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9568fd4404ad713327f6288bc2c21aadbbce1d5c 28-Jul-2020 csjp <csjp@FreeBSD.org> Fixup some incorrect information and some comments. These changes
were cherry picked up the upstream OpenBSD repository. At some point we
will look at doing another import, but the diffs are substantial and will
require some careful testing.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D25021
MFC after: 2 weeks
Submitted by: gbe
Reviewed by: myself, bcr
cdf255bc9fa08a632659986088fe11f9747c326c 09-Jan-2019 pjd <pjd@FreeBSD.org> In r316006 the getstrfromtype_locked() function was modified to return
an empty string, instead of NULL, if an entry is missing in the audit_control
file. Because of that change the getachost() function started to return
success even if the host name was not defined in the audit_control.
This in turn led to auditd_hostlen always being set (for an empty host it was
set to 0). If auditd_hostlen was not equal to -1 we were trying to append
the host name to trail file name. All this led to situation where when host
name is not defined in audit_control, auditd will create trail files with
a leading '.', which breaks auditdistd as it doesn't work with longer audit
trail file names.

Fix this by appending host name to the trail file name only if the host name
is not empty.
dd5df8c25b355d43b2317ea3bc662ede476849d0 22-Jul-2018 asomers <asomers@FreeBSD.org> auditd(8): Log a better error when no hostname is set in audit_control

Cherry-pick from https://github.com/openbsm/openbsm/commit/01ba03b

Reviewed by: cem
Obtained from: OpenBSM
MFC after: 2 weeks
Pull Request: https://github.com/openbsm/openbsm/pull/38
84f8c77a4286aae495d442457099f6bea3b9b319 26-Mar-2017 rwatson <rwatson@FreeBSD.org> Merge OpenBSM 1.2-alpha5 from vendor branch to FreeBSD -CURRENT:

- Add a new "qsize" parameter in audit_control and the getacqsize(3) API to
query it, allowing to set the kernel's maximum audit queue length.
- Add support to push a mapping between audit event names and event numbers
into the kernel (where supported) using new A_GETEVENT and A_SETEVENT
auditon(2) operations.
- Add audit event identifiers for a number of new (and not-so-new) FreeBSD
system calls including those for asynchronous I/O, thread management, SCTP,
jails, multi-FIB support, and misc. POSIX interfaces such as
posix_fallocate(2) and posix_fadvise(2).
- On operating systems supporting Capsicum, auditreduce(1) and praudit(1) now
run sandboxed.
- Empty "flags" and "naflags" fields are now permitted in audit_control(5).

Many thanks to Christian Brueffer for producing the OpenBSM release and
importing/tagging it in the vendor branch. This release will allow improved
auditing of a range of new FreeBSD functionality, as well as non-traditional
events (e.g., fine-grained I/O auditing) not required by the Orange Book or
Common Criteria.

Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project
Sponsored by: DARPA, AFRL
MFC after: 3 weeks
d0695185279685fedc5cd2ef6b615c4be9378c43 18-Dec-2015 brueffer <brueffer@FreeBSD.org> Merge OpenBSM 1.2 alpha 4.

MFC after: 2 weeks
Relnotes: yes
946ac5071e3d600a9df487c53b2cff2d10678a88 01-Dec-2012 rwatson <rwatson@FreeBSD.org> Merge OpenBSM 1.2-alpha2 from vendor branch to FreeBSD 10-CURRENT; the
primary new feature is auditdistd.

Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project
Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation (auditdistd)
f001c5d63e95efd8ef1616678ab5b713c3faeec7 08-Apr-2012 rwatson <rwatson@FreeBSD.org> Merge a local fix to OpenBSM's libauditd to avoid a directory descriptor
leak when iterating over possible audit trail directories. This fix will
be merged upstream in an identical form, but hasn't yet appeared in an
OpenBSM release.

Submitted by: guido
Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project
MFC after: 3 days
d77b22ca313fa4061782d2b1677a768149593534 17-Jul-2009 rwatson <rwatson@FreeBSD.org> Import OpenBSM 1.1p1 from vendor branch to 8-CURRENT, populating
contrib/openbsm and a subset also imported into sys/security/audit.
This patch release addresses several minor issues:

- Fixes to AUT_SOCKUNIX token parsing.
- IPv6 support for au_to_me(3).
- Improved robustness in the parsing of audit_control, especially long
flags/naflags strings and whitespace in all fields.
- Add missing conversion of a number of FreeBSD/Mac OS X errnos to/from BSM
error number space.

MFC after: 3 weeks
Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project
Sponsored by: Apple, Inc.
Approved by: re (kib)
0776eb3d4e2d6b0ae1235e374c6b259d959701c2 19-Apr-2009 rwatson <rwatson@FreeBSD.org> Merge OpenBSM 1.1 from OpenBSM vendor branch to head.

OpenBSM history for imported revision below for reference.

MFC after: 2 weeks
Sponsored by: Apple, Inc.
Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project

OpenBSM 1.1

- Change auditon(2) parameters and data structures to be 32/64-bit architecture
independent. Add more information to man page about auditon(2) parameters.
- Add wrapper functions for auditon(2) to use legacy commands when the new
commands are not supported.
- Add default for 'expire-after' in audit_control to expire trail files when
the audit directory is more than 10 megabytes ('10M').
- Interface to convert between local and BSM fcntl(2) command values has been
added: au_bsm_to_fcntl_cmd(3) and au_fcntl_cmd_to_bsm(3), along with
definitions of constants in audit_fcntl.h.
- A bug, introduced in OpenBSM 1.1 alpha 4, in which AUT_RETURN32 tokens
generated by audit_submit(3) were improperly encoded has been fixed.
- Fix example in audit_submit(3) man page. Also, make it clear that we want
the audit ID as the argument.
- A new audit event class 'aa', for post-login authentication and
authorization events, has been added.
ee5318d5431890ccd7baeb15560b4bebe982525b 02-Mar-2009 rwatson <rwatson@FreeBSD.org> Merge OpenBSM 1.1 beta 1 from OpenBSM vendor branch to head, both
contrib/openbsm (svn merge) and src/sys/{bsm,security/audit} (manual

OpenBSM history for imported revision below for reference.

