History log of /freebsd-head/contrib/sqlite3/tea/configure
Revision Date Author Comments
f357eac25ab9fc9516614f457431188b8849fb6c 07-Jul-2020 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> MFV r362990:

Update sqlite to 3.32.3 (3320300).

Release Announcement: https://www.sqlite.org/releaselog/3_32_3.html
See also: ports r541414

PR: 247819
Reported by: Pavel Volkov <pavelivolkov at gmail.com>
MFC after: 1 week
3132c3cb3ac1aa00fc3e84424cee5414b6ef1e97 13-Jun-2020 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> MFV r362143:

Update sqlite3 to 3.32.2 (3320200).

CVE-2020-11655: SQLite through 3.31.1 allows attackers to cause a denial of
service (segmentation fault) via a malformed window-function query because
the AggInfo object's initialization is mishandled.

CVE-2020-13434: SQLite through 3.32.0 has an integer overflow in
sqlite3_str_vappendf in printf.c.

CVE-2020-13435: SQLite through 3.32.0 has a segmentation fault in
sqlite3ExprCodeTarget in expr.c.

CVE-2020-13630: ext/fts3/fts3.c in SQLite before 3.32.0 has a
use-after-free in fts3EvalNextRow, related to the snippet feature

CVE-2020-13631: SQLite before 3.32.0 allows a virtual table to be renamed
to the name of one of its shadow tables, related to alter.c and build.c.

CVE-2020-13632: ext/fts3/fts3_snippet.c in SQLite before 3.32.0 ha s a
NULL pointer dereference via a crafted matchinfo() query.

PR: 247149
Reported by: spam123@bitbert.com
MFC after: 3 days
Security: vuxml: c4ac9c79-ab37-11ea-8b5e-b42e99a1b9c3
c3c70f6599c7319735b036c44cc7fff250542ead 12-Jun-2020 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> MFV r362082:

Update sqlite3 3.31.1 --> 3.32.0.

PR: 247149
Reported by: spam123@bitbert.com
Reminded by: emaste
MFC after: 3 days
Security: CVE-2020-11655, CVE-2020-13434, CVE-2020-13435,
CVE-2020-13630, CVE-2020-13631, CVE-2020-13632
9c7ac335493f08c516adabc61aa37ba740eed866 23-Apr-2020 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> MFV r360158:

Update sqlite3-3.31.0 (3310000) --> sqlite3-3.31.1 (3310100)

Tested by: Mark Millard <marklmi at yahoo.com>
With to be committed PowerPC patch
MFC after: 1 month
X-MFC with: r360221
355146b1cd188d6b4a7d4e1f3d2a94a8bad49f46 23-Apr-2020 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> In preparation for update to sqlite3-3.31.1 (3310100),
recommit r357201: MFV r357163, which was reverted by r357522
due to segfault under PowerPc.

Update sqlite3-3.30.1 (3300100) --> sqlite3-3.31.0 (3310000)

MFC after: 1 month
ac03aee5b1e159a50f30bea0976354df500dffcb 04-Feb-2020 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> Revert r357201: downgrade sqlite3 from sqlite3-3.31.0 (3310000) to
sqlite3-3.30.1 (3300100), as it causes svnlite segfaults on PowerPC,
resulting in corruption.

Reported by: Mark Millard <marklmi at yahoo.com>
Francis Little <oggy at farscape.co.uk>
8ab5e8856eda57d8d4a7d79b26f57abc63782a77 28-Jan-2020 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> MFV r357163:

Update sqlite3-3.30.1 (3300100) --> sqlite3-3.31.0 (3310000)

MFC after: 1 month
541045cb42bd3bc15b962bd74d7bf682ed2cea03 03-Nov-2019 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> MFV r354257:

Update sqlite3-3.29.0 (3290000) --> sqlite3-3.30.1 (3300100)

MFC after: 1 month
d63c98e763c61f1387c9cf2f9e98ad4c8c730054 18-Jul-2019 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> MFV r350080:

Update sqlite3-3.28.0 (3280000) --> sqlite3-3.29.0 (3290000)

MFC after: 1 week
e786d5adfbeef665c43306849d346efd575de1f6 05-May-2019 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> MFV r347136:

Update sqlite3-3.27.2 (3270200) --> sqlite3-3.28.0 (3280000)

MFC after: 3 days
Security: CVE-2019-9937, CVE-2019-9936
d4a47e22929c2d71c852e4d725dbb1c2a141343f 20-Apr-2019 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> MFV r346450:

Update sqlite3-3.27.1 (3270100) --> sqlite3-3.27.2 (3270200)

MFC after: 11 days
2e8e05ad6bdd8b3d46e26cc5361b074a040876ae 06-Apr-2019 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> MFV r345988:

Update sqlite3-3.26.0 (3260000) --> sqlite3-3.27.1 (3270100)

MFC after: 2 weeks
f247702986c1de8091a5be356e8831c7b9ade760 08-May-2018 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> Update private sqlite from sqlite3-3.20.0 to sqlite3-3.23.1
5443924d01a8696f4a0cdadd16f1e6de4dd55bba 11-Aug-2017 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> Update from sqlite3-3.14.1 to sqlite3-3.20.0. This is a private lib.
This fixes a possible client-side crash when parsing corrupt databases.
06b3d2ebf75f176db563f3fb963857dedd94c5eb 29-Aug-2016 cy <cy@FreeBSD.org> MFC r304747:

Update from sqlite3-3.12.1 (3120100) to sqlite3-3.14.1 (3140100).

This commit addresses the tmpdir selection vulnerability fixed in
sqlite3-1.13.0. See VuXML entry 546deeea-3fc6-11e6-a671-60a44ce6887b.

This MFC was suggested by kib@ in the abandoned D7651.

Security: VuXML 546deeea-3fc6-11e6-a671-60a44ce6887b
Security: CVE-2016-6153