History log of /freebsd-head/bin/sh/bltin/bltin.h
Revision Date Author Comments
872b698bd4a1bfc0bf008c09228e6fd238809c75 20-Nov-2017 pfg <pfg@FreeBSD.org> General further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.

Mainly focus on files that use BSD 3-Clause license.

The Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) group provides a specification
to make it easier for automated tools to detect and summarize well known
opensource licenses. We are gradually adopting the specification, noting
that the tags are considered only advisory and do not, in any way,
superceed or replace the license texts.

Special thanks to Wind River for providing access to "The Duke of
Highlander" tool: an older (2014) run over FreeBSD tree was useful as a
starting point.
7e6cabd06e6caa6a02eeb86308dc0cb3f27e10da 28-Feb-2017 imp <imp@FreeBSD.org> Renumber copyright clause 4

Renumber cluase 4 to 3, per what everybody else did when BSD granted
them permission to remove clause 3. My insistance on keeping the same
numbering for legal reasons is too pedantic, so give up on that point.

Submitted by: Jan Schaumann <jschauma@stevens.edu>
Pull Request: https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd/pull/96
00d578928eca75be320b36d37543a7e2a4f9fbdb 27-May-2016 grehan <grehan@FreeBSD.org> Create branch for bhyve graphics import.
bbd4d38fcaeebd7eda1dfb2906d1cd019f93e8b6 01-Mar-2015 jilles <jilles@FreeBSD.org> sh: Fix compiler warnings related to duplicate or missing declarations.
94dae0aff1dddebb566cf2f69548fd9f50be8c78 15-Mar-2014 jilles <jilles@FreeBSD.org> sh: Allow kill %job on jobs started without job control.

When killing a %job started without job control, kill all processes in it.
As with process groups and zombies, if any process in the job can be killed
or has already terminated, the command is successful.

This also fixes occasional failures of the builtins/kill1.0 test.
eb1a5f8de9f7ea602c373a710f531abbf81141c4 21-Feb-2014 gjb <gjb@FreeBSD.org> Move ^/user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded up one directory, and remove
^/user/gjb/hacking since this is likely to be merged to head/ soon.

Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
6b01bbf146ab195243a8e7d43bb11f8835c76af8 27-Dec-2013 gjb <gjb@FreeBSD.org> Copy head@r259933 -> user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded for initial
inclusion of (at least) arm builds with the release.

Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
16addb86733d970dc3f900be1a0536276292efbe 13-Jun-2011 jilles <jilles@FreeBSD.org> sh: Fix duplicate prototypes for builtins.

Have mkbuiltins write the prototypes for the *cmd functions to builtins.h
instead of builtins.c and include builtins.h in more .c files instead of
duplicating prototypes for *cmd functions in other headers.
ae2aabc34981e0a4fc74b41bde3cfd6ff4166022 21-Dec-2010 jilles <jilles@FreeBSD.org> sh: Add kill builtin.

This allows specifying a %job (which is equivalent to the corresponding
process group).

Additionally, it improves reliability of kill from sh in high-load
situations and ensures "kill" finds the correct utility regardless of PATH,
as required by POSIX (unless the undocumented %builtin mechanism is used).

Side effect: fatal errors (any error other than kill(2) failure) now return
exit status 2 instead of 1. (This is consistent with other sh builtins, but
not in NetBSD.)

Code size increases about 1K on i386.

Obtained from: NetBSD
eb00352e45c46febb8e2b0df1a048451d79de792 21-Dec-2010 jilles <jilles@FreeBSD.org> sh: Add a function to print warnings (with command name and newline).
This is like error() but without raising an exception.
It is particularly useful as a replacement for the warnx macro in
ccc4611f77bac2a7b430fdfcf18e1688f0dbfb00 20-Dec-2010 jilles <jilles@FreeBSD.org> sh: Make warnings in the printf builtin non-fatal, like in the program.

The #define for warnx now behaves much like the libc function (except that
it uses sh command name and output).

Also, it now uses C99 __VA_ARGS__ so there is no need for three different
macros for 0, 1 or 2 parameters.
b355314642d1e24edf4e05d08b793f8b9ea76458 14-Nov-2010 dim <dim@FreeBSD.org> Sync: merge r215273 through r215318 from ^/head.
808b93da2eb6ef8566357c705d038cf597718cd5 14-Nov-2010 jilles <jilles@FreeBSD.org> sh: Add binary buffered output for use by the printf builtin.
09f9c897d33c41618ada06fbbcf1a9b3812dee53 19-Oct-2010 jamie <jamie@FreeBSD.org> A new jail(8) with a configuration file, to replace the work currently done
by /etc/rc.d/jail.
f1216d1f0ade038907195fc114b7e630623b402c 19-Mar-2010 delphij <delphij@FreeBSD.org> Create a custom branch where I will be able to do the merge.
19b6af98ec71398e77874582eb84ec5310c7156f 22-Nov-2008 dfr <dfr@FreeBSD.org> Clone Kip's Xen on stable/6 tree so that I can work on improving FreeBSD/amd64
performance in Xen's HVM mode.
cf5320822f93810742e3d4a1ac8202db8482e633 19-Oct-2008 lulf <lulf@FreeBSD.org> - Import the HEAD csup code which is the basis for the cvsmode work.
58babfa98fbf000fb28e5c49aa3d71c4223be979 06-Nov-2005 stefanf <stefanf@FreeBSD.org> Sync with HEAD's code:
- Support for command -v and -V.
- Fixes for the errexit option.
- A fix for a crash caused by SIGINT.
- POSIX compliant set +o ouput.
- A fix for unalias' exit code.
- Man page updates.
- Code cleanups, WARNS 3.
e4a640448d3528aef497b7d29e3caaff29c8b2e2 13-Aug-2005 stefanf <stefanf@FreeBSD.org> Declare echocmd() and testcmd().
4383f148019e2c7dc307d6211b616435b0a6b483 06-Apr-2004 markm <markm@FreeBSD.org> Remove clause 3 from the UCB licenses.