MFC after: 1 month
Sponsored by: Apple, Inc.
Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project

OpenBSM 1.1 beta 1

- The filesz parameter in audit_control(5) now accepts suffixes: 'B' for
Bytes, 'K' for Kilobytes, 'M' for Megabytes, and 'G' for Gigabytes.
For legacy support no suffix defaults to bytes.
- Audit trail log expiration support added. It is configured in
audit_control(5) with the expire-after parameter. If there is no
expire-after parameter in audit_control(5), the default, then the audit
trail files are not expired and removed. See audit_control(5) for
more information.
- Change defaults in audit_control: warn at 5% rather than 20% free for audit
partitions, rotate automatically at 2mb, and set the default policy to
cnt,argv rather than cnt so that execve(2) arguments are captured if
AUE_EXECVE events are audited. These may provide more usable defaults for
many users.
- Use au_domain_to_bsm(3) and au_socket_type_to_bsm(3) to convert
au_to_socket_ex(3) arguments to BSM format.
- Fix error encoding AUT_IPC_PERM tokens.
decd722669c40502553396eefd1098657c2eac59 14-Jan-2009 rwatson <rwatson@FreeBSD.org> Merge OpenBSM alpha 5 from OpenBSM vendor branch to head, both
contrib/openbsm (svn merge) and src/sys/{bsm,security/audit} (manual
merge). Hook up bsm_domain.c and bsm_socket_type.c to the libbsm
build along with man pages, add audit_bsm_domain.c and
audit_bsm_socket_type.c to the kernel environment.

OpenBSM history for imported revisions below for reference.

MFC after: 1 month
Sponsored by: Apple Inc.
Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project

OpenBSM 1.1 alpha 5

- Stub libauditd(3) man page added.
- All BSM error number constants with BSM_ERRNO_.
- Interfaces to convert between local and BSM socket types and protocol
families have been added: au_bsm_to_domain(3), au_bsm_to_socket_type(3),
au_domain_to_bsm(3), and au_socket_type_to_bsm(3), along with definitions
of constants in audit_domain.h and audit_socket_type.h. This improves
interoperability by converting local constant spaces, which vary by OS, to
and from Solaris constants (where available) or OpenBSM constants for
protocol domains not present in Solaris (a fair number). These routines
should be used when generating and interpreting extended socket tokens.
- Fix build warnings with full gcc warnings enabled on most supported
- Don't compile error strings into bsm_errno.c when building it in the kernel
- When started by launchd, use the label com.apple.auditd rather than
e52e71cb6e0521b64120ded9c019b22fe96533e8 31-Dec-2008 rwatson <rwatson@FreeBSD.org> Merge OpenBSM alpha 4 from OpenBSM vendor branch to head, both
contrib/openbsm (svn merge) and src/sys/{bsm,security/audit} (manual
merge). Add libauditd build parts and add to auditd's linkage;
force libbsm to build before libauditd.

OpenBSM history for imported revisions below for reference.

MFC after: 1 month
Sponsored by: Apple Inc.
Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project

OpenBSM 1.1 alpha 4

- With the addition of BSM error number mapping, we also need to map the
local error number passed to audit_submit(3) to a BSM error number,
rather than have the caller perform that conversion.
- Reallocate user audit events to avoid collisions with Solaris; adopt a
more formal allocation scheme, and add some events allocated in Solaris
that will be of immediate use on other platforms.
- Add an event for Calife.
- Add au_strerror(3), which allows generating strings for BSM errors
directly, rather than requiring applications to map to the local error
space, which might not be able to entirely represent the BSM error
number space.
- Major auditd rewrite for launchd(8) support. Add libauditd library
that is shared between launchd and auditd.
- Add AUDIT_TRIGGER_INITIALIZE trigger (sent via 'audit -i') for
(re)starting auditing under launchd(8) on Mac OS X.
- Add 'current' symlink to active audit trail.
- Add crash recovery of previous audit trail file when detected on audit
startup that it has not been properly terminated.
- Add the event AUE_audit_recovery to indicated when an audit trail file
has been recovered from not being properly terminated. This event is
stored in the new audit trail file and includes the path of recovered
audit trail file.
- Mac OS X and FreeBSD dependent code in auditd.c is separated into
auditd_darwin.c and auditd_fbsd.c files.
- Add an event for the posix_spawn(2) and fsgetpath(2) Mac OS X system
- For Mac OS X, we use ASL(3) instead of syslog(3) for logging.
- Add support for NOTICE level logging.

OpenBSM 1.1 alpha 3

- Add two new functions, au_bsm_to_errno() and au_errno_to_bsm(), to map
between BSM error numbers (largely the Solaris definitions) and local
errno(2) values for 32-bit and 64-bit return tokens. This is required
as operating systems don't agree on some of the values of more recent
error numbers.
- Fix a bug how au_to_exec_args(3) and au_to_exec_env(3) calculates the
total size for the token. This buge.
- Deprecated Darwin constants, such as TRAILER_PAD_MAGIC, removed.