSD.org> style(9) the structure definitions.
fe081b1a18f938abfd492bb2dacbdf63d10b2a6d 22-Jul-2001 mike <mike@FreeBSD.org> Remove namespace pollution.

PR: 14327
Reviewed by: des
Approved by: des
MFC after: 7 days
43f4ccfaee466169ae8841b8e98ae2a5fe0c9a56 27-Mar-2001 alfred <alfred@FreeBSD.org> give the "netgrent" functions a home in netdb.h
97ef17ff72184bfbc39e0cd85f2d8633a9fdf8b9 17-Mar-2001 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> Nuke non-standard EAI_RESNULL.
4c1233433d4d46f6e4a755a79944ded2cc7e5420 19-Feb-2001 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> Enable AI_ADDRCONFIG as a valid flag of getaddrinfo(3). Some
applications specify AI_ADDRCONFIG and fail to run under FreeBSD.
Latest mews is known. Now, getaddrinfo(3) behaves according to
bf66c2eda88095d4910d396920c45781fd19db78 15-Feb-2001 ume <ume@FreeBSD.org> Correct 2nd argument of getnameinfo(3) to socklen_t.

Reviewed by: itojun
748554442d0ac4467fdac2ce9d42006588fd4481 06-Sep-2000 nectar <nectar@FreeBSD.org> Add nsswitch support. By creating an /etc/nsswitch.conf file, you can
configure FreeBSD so that various databases such as passwd and group can be
looked up using flat files, NIS, or Hesiod.

= Hesiod has been added to libc (see hesiod(3)).

= A library routine for parsing nsswitch.conf and invoking callback
functions as specified has been added to libc (see nsdispatch(3)).

= The following C library functions have been modified to use nsdispatch:
. getgrent, getgrnam, getgrgid
. getpwent, getpwnam, getpwuid
. getusershell
. getaddrinfo
. gethostbyname, gethostbyname2, gethostbyaddr
. getnetbyname, getnetbyaddr
. getipnodebyname, getipnodebyaddr, getnodebyname, getnodebyaddr

= host.conf has been removed from src/etc. rc.network has been modified
to warn that host.conf is no longer used at boot time. In addition, if
there is a host.conf but no nsswitch.conf, the latter is created at boot
time from the former.

Obtained from: NetBSD
b42951578188c5aab5c9f8cbcde4a743f8092cdc 02-Apr-2000 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'ALSA'.
63ef3be5d669e165f90e2d89ee573360bf7bc754 08-Feb-2000 shin <shin@FreeBSD.org> Change IPv6 address scope delimeter from '@' to '%' as recent KAME change.
'@' conflicts with existing notations such as user@host, so '%' is better.

Approved by: jkh

Obtained from: KAME project
8c2ccb59caf882ac518eda1f570ea731d4466216 28-Dec-1999 shin <shin@FreeBSD.org> Getaddrinfo(), getnameinfo(), and etc support in libc/net.
Several udp and raw apps IPv6 support.

Reviewed by: freebsd-arch, cvs-committers
Obtained from: KAME project
d4e3ebaf0a81e32bf7a10fb0f649ec6f060bc1fb 27-Aug-1999 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> $Id$ -> $FreeBSD$
f8f1d6e80f37646e814e2fad78e9a39580b7fbf9 11-Jun-1998 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> Update nameserver interface to bind-8.1.2 levels. We do not use IRS (yet?)
since it has far wider impact than hostname lookups (including passwords).
Note that this has more ugly symbol hiding and binary compatability hacks
that can go away the second we bump majors.

Obtained from: Mostly from diff against ISC bind-8.1.2 sources
0506343883d62f6649f7bbaf1a436133cef6261d 11-Jan-1998 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'jb'.
7c6e96080c4fb49bf912942804477d202a53396c 10-Jan-1998 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'JB'.
a900aa0a5e8a249eefb72cdab58d4aeae06d0bca 16-Aug-1997 steve <steve@FreeBSD.org> Make this compile with the -traditional cc flag.

PR: misc/2189
Submitted by: Lars Koeller <Lars_Koeller@odie.physik2.uni-rostock.de>
43ce0607349ff09b87048f834e20b8c30ad81336 27-Jun-1997 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> merge in bind-4.9.6 changes (only effect is __res_send #define reverted)
f173325ac850b1859902fe746462676d9c731e7a 23-Feb-1997 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> Revert $FreeBSD$ to $Id$
808a36ef658c1810327b5d329469bcf5dad24b28 14-Jan-1997 jkh <jkh@FreeBSD.org> Make the long-awaited change from $Id$ to $FreeBSD$

This will make a number of things easier in the future, as well as (finally!)
avoiding the Id-smashing problem which has plagued developers for so long.

Boy, I'm glad we're not using sup anymore. This update would have been
insane otherwise.
648aae194ff9b811344c5f95821059f6810ee266 30-Dec-1996 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> Update the resolver definitions from bind-4.9.4-P1 to 4.9.5-P1 level.
(More commits to come)
d971f8ba30d6c175abff84fb92fc284744fa18ac 29-Aug-1996 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> Hand merge in the bind-4.9.4-P1 resolver updates.
d6779c281f3ea678ab1320b1bfd796b3815b2c35 30-Jan-1996 mpp <mpp@FreeBSD.org> Fix a bunch of spelling errors in the comment fields
of a bunch of system include files.
86f1bc4514fdcfd255f37f3218fe234bdc3664fc 05-Nov-1995 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'LINUX'.
2dd1919d1c22bd3dc75ab1064352572d401b1ab9 20-Aug-1995 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> Update the resolver include files to bind-4.9.3-beta24 level (from beta9p1)
Note: this was done by selective patching from diffs by hand, in order
to not conflict with the 4.4BSD base code. Beta9 was done the same way.

Obtained from: Paul Vixie <paul@vix.com>
2ad6f3dee6bc54535003f4ab26bbc587b7efa38c 30-May-1995 rgrimes <rgrimes@FreeBSD.org> Remove trailing whitespace.
2e14d9ebc3d3592c67bdf625af9ebe0dfc386653 14-Mar-1995 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'MATT_THOMAS'.
34cd81d75f398ee455e61969b118639dacbfd7a6 23-Sep-1994 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'MACKERRAS'.
e16baf7a5fe7ac1453381d0017ed1dcdeefbc995 07-Aug-1994 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'SUNRPC'.
a6ce65d368e623088a4c1a29865889f431b15420 24-May-1994 rgrimes <rgrimes@FreeBSD.org> BSD 4.4 Lite Include Sources