OK'ed by: imp, core
5ef5088ac4e038d0a147a08377ef087fd6edf527 02-Feb-2002 imp <imp@FreeBSD.org> o __P has been reoved
o Old-style K&R declarations have been converted to new C89 style
o register has been removed
o prototype for main() has been removed (gcc3 makes it an error)
o int main(int argc, char *argv[]) is the preferred main definition.
o Attempt to not break style(9) conformance for declarations more than
they already are.
o Change
foo() {
b6da0fca774d229c4776e41d019373d1ec0df7ab 17-Apr-2001 kris <kris@FreeBSD.org> -Wnon-const-format sweep: make format strings const char *'s, add
__printflike()/__printf0like() to function prototypes, as appropriate.

Reviewed by: bde, -audit
b42951578188c5aab5c9f8cbcde4a743f8092cdc 02-Apr-2000 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'ALSA'.
66312e4a8d4ad8bda7524141fcd8fd3fade9e807 27-Aug-1999 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> $Id$ -> $FreeBSD$
c586f2866a66c71d3e30d76ad96c142ab8cfaf50 07-Dec-1998 bde <bde@FreeBSD.org> Fixed warnx format errors in printf and csh, and snprintf format errors
in sh, by using separate macros for the 1, 2 and 3-arg calls to warnx.
(The 3-arg warnx macro in sh/bltin/bltin.h used to require bogus dummy
0506343883d62f6649f7bbaf1a436133cef6261d 11-Jan-1998 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'jb'.
7c6e96080c4fb49bf912942804477d202a53396c 10-Jan-1998 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'JB'.
83b3c2c1614c7caa6fd6a6eb52f6b74876ae61dd 22-Feb-1997 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> Revert $FreeBSD$ to $Id$
808a36ef658c1810327b5d329469bcf5dad24b28 14-Jan-1997 jkh <jkh@FreeBSD.org> Make the long-awaited change from $Id$ to $FreeBSD$

This will make a number of things easier in the future, as well as (finally!)
avoiding the Id-smashing problem which has plagued developers for so long.

Boy, I'm glad we're not using sup anymore. This update would have been
insane otherwise.
c58aca035e2c61510b619368861598623eb95e52 14-Dec-1996 steve <steve@FreeBSD.org> Merge in NetBSD mods and -Wall cleaning.

Obtained from: NetBSD, me
5195be912eb257c05a0c97e561e72f01af2583ff 01-Sep-1996 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> Merge of 4.4-Lite2 sh source, plus some gcc -Wall cleaning. This is a
merge of parallel duplicate work by Steve Price and myself. :-]

There are some changes to the build that are my fault... mkinit.c was
trying (poorly) to duplicate some of the work that make(1) is designed to
do. The Makefile hackery is my fault too, the depend list was incomplete
because of some explicit OBJS+= entries, so mkdep wasn't picking up their
source file #includes.

This closes a pile of /bin/sh PR's, but not all of them..

Submitted by: Steve Price <steve@bonsai.hiwaay.net>, peter
60815f4c2969de69a3e09bfca9268c576198cbcb 27-May-1996 peter <peter@FreeBSD.org> Import the 4.4BSD-Lite2 /bin/sh sources

Requested by: joerg

(Note, this is mostly going to be conflicts, which is expected. Our entire
sh source has a mainline, so this should not change anything except for
a few new files appearing. I dont think they are a problem)
5ac626c1f4fb9d59cf11a0f023c5b93e7c27852b 14-Dec-1995 bde <bde@FreeBSD.org> Restored formatting from the old printf/printf.c.
ea83bba5aad7ea3d22e1e05e697b152bd0499edd 10-Dec-1995 joerg <joerg@FreeBSD.org> Move out some of the shell builtin bogosity from printf's source to
sh's builtin/bltin.h.
86f1bc4514fdcfd255f37f3218fe234bdc3664fc 05-Nov-1995 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'LINUX'.
2e14d9ebc3d3592c67bdf625af9ebe0dfc386653 14-Mar-1995 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'MATT_THOMAS'.
8722740e7f163b275491a0b05c8640341b937558 24-Sep-1994 dg <dg@FreeBSD.org> Added $Id$
34cd81d75f398ee455e61969b118639dacbfd7a6 23-Sep-1994 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'MACKERRAS'.
e16baf7a5fe7ac1453381d0017ed1dcdeefbc995 07-Aug-1994 cvs2svn <cvs2svn@FreeBSD.org> This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'SUNRPC'.
e3cfc8ce61f788739c66445d903f8beacb40c93d 26-May-1994 rgrimes <rgrimes@FreeBSD.org> BSD 4.4 Lite bin Sources